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Underwhelming to say the least.

Here's what he should've said:

Thank you OMG for proving what I have been saying for years, our country is controlled by the deep state. They stole the election not just from me but from the american people. Let's get back there and clean the swamp. Also, Bill Barr must be impaled for being a traitor along with all his minions.

Well, fuck.

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bonsai bitch.........how do you like me now

In honor of the brave samurai that fought for the miniature trees kek

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Those damn Brits use Celsius. To convert back to Fahrenheit just multiply it by the average dick size in inches of course.

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Humanity has been riddled with bots for eons. AI is just another bubble marketed as cost reduction.


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The school system exists to create three types of people: commies, conformists, and fucked.

If you're in the last group, and became someone, congratulations!

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Poojeets can't engineer shit. Wait a minute!

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Pedo pope: No! You get a migrant! You get a migrant! You get a migrant! Everyone gets a migrant!

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