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Well, then I guess it's option 1. The Cabal has infiltrated the secret service and/or other security.

More importantly, I am sorry for your personal loss. I cannot imagine the sadness, frustration, anger, and loss that you are dealing with. I hope you can hang in there.

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So... three options I can think of.

  1. Cabal infiltrated security and wanted Trump to be killed.

  2. It was staged as part of the movie, and no one was actually hurt (like the Ashli Babbit thing).

  3. There was an actual mistake or confusion and that building was left unattended.

Personally, I give #3 a -89% (yes, that is a minus).

The fact that the shooter's last name is Violet and Trump misspelled violence as violent the other day (yesterday?) leads me to hope that it was #2... otherwise, if the Cabal is able to infiltrate the current Secret Service detail around Trump, then the game has changed.

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So, if this was staged and this was a clue from Trump to Anons, wouldn't this somehow become known as being staged? And that would backfire?

I guess, what is your theory about the connection?

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I was watching the clip in slow motion and looking for someone getting hit behind him. I couldn't see anyone... but that doesn't meaning anything.

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"Watching a movie..." so, serious question: was the assassination attempt totally faked? The guy killed in the bleachers is not really dead, but an actor? Shooter not really dead? Trump not really wounded?

I am not being sarcastic. I don't believe that woman on J6 was killed (the one crawling through the window... can't remember her name.)

But this looked pretty real.

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Most important line in his tweet: "The quicker we get rid of the democratic party the better off we all will be. But that includes getting rid of the GOP. Both parties suck. "

I will say this again... this election cannot simply be Trump vs a candidate and Trump wins. All that would do is make it seem as if there is no cabal, and as if the election cycle is just going along its merry way.

The BEST thing that could happen is that the chaos among Dems continues, Joe Biden gets worse and worse, and more and more people see it, and EVERYONE believes Trump will win. But, the White Hats will ensure that Biden gets 91 million votes and wins in some crazy impossible proportion, and THAT will be the final red pill to the millions and millions of Americans who still believe it's "just politics" that there is a cabal and deep state behind everything.

That is when we will have 94% unity, and the military will be asked to intercede and manage via Martial Law while the election is quickly investigated (remember, since White Hats did it, they can come right out in 10 days and prove everything).

The traitors will be rounded up. The 2020 election will also be discovered to have been fraudulent (because everyone is ready to hear about it). Trump will be inaugurated on time. There will be no DNC attempts to decertify. There will be no RINOS to get in the way.... they will all be swept up as traitors as part of the movie.

That's my hope. I just can't see any other way towards building true unity against the cabal and to prepare Americans to fight back against the evil.

So, we need the infighting and the take down of FJB, as long as he stays in the race to the point that not a soul on earth thinks he'll get more than 20 million votes, if that.

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I think it has to happen on FJB's watch. Otherwise there's a risk of causing some who have begun to appreciate Trump to fall away from his leadership again.

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I have no idea. I am hoping OP can answer my question.

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So is this true?

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If Biden wins, Martial Law will be declared within the hour... investigations will ensue... and unsurprisingly the whole theft will be discovered within 3 days. Trump will be declared the winner. Everyone celebrates, and the real declas begins because everyone is now awake and eager to learn what has been going on for decades in the US, and thousands of years globally. The new America is reborn, and all that Q has alluded to comes to fruition. There is no civil war.

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There's so much that is both wrong and inconsistent with your comment that all I can say is that I appreciate your passion.

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In my time, it was "hock tooey"...

And that was just a hocker on the sidewalk.

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WH's are incontrol and the script is to keep FJB in until the end, all the while having all media tearing him down so that over the next several months everyone and their brother thinks Trump will win by a 90/10 margin (even the polls show this)--*nd then, Biden "wins" .

That, to me, will be the only red pill that wakes up normal Americans who still think this is all politics as usual.

Everyone is appalled and up in arms and demand answers... military steps in to create order, evidence of fraud unveiled, 2020 suddenly is proven as the "same thing" , the traitors are captured and Trump is inaugurated on schedule, and the Country is united against the cabal.

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There are definitely many who are lost. But there are also so many people who are not in shithole cities and who just happen to think this is all politics as usual, in the sense that they think, "Yeah, Biden sucks and I am not voting for him. I guess I will wait until 2028." THOSE decocrats/people number in the millions and still think our elections are normal. We need a precipice scare event and declas to shock them out of their mental bunker and see that we have been lied to about the system.

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This comment wins the Internet for today... with less than 3 hours remaining where I am.

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Well, this is scary as shit given the big boy press conference. Cabal comms? Dirty bomb?

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Nope. Not a chance. There are millions and millions (15% of 330 million) who are average Americans who are democrats, clueless, and think things are just politics as usual.

Sure, our team vastly outnumbers the other side--we are united. But there are too many who are lost. It's far greater than 6 percent. So, I think everything we are seeing is a head fake, and things still need to get much, much worse under FJB so that when he "wins" again then everyone--even staunch democrats--will say WTF? and be awakened and become united.

If we go into this election under usual circumstances and Trump simply wins... then we have fallen short of opening the eyes of the people to the existence of the deep state. Cognitive dissonance is too powerful among too many.

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