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Completely unconstitutional.

Commiefornia's law just got tossed that required a person be 21 to purchase a gun.

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I guess discovery and turning over all evidence means nothing to career DOJ people when their friends are the ones being investigated.

He should be charged with failure to produce subpoenaed evidence and obstruction of justice.

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Diesel is well over $6 most places in Commiefornia.

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I think she was off social media for a little because she got married and had a baby.

Looks like she's back to further embarrass liberals everywhere.

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I used to listen to Levin once in awhile.

I'll never listen to a thing he says from here on out.

Just another globalist shill.

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I have seen plenty of idiots saying that protesting outside a SCOTUS justice's home is OK because of the 1st Amendment.

Funny how those same protections of free speech don't apply to what children are being exposed to in school.

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Levi's has been woke for a very long time.

It's the main reason Glen Beck started his own jeans company years ago. I've no idea if the company is still going.

Besides the wokeness, their quality has dropped significantly over the years. I had an old pair of Levi's from the 80's put away and I couldn't believe how much thicker the material was and how much better the stitching was.

Levi's used to be excellent work jeans and now they're just a fashion statement.

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All rates will eventually go way up.

They will have to tag along when the prime rate get jacked into double digits.

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Mortgage interest rates will be double digits before long.

Housing will drop like a rock when that happens.

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Never happen.

Too much free money to be had.

Congress would protect the illegals long before they assisted actual citizens.

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The Commies are mad that the Republicans used the 'Biden Rule' when approving a justice?

Cry harder.

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