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  • The reflection of the light on their foreheads is on different sides (left/right).

  • Clinton is too big.

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This can be a movie recorded by the white hats (not a real human). A humanoid / robot burnt to bring the attention to “his” manifesto.

Reason to believe so:

  • I find it hard to believe that any human would be able to sit in the fire for so long (watch the video) without instinctively trying to remove the fire from his body.

  • Insanity is one thing. A physical pain and subconscious / instinctive reactions is the second thing.

A person who is hanging themselves instinctively tries to find the ground. Fire is also something that human being cannot simply ignore.

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I’ve just created a new folder in my favourites: “Biden idiot”.

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That was obvious once I’ve noticed:

  • a “male reporter” with coloured nailed, filming …

  • the “protesters” … full of tattoos.

That kind of tells you who is faking the reality.

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We’re talking about a very specific building here.

These videos are about various different buildings.

I don’t think any of them relates to the building in Copenhagen.

If yes: you should be able to share the exact video + timestamp.

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Isn’t passport enough?

Saves the problem to issue new documents, distribute them, etc.

The only need is to … require them before voting.

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To answer the accusation of lying one may need to provide some more details, proofs. It’s not enough to go emotional and hope people would buy it.

No details what court case, where to find it, how to verify, etc.

Even if these details were in her previous video - she should at least refer to at least 1 verifiable piece of information giving short instructions: go here, check this, etc.

The whole video is just an emotional click bait to me.

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If you don’t have time watch the last 26 mins when it starts from the video of the sky and flying plane.

Previous 1 hr is about finding the right information.

The last 26 min is about very specific source he has found and all the possible consequences.

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Almost the whole 1hr of this video is about the flight in Malaysia that disappeared from the radar years ago.

Earlier I heard that there were many doctors flying from or to a cancer conference on that plain. This guest is saying that there were 20 engineers specialised in semiconductors.

Interesting conversation.

1:08:45 - he used the term “Post-truth world”. I remember this term appeared on the agenda of one of the Bilderberg meetings years ago. I was then wondering what truth did they mean. They probably knew that Q is preparing their reveal and they may not be able to stop it. I didn’t feel the guest was a Bilderberg-controlled actor tho.

He talks about some military person who has been sentenced to prison for revealing confidential information. The guest believes this information was related to a video of the disappearing plane.

The last 20 minutes - the conversation changes from flight-related to secret technologies and it really goes top science-fiction, considering the current official status quo of the public knowledge.

I invested the time because I respect the host and guests he invites. Who knows what part of it is real.

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It would be interesting to learn in 6-12 months time if there was some code in those announcements:

  • in hospital = arrested, indictment unsealed, waiting for a trial,

  • died of turbo cancer = found guilty, in prison for life, we won’t see them anymore,

  • died suddenly = executed.

It’s like when all these bastards were saying the famous formula:

I got covid, I’m grateful to be vaccinated, …

could be a code for:

I got arrested, being interviewed. I hope my deep state colleagues can clean up the mess around as if I was vaccinated=protected. Then I will need to isolate for some time until the dust settles.

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Yes, the interviewer is quite disturbing. Doesn’t let the person speak freely, like if he planned to cut the interview into smaller pieces, but then what’s the value of an interview if small parts are cut without the context.

I also noticed that the eyeglasses change their size and it’s hard to explain it by him moving them as his hand was too far at that time.

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This is one of the posts when I have to recall Q saying: Disinformation is necessary.

  • How big was the landing device?

  • Had it enough fuel and energy to leave Moon and head to the earth? The Escape Velocity for Moon is 2.38 km/s = 8568 km/h.

  • Was the landing device strong enough NOT to burn in the Earth’s atmosphere the way meteorites (made of stones and metals) burn before they get to the ground?

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I always wondered why Trump has made Steven Mnuchin a Secretary of Treasury. A guy from Hollywood? Why?

Maybe because many movies were going to be produced with the intention to prepare the normies for multiple reveals.

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Is this a real video of Kubrick?

The quality seems to be too good to be real, considering the time he lived. Died in 1999.

This is the TV news from 1999 announcing his death. The quality is way worse than the interview above: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t-OB6Q0fotk

Why we can’t see his whole face?

Can it be fake?

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If govt loses track of money 10% used to go to the Big Guy.

Does it mean that 2.4B are some kind of kick backs?

It’d be 2400 people receiving 1 mln each.

… or money went to sponsor human trafficking and the invasion?

… … or all the above. <insert video of Soros saying All the above>

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Have they reduced prices?

Same issue I can see in London, UK: Offices empty but no one wants to reduce rent prices as if the market was rigged and rices artificially kept high by large players.

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If the devolution is real and we’re watching the movie - an actor who is playing fake Biden should make the most obvious mistakes:

  • Step 1: Tell everyone (the press) that he is going to CONSIDER … (so everyone are aware, the expectation is set).

  • Step 2: Fail to deliver saying that he has changed his mind, he won’t drop the prosecution.

So far we’re watching the first 50% of this episode.

Let’s see when comes the second one. I assume it should be in 1 week, while people still remember their hope so the disappointment is as big as possible.

I hope the future will prove past ;)

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