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If you look closely I think his brain broke. He didn't know what the hell to say. The higher-ups didn't warn him she might go off script and certainly not what she would say.

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Fiber is dirt cheap these days. So are the routers and repeaters needed for basic infrastructure. DSL etc would be easy to setup especially in densely populated areas. A lot of it parallels cell phone infrastructure.

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Beat me to it. Others are more likely to realize he's not all there.

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This type of shit right here is why the SOS of Georgia pr Florida isn't allowed to negotiate an international treaty with Cuba etc. The EU is doomed to failure. Putin is just speeding things up a little. The only reason Hungary and Poland are even still in the EU is because its a net gain for them. If the EU cuts off those gains I bet Hungry just leaves.

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I call bullshit. If China was actively going to participate in the fight then they would be sending APCs, tanks, and artillery not trucks and jeeps. When you show me a captured or dead Chinese soldier fighting on the front lines then I will take this article/video seriously.

Then what is this convoy? Assuming its not a fake video, which I doubt, I saw a video of a small ammo cache the Ukrainians captured. In that cache was some 60mm motor shells that CLEARLY had Mandarin Chinese writing on them. 98% chance this convoy is just the Chinese delivering certain types of ammo the Russian's bought from them because they were running low etc. Its not a good sign that they asked the Chinese to deliver it in their own trucks though. It could mean Russia is running low on trucks.

What we REALLY need to lookout for is the Chinese dropping off these supplies at the same time HIMARS blows up the supply depot and POOF 10+ dead Chinese soldiers. Then they might really actually do something.

There is little difference between NATO giving Ukraine weapons and ammo and China giving it to Russia... or selling it. IMHO its a bad sign for Russia that they even need outside ammo/help regardless of why these trucks were there.

For all we know its China giving the DRP food as a humanitarian gesture to set the stage for them running farms there if Russia wins(belt and road bullshit).

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The moment he went for that backpack I was thinking about everything nearby that could be used as a weapon. Wondering if I'd have a gun or maybe just my knife etc. I went into full blown kill or be killed mode. Probably bad for my high blood pressure. Even in NY guys like that will fuck around and find out sooner rather than later. He will end up just another black on black statistic in no time.

I'm kind of wondering WTF they were arguing about in the first place?

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H🤡NK H🌎NK‼️‼️‼️

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So tell me again how they traveled through ten countries, any one of which was most likely a safe place to stop, to get to the USA???

This shit has to stop right now.

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Think about the POTUS races starting in the 60s on. Even Reagan was forced to accept Bush as his VP by the powers that be on the GOP side. Then they tried to assassinate him. Starting with the assassination of Kennedy they have controlled the Whithouse in one way or another until Jan 20th 2017. The moment they lost control it exposed tons of stuff that never would have been seen otherwise.

They collectively really do/did believe they were immune from the rules us plebes have to follow. Its pure arrogance. They were drunk with absolute power that turned out not to be so absolute. It's a true test of character to be given that sort of power. Most of them failed.

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Hmmm looks around to make sure a boomerang isn't going to accidentally hit him in the head randomly. WAY to many of those flying around for for my tastes. Hides in a bunker... where is my tinfoil hat!!!

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For those that are not Twilight fans that pic at the bottom is of the Volturi coven in Italy standing on their balcony viewing their heard of human livestock(they literally eat people and they are evil as fuck) in the town below.

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And there lies the problem. Notice what happens if I speak out against Russia in any way? I get down-voted and shouted down. Truth be told I'm surprised some mod hasn't banned me. I just got fed up with holding my tongue. This boards has seriously lost its way. Tons of people drunk the Russia cool-aide and will not even entertain the idea that Russia is not a white-hat operation or that they could possibly be losing the war in any way.

(The two are not mutually exclusive BTW. Russia could be a white-hat and still be losing. There is no rule that says the good guys always win, and bad guys always lose. Personally I lean maybe 60% Russia is bad 40% its good. I'm on the fence mostly. I know for sure the globalists are bad and I know for sure Zelinsky is a globalist puppet. But see I just showed doubt is Russia's purity thus I must be shunned as a non-believer. Purged as a heretic. Facts, theories, and sauce my ass.)

Every fact put forward is instantly dismissed as globalist disinformation. It doesn't even matter if RUSSIA ITSELF CONFIRMS IT LATER. Just today they admitted to their loses... but yeah nothing to see here. They aren't losing at all. They can just retake all that and it will cost them nothing. (I'm rolling my eyes right now)

I stated clearly when I was giving an opinion and I backed it up with my reasons and facts. I wasn't treated with counter facts. I was told my facts were propaganda because they came from Reddit. So no truth can ever be posted on Reddit... got it. I was then given counter facts strait from the fucking Russian ministry of truth that they then recanted days later. Seriously...?

I based my opinions on things that IMMUTABLE. A video of a guy raising a flag that everyone agrees is in a town Russia used to hold. Multiple videos that clearly show abandoned Russian equipment not scuttled and not booby trapped. Some of the videos showed city streets everyone agrees are formerly Russian controlled towns as well, see flag videos(same towns). You can't just magically fake all those videos. Too many smart people on the net would dissect them and discover they were fakes. Ukraine learned that lesson the hard way with the ghost of Kyiv bullshit footage from a video game. They're clearly REAL.

I watched a video today that was unconfirmed propaganda but it explained all of the things I couldn't quite understand. The commenter said their were reports in Izium etc that Russian troops were so panicked to run away and when they drove in vehicle columns out of town they were hit with artillery and slaughtered. So they abandoned their vehicles and ran away on foot. The supposed reason the Ukrainian attack has slowed down is because they are now following those soldiers who are on foot and they don't want to attack them because they might turn around and actually fight. They would rather those panicked soldiers reach the next town and panic the next set of soldiers so they run away too leaving even more equipment.

Ridiculous right? Sounds like a made up story, but what if its true? What if the combinations or poor moral, lack of leadership, and lack of training has caused exactly that to happen. The commander gets in his SUV and flees because he's not stupid and doesn't want to die. Then the troops panic and take off. It happened in Iraq why not to Russian troops?

If true it REALLY doesn't look good for Russia.

Anyway it doesn't change my main point. I'm trying to call strikes and balls with a little flair. Everyone on this board is rooting for Russia to win and doesn't like being told their team isn't winning. That is a perfect recipe for a metric crap-ton of confirmation bias. Its kind of sad really.

So to you and all the people downvoting me... check yourself.

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You want to solve 99% of our problems... ban lawyers from serving in congress or as POTUS/VP. Pass the BAR you are instantly disqualified. Problem solved.

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Owe man. I can't stop laughing. The animated gif of the kid getting waxed is hilarious.

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There is a guy on YouTube that plays phone calls from Russia soldiers calling home. He gives a translation. It is either an insanely elaborate hoax or half the fucking Russian military are using regular phones and don't care if anyone listens. Now to be clear these aren't calls like "hey, we need more fuel and rockets". No, these are calls like "Mom, half my unit was at the supply base yesterday and it blew up. They're all dead. I almost died. I want to come home. Cries..."

You and I both know if some YT nitwit has that sort of info then the CIA/NSA has 50 times what he does. I don't care if its 80% or just 20% the CIA is fucking listening to the Russians but the Russians are NOT listening to the Ukrainians in any meaningful way. Not any more. Maybe they had some access early on but they've been cut off. Its fucking obvious to anyone with half a brain.

World War Two was NOT won with men and tanks. It was won with disinformation, spying, and code breaking. Study the battle of Midway. We beat the Japanese because our code breakers told us they were fucking coming. Study D-day. The US/UK had an entire fake army created to attack France way up to the north of the actual attack. Germany(really Hitler) waited for a full 12 hours before he sent in his reinforcements because he was convinced the fake attack was the real one. That gave the allies time to establish their beachhead. That disinformation decided the battle before a single shot was fired.

As far as motivation... The deep state globalists run the fucking USA right now, or are you claiming Biden is legit? But if fucking Mexico invaded us tomorrow would you not be highly motivated to defend the lower 48? You'd get your gun and go help even if it was just driving a fucking truck with supplies. We're being fucking invaded.

Use your go damn head. You clearly aren't stupid. They are defending their homes, wives, sisters, brothers, etc. Ukraine's soldiers don't give two rats asses about your conspiracy theories on globalist manipulation of their government. All they know is a fucking tank is headed their way and they have to blow it up or they will be slaves to Russia at best or taken away by the secret police to be killed or gulag-ed.

On the other hand Russian soldiers know Putin's their Nazi's stuff is all bullshit. They know the Azov guys are real, but they also know they make up like 1% of the Ukrainian military. That would be like Canada deciding to invade the USA because of the KKK in the 60s and 70s. Hell the KKK probibly made up 2-3% of our population at the time. To save what 5-10k blacks from being lynched over decades you will invade and kill tens of thousands in a few months??? So Putin's solution to internal Ukrainian problems is to invade and turn the country into a smoking hole in the ground. That's super helpful. I bet more people will die from lack of food and sanitary water than would have died in Nazi purges. All that BS is just an excuse. You want proof its BS?

This could be propaganda but I seriously doubt it. When the Russian's fled the north lots of local people that helped them feared retribution by Ukraine. These are the very same Russian speaking people that Putin was supposedly saving from the evil Nazi in Kyiv. They were the ENTIRE reason for the invasion. Right? When the Russians retreated the civilians panicked packed their cars and ran with them. When they reached the Russian border the Russians turned them away. There were reports of long lines of civilians cars waiting to get across the border that then turned around and left.

Fog of war and all that its hard to be sure but it looks like to me that Putin would rather have those people face certain punishment for their betrayal so he can point at them and say see they evil Nazi in Kyiv are Nazi than to ACTUALLY SAVE THEM. The propaganda goal is more important than the people. He needs those people there as an excuse to invade again or continue invading etc. If they come to Russia he no longer has a reason TO STEAL UKRAINIAN TERRITORY. So they can suffer. Back into the meat grinder pleebs.

This war is just two sets of thugs fighting over valuable land. The eastern side of Ukraine is some of the most fertile growing soil ON THE WHOLE FUCKING PLANET. Putin might was well be invading Nebraska or Kansas. What is Ukraine trying to export from that area... WHEAT!

Wake up. Putin's just a thug. He's no different than the fucking bankers, globalists, or any of the rest of them. And he's lost this war.

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When this all started the globalists spent a lot of time taunting Putin. Why? I remember a long winded rant on Tucker about how it was obvious that Putin might react that way to their provocations over Ukraine joining NATO. A guest came on and made tons of good points about how foolish Biden was being. Why would the globalists do that?

Easy... they get to launder money. They wanted Putin to attack Ukraine. It gives them an excuse to sanction him and fuck up the economy. They profit coming and going.

You think they baited him into attacking but left vast amounts of evidence for him to find and expose them? So what was the point??? They knew Russia's military was degraded. They didn't care is Ukraine won or lost. They wanted to test their new weapons. More importantly they wanted to blast Putin's war machine into a pile of scrap metal so he wasn't a real threat. Just in case.

Putin's ego got the better of him. If he'd won in that first few weeks he'd be fine. The moment his attack stalled and he had to reset he should have fucking bailed.

I truly believe the real problem is Putin's generals have been lying to him about how capable his military really is.

One other thing. Russia has never for even one day had air superiority. That's 3rd world military BS not 1st world superpower. If Russia was the USA Ukraine would have lost in the first two weeks. Why? Because once we took control of the air nothing would be safe anywhere. Russia's failure to take the high ground is just sad. And we all KNOW that's not propaganda. Its too obvious its true, or those HIMARS would be smoking wrecks already.

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I don't even have an account on Reddit. Other resources I use link to videos on Reddit. I hate Reddit. Its cancer. I verify those videos on a case by case basis. I'm quite able to tell bullshit from good info. When I first got on the net it was fucking called Peachnet and I dialed in on a 386DX16 with a 28.8 modem via UUCP to Dekalb Tech. The term internet didn't even exist. I'm not some fucking newb 20 year old punk who can't tell fake BS from real useful info. I'm a former EFnet IRC channel warrior. Are you even old enough to know what that means?

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You do understand that Russia has never for even one day had air superiority over most of Ukraine? Russian aircraft that fly over any part of western Ukraine don't come back. Why do you think Putin uses so many cruise missiles? Planes are WAY cheaper. Of course Ukrainian planes don't fair much better over eastern Ukraine or for sure not Russia.

I would love to see Russia reveal solid info on bio labs or hell just some solid accounting paperwork from the corruption we all know is there, but 90% of anything useful was in Kyiv. They failed utterly to even fucking ENTER Kyiv and there is no way in hell they are ever going to take it now. That ship sailed long ago.

So far all I've seen is propaganda puff BS about bio labs. No real hard evidence. If they had hard evidence where the fuck is it? They probibly got they idea to make/release propaganda about bio labs from this freaking message board. Its a self fulfilling prophecy. I see dead people... Puts on his tin foil hat.

Trump declassing, that has teeth. He had access to EVERYTHING. I'm waiting for that. I'm fucking holding my breath for that. (turns purple) I'm not going to hold my breath waiting for fucking Russia to release info they should have already released to bolster their case for the war. That's pure smoke and mirrors until I see some irrefutable sauce.

People on this board need to wake the fuck up. Reality doesn't have an opinion they can refute with a counter opinion. It just is what it is. The bio-lab thing is wishful thinking. I fucking hope like hell the plan wasn't to have Russia go get evidence because if it was they have fucking failed spectacularly and we are fucked.

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I gave you an updoot for asking a real question. If you look around the net you will find dozens of videos of Ukrainian soldiers raising flags on the roofs of buildings and in town squares that are clearly towns Russia had full control over just a week ago. The Russians aren't even denying they lost territory.

If you then study the maps, understand how supply chains work, and listen to what people say about where the key roads and railroads are etc you realize that Ukrainians current gains most likely will lead to more gains in other places. Think of it like in chess the Ukrainians just took Russian's queen and then checked their king forcing him to go where they wanted him to go. The fight isn't over, I admit that, but its looking really grim.

I admit I'm reading between the lines a little, but just listen cause its a hard truth to swallow. Russia is out of resources. I'll give an example. I saw a video of a huge metal barn that Russia was using as a supply/repair area. There were 5-6 Ural supply trucks and 2-3 Grad launchers which are the same type of truck frame. Ukrainian soldiers were filming them. They all had the Z on the side. They were just sitting there. The barn probibly would have fit 20-40 trucks that size. They weren't scuttled, or sabotaged/booby trapped. Why? Because they left in a huge hurry, but it takes two seconds to set an explosive charge right? Why leave them in one piece? Its very unprofessional.

Guess what they all had in common? They all had their hoods opened, and the Ukrainians didn't do that. They know better than to touch shit. It might be booby trapped. In other words they were all broken down and they didn't have the parts to fix them. Why scuttle broken worn out useless junk. Time to leave. So they ran. They could only hope the Ukrainians are dumb enough to try and use them. The only other answer is that Russian soldiers are INCREDIBLY POORLY TRAINED and not even professional soldiers. I'm a fucking weekend warrior and even I know you don't leave shit behind the enemy can use against you later. Either way it looks bad for Russia.

One more key example. The video is made by local civilians. They drove around in Izium after Russia ran away. On the side of the road was not 1 but 3 self propelled guns.

Just like those trucks in the barn they were just sitting there. No obvious attempt to scuttle them. Maybe they were booby trapped, but I doubt it. Why? Its easy to guess. They are slow. That unit probibly had supply trucks as the rest of their kit to carry ammo. They have no need for armor or APCs. Maybe a few BTR for security. Those SPG are slow as all holy shit in comparison. We are talking 20-30 mph vs 50-60.

So imagine you are the commander. You've got 10,000 Ukrainian troops headed your way and your entire column is being slowed down by just those three artillery pieces. So you ditch them. Why not scuttle them though. Again back to unprofessional. Except you know the condition of those SPG. You know that they have a barrel life of say 10,000 rounds(I don't know the actual number) and they've had 20k put through them. They are bored out like a porn star that's been working for a decade or more. Not one single round that goes out of those guns will hit where you want it to. The barrel is a full millimeter wider than its supposed to be. Rounds come out wobbling like a shitty high school quarterback threw it.

You know that for those SPG to be useful they need a full factory reset, and you've told command that 5 times, in writing. That means replacing the barrel and pulling the engine out for a full rebuild. The only reason they even move is because you paid money out of your own pocket or won a bet to steal a mechanic that performs miracles. So you tell your men to grab everything not nailed down and get on the damn trucks. Fuck those slow ass POS SPG. They aren't worth dying over.

Those are just the videos we've seen. You magnify that trend over the whole battlefield and it paints a grim fucking picture of Russia's capabilities. And I have ZERO doubt that some of their equipment is just fine. What I'm saying is their ONE real advantage is more equipment, more artillery pieces, more ammo, BUT what if even 70% of that equipment is now after months of fighting so worn out its now useless junk? What if more and more of the good useful equipment is being blown up???

One other quick example. A video taken by Russians of two Mi-26 landing and clearly loading Pion/Malka into them to be evacuated.

They risked two of their biggest rarest helicopters to move at over weight capacity two guns. Why? Because they were probibly fully modernized/refurbished Malka guns that were in good shape and had only fired a few dozen rounds vs those three POS SPG they just left on the side of the road without even bothering to blow them up.

Bottom line, yeah, I'm reading tea leaves on some things, but it all makes sense. It explains why Russia ran away. They moved all their good equipment down south to rebuff the coming assault on Kherson. Then the bridges got blown up by HIMARS and all that gear was trapped with little/no ammo/fuel. Meanwhile the troops up north knew most of their equipment was the older junk that barely worked. Then all hell broke lose and a full on attack came their way. They knew they were fucked so they ran away leaving a bunch of junk behind because they didn't care if Ukraine took it.

So those same troops with mostly junk equipment are going to what... get together with a few extra units also armed with junk and go rebuff the Ukrainian attacks? The same attacks they couldn't stop to begin with? Attacks being carried out with equal or greater numbers of modern western HUMVEE/MRAP that are faster and more useful than slow ass old Soviet era junk? And even though Ukraine has less of it Ukrainian artillery is deadly accurate vs the Russians need 5 times as many guns and 10 times the ammo to accomplish the same goal.

Its only going to get worse for Russia. Their equipment isn't going to suddenly get younger and less worn out. Their moral will never improve. Pretty soon they will decide that they would rather die shooting at Putin rather than Ukrainians.

I saw one report... yeah it could be propaganda but it didn't seem like it... several soldiers got drunk and told their officers to fuck off they aren't dying for Putin. The military police type people showed up to arrest them cause treason or whatever. So they picked up their rifles and shot it out with them killing quite a few before all but one died. And of course he's going to be tried and hung etc. That's not a good sign. What happens when a whole fucking mechanized battalion shoots their commander and does this... but they aren't drunk? Just say'n.

Add to all this the thing that was the most clear to me. The CIA can intercept 80+% of Russia's coms and knows ALL OF THIS. They know Russia is using junk or low on ammo but has too much/little food or whatever the fuck is going on. And they are telling Ukraine all of this. Now contrast that with the fact that Ukraine masses up a huge assault force in the north while they stage a fake assault in the south and Russia had ZERO clue about any of this until they struck.

So Russia is losing the propaganda war. They are losing the information war. Russia is also losing the spying/infiltration war. Because of M-777 and HIMARS they are now slowly losing the artillery war. PLUS at least in the north they are losing the ground war, and are stagnant on the ground everywhere else. That is a metric shit-ton of losing, but the dip-shits on this board think Russia is winning? SMH...

Facts are facts. When they stopped Russia in the first 3-4 weeks, when Russia lost the element of surprise, this fight was 90% decided already. The events of the past week have just sealed that as the outcome. Ukraine had an advantage. All they had to do is just not lose and Russia would wear itself out fighting them. Its like in a cheesy movie where a boxer wins because the other guy tired himself out beating on him, but can he take the beating. Well Ukraine took the beating and now Russia is too tired to keep fighting. Russia could make a comeback. Its not impossible. Its just insanely unlikely. They have nowhere near the motivation Ukraine does. This fight is 100% about Putin's ego at this point. How/why it started doesn't matter any more.

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