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There's an ongoing condemnation lawsuit which keeps getting postponed (began in 2014). I believe June will be the next court date. This has been a 20 year problem...

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More than mine too! There's an agreement for pipeline, ridiculous and seemingly impossible to get out of..

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I only had children during the Trump presidency 😆🇺🇸

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My water company does the whole "we're better together" b.s. on their website, drives me crazy like I have a choice to have them or send 185.00 month for water. Ugh

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-Covid-19 is an engineered virus that caused global psychosis

-Psychosis caused people to vax

-Vax is for eugenics, surveillance, genetic manipulation

-Globalist agenda is population reduction, enslavement, altering what it means to be human

-Globalists don’t believe in God, an afterlife, and believe that human consciousness disappears with death

-Globalists fear death, and believe they can create an inorganic/organic hybrid life form with AI that human consciousness can be downloaded into

-Globalists believe they have evolved to a higher level of consciousness, and can evade death

-Globalists believe rest of humanity are waste of resources and population should be culled by 90%

-Globalists will retain 10% for slave purposes

-Solution is choose God over the globalists

Vladimir Zev Zelenko MD

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Same. Love it. They sell it at Home Depot as well. My water went from 144ppm to 1-2ppm. Great investment

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Wow, Starbuck has been working on his campaign for quite some time now....

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Great to hear. Got terminated in Nov., was only working a few days a month (bedside) bc my main focus is on our 2 little ones.... thinking about the next step, maybe a type of utilization management or something remote... wanted to try for a local 55+ community, but that idea is pretty much completely out the window.

That extra money helped cover a lot of expenses.

May I ask what type of role?

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Sucks because healthcare providers are expected to get all these shots and boosters so we can go to work and make a paycheck.... just because I'm a nurse doesn't mean my body is the facility and government's property.

Personal responsibility, accountability, integrity don't mean shit anymore....

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