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Personally, I think there is something special going on with this info. Part of the drip, drip, drip...

Well worth the watch... absolutely fascinating.

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News about a condition in which you see warped faces may instead be an attempt to condition us to disregard what wee see and think we are sick--!ecause maybe demons are being exposed!

I have not seen one, yet.

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True... I was thinking more in terms of assets, as in, people they control or can control. I guess that might be nearly limitless, too.

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This recent crap from all of those rinos (many of whom trump endorsed) makes me wonder how much ammo the deep state/cabal still has.

This battle is far from over.

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LOL... you are very gifted at that.

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You just had to ruin it...

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How many Masons at the higher evil levels are in the US, do you think?

And how many sealed indictments are there?

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Sure thing... and, specifically suggest Peer Support.

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Raw data seized by the US Military?

This is all still conspiracy theory until it is real (from the perspective of the sheeple).

When will it be real?

When do we finally get to say WE TOLD YOU SO to the bastards who so smugly say we're full of shit?

Yes... it's petty bitterness in me... and I am never letting that go. I keep it compartmentalized, though, so it's not ruining my life... but MAN I CAN'T WAIT!!!!

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One resource that most people don't know about (because the medical model doesn't tell you) is called Peer Support. Google your state and Peer Support for mental health and see what comes up. Make some calls and see if there is a PS resource available for your nephew. Usually it is a non-profit, and the services are free. Support groups and other services are offered in addition to the one on one PS.

A "Peer" is someone who also has a mental health challenge and who has been trained to assist others on their journey... kind of a been there, done that situation that leads to rapport, trust, and support.

PS does not replace anything... what it does is empower and support the person, helping them overcome challenges, come out of isolation, formulate and pursue a path, etc.

Good luck! And hit me up if you have questions.

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Bank run!

Hahahaha... that amused me to type that.

The sad thing is, so many people would/will suffer.

But, I believe it is part of the storm. We have to go through it. Is this the beginning of the Financial Habbening???

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The problem is that until this fake stream of "news" is stopped, it will provide cover for the steal. What do I mean by that? It is enough of a backdrop such that too many people will scratch their heads and say, "Well, I guess FJB won again, and the polls were right... but I could have sworn..." And ENOUGH PEOPLE will go back to sleep, and ENOUGH PEOPLE will feel validated because they're Democrats. And we will therefore have TOO MUCH DIVISION, even if it is then proven that the election was stolen.

What WE NEED is for the MSM to overwhelmingly show that Trump is trouncing FJB at every turn, in every poll, in every state, etc., so that when the Deep State attempts the steal, again, EVERYONE--EVERY AMERICAN--will have their eyes opened to the steal, and be pissed off, and will actually wonder about 2020, too.

So, maybe it's too early for the White Hats to take control of everything and all of these fake polls. But that has to happen, otherwise even if Trump wins there will be too much division. This country, divided, will be in great turmoil--even under Trump's leadership.

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Takes an Eagle-Eye to spot the bird. Nice job!

I think I am following.

But can you explain the logo and all of the connections in an easy to follow narrative explanation? I'm one of those Anons who gets 70% of it, but would really like to know exactly what is in your head as the OP. Thanks.

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Never ask a question to which you do not know the answer...

Unless, of course, White Hats are running the show.

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Is it possible that he knows his base will not abandon him, and he's "gathering" fence-sitters for whom this is the only issue, and thus show an even greater margin of victory? Then, once in office, the R-controlled Congress will vote to ban abortions and send the bill to Trump, and he'll sign it saying that the people elected these Congressional leaders?

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This is excellent info. Thank you. Not only does it call into question some sort of orchestrated take down of our food supply, but it relieves (or, it should relieve) a lot of anxiety for many people.

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I am not doubting that there is something nefarious going on. But, I have not seen a comparison, yet, to previous years, or the history of food processing plants. It's one thing to say hundreds have been destroyed in the last few years. But, it would be more impressive to preface that with, "In the past three decades, only 17 food plants were destroyed from accidents, natural disasters, and arson. But since 2019, more than 100 have been destroyed."

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Fix 2020.

Did I say that out loud?

Is is taboo to still desire to call up the smug bastard who mocks me, who still thinks Trump lost, and still thinks Trump is guilt of Russian "stuff"?

I know, I know... "let it go". Well, fuck that. I want justice.

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"Just act like you can see"

Because... look... it's cloudy!!! And this whole propaganda event had been staged and they're going to have an eclipse no matter what!

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