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Yea, because the average homosexual controls cable tv. Get a fucking grip on reality. Do you control Fox News? CNN? OAN? You also have control of your remote and choose to watch or don't watch, just like us. That is on YOU, not based US.

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A woman can have a penis? WTF are you even talking about?

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I was in the same boat until I found this joint that helped me. After watching 9/11 I knew there was fuckery at foot, just couldn't find it.

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I bet you are fun at parties, if you get invited to any.

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@FrmrLiberalUSMC Same. Based gay guy here. Clearly Oh_Well_ian below doesn't feel the same but he can go fuck himself. Majority of folks here are awesome with the exception of a few assholes.

You are more than welcome here, Pede....keep posting!

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The President of the United States no longer salutes the Marines of Marine One? What is this tomfuckery?

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Where the fuck is Kevin McCarthy? Isn't the speaker in charge of the Capitol Police? This is outrageous!

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Depending where you live.....today is our hottest day of the year at 94 degrees and everyone is running their AC's on full blast.

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Looks like that was during the summer of love. Great to see these patriots come together.

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The beatings will continue until the morality improves!

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Y'all understand Trump's right hand man is Ric Grenell, who was his acting National Intelligence Officer. Ric is out and gay. All those proclaiming yay! and good riddance! are actually doing a disservice to yourselves and you look stupid.

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Have no doubt nice employees, yet peddle the same made in China shit that the Target & Walmart does. Yet they close on Sunday as a showing of religion. Some folks buy that, I don't. With any business, it's all about the almighty dollar. If it wasn't, they'd be selling American made goods.

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I've said this same thing for the past few years and people jump my shit about it.....I said it's nothing but pandering (grifting), closing on Sunday's etc.....eventually the truth comes out and people finally see it for themselves.

Next up: Hobby Lobby

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He's also smoking at the same time LOL

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That's a stretch. Walmart changed to the yellow logo (also looks like an asshole, research the controversy on it) over 3 years ago.

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