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Imagine you want to burn a car dealership to the ground because you don't like some billionaire buying a social media site?

This is the exact irrational, over the top and ridiculous response as when it was clear Trump was going to be the candidate.

It's entirely clear to me that these people are manchurian candidates set to tick off whenever the switch is flipped. You don't get a group of people in the millions in such lockstep unless there's intense programming that took place. {Not millions of antifa, obviously. But orange man bad people}

There's no thought process to it.

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Reich has never been correct about anything.

And the hubris is astounding.

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This is pure Trump.

Trump instructs Kanye to bring this to light.

Dems go in for Kanye to prove orange man wrong. Trump voters vote for Trump like always.

The Dem candidate gets annihilated in the election. Again

And yes I know they cheat and none of this matters to most people

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That's what I've always done. And in stores too

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You've figured it all out using all the same old tropes! Kudos to you, armchair Patriot!

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It's amazing the way this has played out.

Imagine if we were told in the first post, "stay with us for 10 years and see what happens". Many would not have even bothered.

Keeping us engaged for the prolonged battle has been one of the keys of the movement.

And now look where we are. Almost home.

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I've always liked Cube even at his misguided ranting peak in the mid 90 to late 90s

Glad to see he's figuring it out. He had a very interesting tweet last year showing he was being redpilled so hopefully he's continuing on that path.

Now where's Chuck D? Her did say after all, "tell the Rabb get off the rag" {welcome to the terrordome}

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My last straw with him was after they released NIN covid masks for $25

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Just to add: I remember a story about a woman in Boston back in the 90s that accused him of assaulting her and I cannot find one mention of it.

Either I have a horrible memory, or it's been completely scrubbed. I know he was still at ESPN at the time which is why I remember... I used to watch sportscenter.

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Can you post one more time, despite the fact that nobody around here is idolizing anyone?

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None of this works. They laugh when you think you're disconnected then their real fun begins! Guess what you do when you're entirely certain you're not being monitored? Anything you want. Guess who loves to gather that info?

The real key to ending all this is the opposite. { I've tried to make the following happen but it needs hundreds of thousands of people to do it. }

Forget VPNs and the like. You need to overload the system with random info. Every step you take, every text you send, every call you make. Every location. Anything you do needs to be scrambled with every other person's info, then introduce completely fabricated info by the tons. Mix it all together. They can only guess what's true, and what's not. Then they can only guess who is doing what.

In the beginning, they will try and make examples of people with fear to quell the movement, but In the end, they can't do anything if the masses continue on.

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You are correct

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