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Same thing happened to me, almost verbatim. Bad feeling, feeling of a car accident and my dad. (A tree fell on my dads car while driving, and yes it fell on him, he didn’t run into it, impossible odds). Told my mom of the feeling and asked where dad was, phone rang and he said he was in an accident. The stare she gave me when he was explaining what happened is burned in my brain. Just one of 3 or 4 extremely vivid times this happened to me.

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Resonating with the earths heartbeat and Creator. Do not be afraid. Lean into it. Peace be with you, fren.

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Very simply, they hate what they can’t have.

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*edward snowden

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Lots of good anon research and connection in this article specific to his building. It seems like there is a restaurant the elite frequent which is bugged. Tons of tapes. Also alleged tunnels to other NY buildings. Owner of the building controls the tapes/tunnels? Still not sure if Kush is good or bad.

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Lmao I love the fire behind this post! You tell ‘em!

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It would be a good time to announce Roe v. Wade overturning. That would be one helluva shitstorm.

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Rumor has it he was contact high from Nancy. 🤣

by Qanaut
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