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I think this is gaslighting. There was no riot. There were people milling about.

Perhaps the headline should be "65 percent now understand that feds play-acted a riot to frame peaceful demonstrators"

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Wasnt there an article about him having a male sex slave? I know I read something like that... a testimony or affidavit, actually. Was that debunked?

If that was true, maybe WH's are holding that over him and controlling him.

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Thank you for sharing. God blessed you both, and you lived lives worthy of those blessings. Role models.

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Maybe so as to create curiosity..."Oh, a classified appendix?!"

After the initial report is buried, the next wave of info via leaks will have more staying power.

Just a thought.

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Well said. Except thelast point as to where it came from. Either he was liedto, or he was going with a cover story that would be more palatable than the truth at the time being... but he did not tell the truth about its origin.

That being said, I understand why he would share the Wuhan story instead.

And I am thankful that he diffused the bomb that it could have been in the manner you elaborated on in your points.

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In short....I will be presented with a situation in which I will shoot to kill and it will be justifiable, hypothetically speaking.

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I am not hating on you. I just want to point out that Trump was out of office several months before the vax was actually deployed. He sped it up and created the expectation it would be released, and said it would not be mandatory all along.

Also, the deep state is called "deep" for a reason. We have learned of far deeper treason in the pentagon and DOD having a hand in it. So, yeah, I think Trump created some hurdles for their plan and so it short-circuited their planned devastation

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I am pretty sure I have seen docs on this board explaining how the coronavirus was patented back in 2015 or something like that (I am not searching for sauce... I know I read that). The vax was also patented back then.

So, what Trump did was put on a public show and gave it a name called "warp speed" which is not even possible, and everyone bought into it... and what he did was force the deployment of the vax sooner than it would have been. We were in lockdown. Had we been in the planned lockdown for years, 98 percent of people would have begged for it.

So, he forced their hand and there is less death than there would have been in this war.

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I really agree with your points about leadership and funding. WH's will have dismantled those, so perhaps there won't be much rabid rage except for some small groups or lone actors.

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Big Mike was embarrassedto be American, remember?

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I am with you on this one. I posted to seethe comments, and to understand the perspectives of Anons who are usually brilliant. I was hoping there would be more traction.

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Any models watching my posts here?

Lol... just kidding, happily married (in case mywife comes across this).

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I have seen 80+ year olds fall. They don't bounce right back up. Actor.

I can't prove it... so don't ask. Just my opinion.

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Health policy, you say? Well... she is immortal after all... Beetlejuice

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Yeah, I remember that... I think it was a promo for the remake of IT. There were paid actors doing that. I would not have done that... not without a bullet proof jacket. Can you imagine some scared gun-toting person pulling and firing on you???

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