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Here you go ... I hope this is the article you're looking for ...


by KittyQ
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If you are in the army, you can have faith in your commander. But, if you do not do as he commands, you get your butt kicked.

Faith + 0 -= Court martial

Likewise, you can have faith in Jesus. But, again, if you do not do as He commands, there is no salvation awaiting you.

Faith + 0 = (I don't know! But, it's certainly not salvation).

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OCOC is NOT a party. Nor is it political in nature. It's an organization devoted to reawakening the American spirit, reviving patriotism and restoring the fundamental values of society that the USA seems to have lost.

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Cut your tongue out for saying that. There is only ONE "King of King and Lord of Lords" and His name is Jesus Christ.