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I am not a lawyer, and probably you should engage with HR as little as possible without a lawyer present, and/or ask a lawyer. I'm not aware of a legal situation currently where "convince us you're right" should be a requirement to keep your job.

However, if I were nevertheless to attempt to persuade a normie in person, I'd show them the "All Deaths Reported to VAERS By Year" graph on the "OpenVAERS site. We can quibble about self-reporting, historic underreporting, overreporting or duplicates, report backlogs, whether the number is 5000 or 15000 or 45000, but that crazy straight-up vertical line should give anyone pause. Then ease into MSM reports about myocarditis, thrombocytopenia, irregular menstruation, Israeli efficacy data, vaccinated spreader events, etc.

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There's some Max Headroom and Children of Men going on too.

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My horse has been taking the apple flavored stuff prophylactically since May before long cross-country trips in the horse trailer or before visiting with larger groups of horse-in-laws. He did have some powerful diarrhea the first time, but not on subsequent treatments. He often avoids other horses anyway, so it's hard to know how effective it's been for horse viruses.

However: This horse had some really bad knees and ankles a couple of years ago, to the point where it was challenging to climb stairs or walk very quickly at all, and while that had improved a little over time, it's almost completely gone away over the summer and the horse is thinking about starting running again. Neigh!

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No joke! At this point, I'm the only adult in the lives of my children who hasn't taken an experimental shot. If I happen to croak from COVID-19: oh well, papa was a dumbass. If everyone else croaks from cardiovascular disease, autoimmune disease, antibody-dependent enhancement, super-early Alzheimer's... It's my responsibility to bring up my children alone, and possibly take in some of their cousins. It's a daunting prospect.

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Caution, don't mix kava kava with alcohol, that combination would be hell on the liver.

I'd get some quercetin supplements (acts as a zinc ionophore like HCQ), zinc (50mg), vitamin C (2000mg twice a day), vitamin D3 (5000iu), NAC (500mg twice a day) and wash them down with tonic water. Also gargle with mouthwash several times a day. Get sunlight if it's reasonable to do so in your climate zone. Possibly try to get some ivermectin, preferably from a doctor in human doses, and not the equine variety which might be available online or in your local equine supply store.

Also not a doctor, so don't listen to me either.

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I had the Flynn interview video with Alex Jones censored from my Facebook feed as well, with multiple pages of condescending "dangerous people" verbiage. Solid 1984 shit there.