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From the comments: "By now I would have thought that everyone had heard about that pandemic thingy. I guess not. Why should we be required to burn fossil fuel to vote?"


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I think that is the attraction of social media like FB & Twatter for many folks....as in the comments sections they can constantly argue over stupidity to enforce their own illusions. And when you disagree or point out the truth....RRREEEEEE!

by gamepwn
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Hmmm....it says this was back in February.

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Isn't there a security clearance "Q"?

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That poor rope is gonna need to be seriously reinforced.

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In New York, the state attorney general’s office is only allowed to prosecute a limited range of offenses on its own, like bid rigging and payroll violations.

Otherwise, the office must partner with a county district attorney on a prosecution — as James’ office did with the Manhattan district attorney’s office in a case against Trump’s longtime finance chief — or obtain what’s known as a criminal referral from the governor or a state agency that has jurisdiction over the alleged wrongdoing.

She has no such to utilize.

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There seems to be another in Clark County (Springfield area), another in Licking County (Newark area) and another in Montgomery County (Dayton area).

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Yea, and two of the judges on the appeal were Trump appointed. Something not adding up.


"Two of the three judges who issued Wednesday’s ruling — Britt Grant and Andrew Brasher — were nominated to the 11th Circuit by Trump. Judge Robin Rosenbaum was nominated by former President Barack Obama."

Also to add, apparently Ginny Thomas is gonna meet with Liz: https://www.cnn.com/2022/09/21/politics/ginni-thomas-january-6-committee-interview/index.html

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We're gonna have to circle back.....

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