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That's an interesting theory but it raises some difficult questions about how long the Hebrew Jewish culture has been infiltrated by the Synagogue of Satan and why the "real Jews" remain silent about it?

It suggests Judaism was corrupted from at least 2,000 and if Egyptian gods were involved then as far back as 3,200 years.

Any thoughts because we're starting to get back right to the beginning of Judaism? It can't have been corrupt since day #1, can it?

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I'm unsure but the birds on top of the synagogue represent Jewish synagogues.

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Also looks like the traditional Jewish prayer shawl.

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I wonder if Elon is the first African member of Twitter's Board of Directors?

They should give him an award for that.

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Yeah, I've seen photos of the black and white tiled floors in their lodges.

Do you know why the highest ranking Masons are always Jews and why the Masons refer to themselves as the "Knights of Zion"?

I've read theories that it's because the Freemasons was created as a nepotistic, elitist group so Jews could manipulate non-Jews who were to rich and powerful to be conventionally extorted or bribed. I think it makes sense given how the Masons is all about elitism and ceremony and portraits of their powerful members. It reeks of a honeypot.

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I like DJT but I think two trumps would undermine the Republic by making it look more like a monarchy.

I agree that Flynn or Pompeo would be perfect VPs.

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Sadly, I suspect those who follow the religion of hating Jesus Christ may hurt children not because it pleases Satan but because it breaks Jesus' heart.

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It's not, but it looks like the design of the Epstein Island synagogue.

Is this real / where was it taken?

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humanity gains our freedom, or technofeudalistic hell arrives

I'm not so sure. I don't own a mobile phone or use any other social media platforms. I only use cash and I'm not alone.

Lots of people are buying "dumb phones" because they too do not want to contribute to the problem.

I think you'll find that when push comes to shove and when good, God fearing Christians are pushed to extremes, we will do what need to be done.

I suspect you underestimate what the Great Awakening is and how many of us are looking into the eyes of that elephant in the room.

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Somewhere in the world exists a War Room where the Bilderberg Group / Davos Group gather to stroke their noses and rub their hands and plan how to enslave the human race.

I suspect Shanghai, Paris and Melbourne are testing grounds to see how much we will tolerate and how best to force us to our knees.

If we don't learn their secrets then the human race is fucked because those nepotistic "master-race" sons of Satan will just keep trying until they own everyone and everything.

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That synagogue always give me the shivers.

I read a theory that Epstein built the entrance to his child rape tunnels as a synagogue because some Jews believe rabbis automatically go to heaven, irrespective of what sins they committed during their lives.

There's a chance Epstein was conducting his child rape (God only knows what else took place in those dungeons) pizza parties as a Jewish religious ceremony where he was the Jewish rabbi.

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Neither can I.

Q seemed to suggest that We the People need to be shown before we understand, which likely means we need the (ahem) "Bolshevik" coup of November 3 and a deep state of New World Order (ahem) "Bolshevik" communism before we are pushed to take the extreme measures that are necessary to permanently end our (ahem) "Bolshevik" Problem.

That means that the rulings of President Trump's new Supreme Court Justices AND VP Pence's refusal to "overturn" the election-coup results were necessary.

I just try to keep an open mind and roll with the punches and entertain all theories that are based on fact.

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If anyone is wondering, this is what living through a Bolshevik Revolution a.k.a New World Order coup feels like. Complete with manufactured supply line starvation, color revolutions, Weimar 2.0 (a.k.a all of our mainstream media normalizing sexual degeneracy as an attack against our traditional Christian values) and our own southern border version of Santa Inc. elves holding open the gates of Toledo to an invading army of jihadists.

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It's probably for the best. Focus on prepping. Buy peanut butter, canned stews and rice instead.

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Ha ha ha, typical logical fallacy of personal attacks and distractions when you have no real rebuttal.

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I do miss the 2016 version of President Trump and his promises to deport all illegals, drain the swamp with mass arrests and put Hillary in prison.

I like to think he'll be back and those things are part of the plan.

I pray he remembers who his core supporters are, rather than pandering to the lowest of low-information voters.

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Yeah, it was irritating the first time 'round. People post the video and insist it's proof of aliens. The video is debunked thanks to secondary video from a different angle. The original posters scream and cry and down-vote everyone and everything gets covered in filth as they throw shit everywhere and all the "muh alien" fanboys down-vote brigade.

It's the latest version of McCain's ankle cast (and wedding ring) that kept swapping feet every time someone horizontally flipped the image and posted it.


It makes us all look retarded.

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It is months old. Check the post date on the video.

And no, it's not a confusing visual once you've seen the whole clip or the clip from different angles.

I found it once, weeks ago. It wasn't too difficult. Search YouTube for NATO meetings and sort by date and go back almost two months. It'll take some time, longer than it originally took me, but you'll find it. That or look for debunking videos that are thorough enough to have done the research for you.

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Yeah, this is months old and has already been discussed extensively.

That weird looking thing is a fat black woman with greasy black hair wearing a black Covid-19 mask.

The video is available from a different camera source.

It's just a mess of greasy black woman that looks confusing because of pareidolia.

Sorry to rain on your "muh aliens" parade.

You may commence with the down-votes and personal attacks (on a truther community that is supposed to be about critical thinking and research).

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