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I've always suspected it to be a photo of Sr. with certain white hats standing next to him, possibly holding a note/sign up saying "I'm sorry" or "They know"

You can fill in the blank of what the photo setting was, ie sitting in a chair...or much worse.

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"Remember when researchers were researchers?"

Clicks about page and uses it as research


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Hmm, and now we can also kill off the whole "Q 0fficial" site with this same stone because I found the same thing about them the other day...



And now with how it's being pushed, I am suspecting it to be "inside" here

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I still think this is going to be a LARP, possibly selling merch, or at best, a Q post aggregator, but here is the WHOIS information if anyone wanted to look into it:


I guess we will find out in 3 hours.

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I suspect it'll be a Q merchandising site, or at best, another Q post aggregator but I doubt that.

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OR it's just more China fear porn propaganda just like COVID...or they added mRNA to it as they've told us they would do. I'm sure the masking is weakening people's immune system, but we also know the DS is much more sinister and open about their plans for us.

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When/if nothing happens after the countdown completes, you'll get your answer.

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I would usually disregard something like this, but I frequent the Dallas area a lot for work, and most all of last year I was seeing digital billboards advertising people to have a go-bag ready in case of a disaster. I've also been seeing the Team Rubicon disaster cleanup company on the same billboards.

As of the last year or so, I've never seen anything close to these being advertised in the past.

Not to mention, these cities also had those staged marches/protests for the isreal/humas conflict, just at the start of it all. The Dallas one was hosted at the EXACT same location where the police had that massive standoff with that shooter.

Just something to consider, and if I lived in Dallas, or even those cities listed above, I'd take it with more than a grain of salt.

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I would be leery.

If I were to see something like this...I'll be making a video much longer than just a few seconds. To me, seems like a fancy video editing trick.

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The comments are something else on that post. People are thinking SpaceX's rocket launch on 11/16 is going to break the firmament.

IF it happens, that would be one hell of a sky event, but It's more than likely another day that will pass with nothing happening.

I guess we find out in 2 days.

Don't get me wrong, I do love me a good datefagging, but I'll give this one the literal 48 hour rule lol.

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Now you can add all the homes that the system has been buying the last couple of years too. If we get to the 2024 elections, I wouldn't even be surprised if we end up with 300+ Million votes, which is impossible.

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If we see some abnormal upwards price action that could be a sign of the beginning of the scenario I described.

Which are are seeing right now actually. And I'm one in the same boat, that Tether is corrupt, and been waiting for years for it to come to light. It will be interesting what happens once it all goes down, and I think it's going to be hand in hand with Binance falling down.

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You forget one important little detail...we're in clown world and nothing makes sense, and all laws only exist to get Trump and us.

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The slide will be back into position, but there would still be visible smoke at the barrel...the "shooter's" position wouldn't be this relaxed, or even in the current postion he's in if he did fire a shoot...you wouldn't be able to clearly see the brass as you do in this image, in the location it's in/timing wise from the "shot"...not to mention, the cameraman being in the perfect position/down range to capture such image.

100% fake and staged.

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It was a staged event, to get people to keep talking about pedowood.

"They thought you'd follow the stars."

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I would have the moment that B**ch said that. I won't be told what to do, and it's sickening the crowd just laughed and stopped. Too many sheep in the world, we need a culling.

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Will this be what gets the DS to put trump behind bars? It feels like we can get Q post 44 any friday now, and I wonder if this will be what sets it off?


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