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The ANSWER to your question is 100% NO. It's the USA. That thing your looking at is a Pyramid not a KEYSTONE.

The reference has been talked about before in detail. The Keystone is a reference to a 1919 cartoon. Here is the IMAGE The reason is plain to see, this ties EVERYTHING together. Here is a little read on it's history

The League of Nations was the former name of the United Nations which was created in 20 April 1946. They both existed for about 6 months and the UN took over all assets.

This in the Bible is referred to as the 2nd BEAST. The League of Nations is what started the UN and eventually 2 years later created Israel on May 14, 1948.

What the USA found was this entity didn't solve any problems but in fact created more. Not only that but created great tensions in the world and we were at the top holding it all together. As it went further along a certain group called the DEEPSTATE started to take over. Truth was it was the industrialists back in the day who wanted the League of Nations and convinced our President at the time to do this, believe me there was already a plan to hatch the State of Israel back then.

The Mystery Babylon was when the Jews were kicked out of Babylon and were sent to wonder the earth intermingling with other nations. God was fed up with them because they kept wanting to be like other nations, they lusted after Babylon so God handed them over to Babylon. [Read all of Ezekiel chapter 23} (https://www.outlawshepherd.com/daily-word/the-prostitute-sisters-oholah-and-oholibah) and pay attention to Ezekiel 23:14-16

So the mystery is these people are dispersed all over the place just like after the temple was destroyed under Nero and have never been brought back by God. These Beast Government setup Israel as a nation not God. Now we find ourselves with the Harlot getting off the Beast. Our government is run by Jews(So Called Jews who are not really Jews) Our Media and Banks.

The ending will roll out like this. Ukraine is controlled by us to piss off Russia, Russia will come down eventually and try to crush Israel because it kinda has too to get rid of the USA. This all begins when Trump pulls us out of NATO and the UN. Russia will want to take over because now America is not weaponizing the NATO powers. I believe Russia will march on Israel and Trump sends a hypersonic space weapon called the Rods of God right before Russia attacks on Russian troops. Crazy but probably true. Think Hypersonic like a TIC TAC kinda fast

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Praying is 100% OVER for them. Judgement is now coming. I'm with HIM and HE SAYS

Revelation 18:6 Treat her exactly as she has treated you; pay her back double for all she has done. Fill her cup with a drink twice as strong as the drink she prepared for you. Rev 18:7 Give her as much suffering and grief as the glory and luxury she gave herself. For she keeps telling herself: 'Here I sit, a queen! I am no widow, I will never know grief !' Rev 18:8 Because of this, in one day she will be struck with plagues--- disease, grief, and famine. And she will be burned with fire, because the Lord God, who judges her, is mighty."

Side note here....Charlotte is the QUEEN CITY....but NY city is who the scripture refers too. The comms are a GO ahead for NY to BURN

Now give God a BIG ole SMILE and PRAISE....when will you fellas learn.....WE ARE THE PAYBACK


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I am headed there this week, so will try to update. I had a dream about this one time. Looks promising

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WHAT IF...this was really was BOOM? You should have BOOM...BOOM...BOOM...with those 3 and your missing one....oh let me guess oh please.

BOOM=Prince Philip

BOOM=Queen Elizabeth II

BOOM=Jacob Rothschild


This is the biggest lie of Royals, and biggest banker, and LONDON has fallen.

The Royals were actually not the Royals at all. It was actually Michael Edward Abney-Hastings, 14th Earl of Loudoun who should have been King of England

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Adoption agencies and states are the problem. They sell children. At 25K-50K per adoption. That was one of the reasons people started adopting outside the USA. There should be no fee and you should be allowed to adopt from any state. Lots of states don't let you adopt unless you live in that state, because the state makes money on phycological visits you have to continue on with after you adopt. If the child needs help any state could provide that same help with doctors if needed. Point here is Arkansas Governor Sarah Huckabee. Arkansas has lots of great kids that need adopting....try doing it. We did and the process is so bad it's unreal. If they wanted to help the kids they could, until the STATE QUITS selling children for profit and turns it back to normal citizens, it's only for those who have a ton of cash.

It's a hell of a racket

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Here is your ANSWER..."I am giving it back to the PEOPLE" All these rulers are corrupt...EVERY DAMN ONE OF THEM! I think you need to watch this. It explains it all https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ka1wkXjeEz8

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Well the Bible will say you sir are lying. The Church didn't know this 2000 years ago nor could it or you are calling God a liar

Revelation 10:7 But when the seventh angel blows his trumpet, then God will accomplish his secret plan, as he announced to his servants, the prophets."

That means you won't know the plan till 7th Trumpet, not on 5th or 6th, plus Daniel 12:4

Daniel 12:4 He said to me, "And now, Daniel, close the book and put a seal on it until the end of the world. Meanwhile, many people will waste their efforts trying to understand what is happening."

Revelation 17:9 The 7 heads are seven mountains. 7 hills are POWERS and also reside in Cities.

Babylon was split into 3 cities. Rev 16:19 And the great city was divided into three parts

Water=The waters you saw, on which the prostitute sits, are nations, peoples, races, and languages.

Rev 17:15  The angel also said to me, "The waters you saw, on which the prostitute sits, are nations, peoples, races, and languages.

Most think it's Just Israel and can't figure this part out, and that is because they never traced the Jews after they leave Babylon. The Jews were dispersed through out the earth in exile after leaving Babylon and then Whored around with all nations

Rev 17:9The seven heads are seven mountains, on which the woman sitteth. Jews have power of all seven mountain mandate(Mandate Or Influence)

  2. GOVERNMENT=Military=USA=City broke into 3 parts-Jew Controlled
  4. ECONOMY=Money=London=City broke into 3 parts-Jew Controlled
  5. RELIGION=Christians=Vatican=City broke into 3 parts-Jew Controlled

The Statue in Daniel is a depiction of all Gentile Nations rulers. It is the START of the time of the Gentiles until the end and the Ten Toes, which is 100% the 5 Powers of the U.N. that are now split. Now you see 5 Powers (China, France, Russian Federation, the United Kingdom, and the United States)are one foot and 5 powers on the other foot(Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa). See the feet made of clay and they named the damn thing BRICS.....ROFLMAO(GET IT Bricks are made of Clay). Now the Powers are divided and it will fall. Daniel says a STONE will hit that Statue and knock it over.

Look at Job 38:31-32 Canst thou bind the sweet influences of Pleiades, or loose the bands of Orion?

The Seven Sisters is a reference to constellation of Pleiades, which is in the shoulder of the bull Taurus, which is a reference to the strength of God. Notice Job mentions the SWEET INFLUENCE of those 7. Those 7 INFLUCENCES are the 7 mountain mandates later of God's Strength for Humans. Currently they are screwed up.

You need to read Ezekiel 16

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The VATICAN is not Babylon. It's part of Babylon but not Babylon by it's self. Study way more and read way more. The Bible emphatically says Babylon will be divided into 3 parts, so it's not 1 thing. Revelation 16:19 The great city was split into three parts, and the cities of all countries were destroyed(note to self don't live in a city)

London=Monetary Vatican=Religion Washington DC=Military

The 7 mountains are not physically 7 mountains, they are POWERS, it's called the 7 Mountain Mandate(Google it) The Beast controls these 7 things in the world, not hard to believe at all look around you.

The Babylon's were also the start of the time clock for the FULLNESS OF THE GENTILES(Daniels Statue). The Whore is none other than the Israel Jews, read Ezekiel 16, the whole chapter. This is the reason TRUMP switched the U.S. Embassy headquarters back to Jerusalem. Their judgment is coming and it has to be on target.

Deuteronomy 32:8–9 32:8 When the Most High divided to the nations their inheritance, when He separated the sons of Adam, He set the bounds of the people according to the number of the sons of Israel. 32:9 For Jehovah's portion is His people. Jacob is the lot of His inheritance.

God DIVIDED the LANDS and gave it to people. Why did he hate the Tower of Babel? They left their lands and became a CITY, God don't much care for cities.

Revelation 17:15 And he says to me, The waters which you saw, where the harlot sits are peoples and multitudes and nations and tongues(Jews everywhere)

Here we find WATER represent People of different nations and tongues, so why does this matter? Well if you were to have a flood, that would represent A LOT of people over spilling their bounds. So why does that matter? Because of Revelation 12:15 And the serpent cast out of his mouth water like a flood after the woman, so that he might cause her to be carried away by the river. That FLOOD you see is the USA current illegal Immigration problem read more here

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LiveLeak way back in the day was showing major stuff to the not so faint of heart. Between the Muzzies and the Cartel, there was so much stuff on that site.

David behead Goliath as a child, ya gotta wonder. For people who read it, it was just a 2 second blurb in a book when you watch it.....then you understand. Cartel people literally peeling the skin off a face while they were alive, then you know what is fake and what is real.

So when you hear the Cartel is coming to your town, you will have a whole different idea of reality of that than I do

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This is so fake I can't believe they even posted it on YT. Guys on Poll got a photo of his REAL DAD...see it yourself https://i.4cdn.org/pol/1706711864610414.jpg Plus I don't know many dads wearing blue eye shadow. Not to mention the kids looks GAY as a FAG for a Commander of Militia.....ROFLMAO. I have seen real severed heads, the blood doesn't have an orange tint either.

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I don't know how many know this but Terrence Howard, the actor from Iron Man is a mathematician and gave a speech at Oxford all about the topic and what he has been working on. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZPN17LvF4BU

Incase you didn't know and study the first few sentences of the Bible, it was all there already. GOD SAID. If you study the word said in much detail historically it has a root meaning of Vibration. Sound first, then light. Pretty cool stuff out there to be looked at for sure.

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John 7:7  The world cannot hate you; but me it hateth, because I testify of it, that the works thereof are evil.

John 15:19 If you belonged to the world, then the world would love you as its own. But I chose you from this world, and you do not belong to it; that is why the world hates you.

Now think of Obama...the WORLD SYSTEM LOVED HIM.....a world Messiah

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I don't know if you know this but RUSSIA is a BIG player in it. They use NK as a labor force....watch this 7 part series I know it's Vice doing the video but it doesn't take away it's true. Also note that was 12 years ago. Russia been using these poor saps while Putin has been walking around claiming he is innocent. Mind you China wants nothing to do with these people and looks at them as we do illegal immigrants.

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The cities that are targeted will be where the illegals are is my guess. I would be NOWHERE in Target Cities on the eastern seaboard. If you have a city that wipes out the rest of your states voting wishes, that might be a sign stay away from that CITY

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I don't think Illegals are what he is referring to in that poem. Biblically it would be the UN and the woman who sits on top of the beast Israel=Whore of Babylon. The foreigners are the waters on which the woman sits and the FLOOD trying to get our WOMAN AMERICA is a FLOOD of FOREIGNERS

Revelation 17:15 The angel also said to me, "The waters you saw, on which the prostitute sits, are nations, peoples, races, and languages.


Revelation 12:14 She was given the two wings of a large eagle in order to fly to her place in the desert, where she will be taken care of for three and a half years, safe from the dragon's attack. Revelation 12:15 And then from his mouth the dragon poured out a flood of water after the woman, so that it would carry her away.

If waters are foreign people then a FLOOD=OVERFLOW PEOPLE

Ask yourself what is a flood really. The ANSWER is it's WATER that has OVERFLOWED it's BOUNDRIES, meaning that water doesn't belong there, it has gone BEYOND it's BOUNDRIES

Think on this idea, and who might that Woman in the Bible be who is clothed with the Sun and Moon at her feet

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Sure, don't you see the plan....don't interrupt your enemy while he is making a mistake. California has 52 seats in congress because of the population, they are leaving, but just not leaving happy. They are getting screwed over on the way out. Kind of makes you want to vote for some one new after you can hardly leave the state because the Real Estate market is down so bad due to Governmental problems.

Also this involves the 9th circuit court being split up. Which has been a plan on the books for awhile now.

It's not the way you might do all this but regardless, it is the plan

As you can see in this image it's all good


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Well that would be the WORST CHOICE he could ever make. Here is your first video of UNDERSTANDING https://www.prageru.com/video/should-you-care-about-israel The guy is into the UN and Israel. Could you ask for a worse combo. He already was a security advisor to Trump https://www.pacificcouncil.org/newsroom/trump-names-robert-c-o%E2%80%99brien-national-security-advisor

Lets hope it just wasn't a JEW PICKING ANOTHER JEW...like we never saw that before. RCO also stands for Regional currency office. A "regional currency office" was a kind of distributor of Liberty Dollars

Maybe a stretch.

I will say this, if you don't see the pull out of the USA from the UN, and pull out from NATO, soon after Trump is elected, it will be EXTREMLY BAD. I believe this to be why the rest of the world attacks Israel in the end, and why saving Israel for last.

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This was the play from the beginning. Been trying to say this to people here but they don't want to hear it. Imagine painting a picture, at some point the artist doesn't have to finish it for you to know what it's supposed to be.

  1. They are going to burn cities and SPECIFICALLY NEW YORK
  2. All National Guard is ending up further away the real strike point=NY
  3. Why let all these illegals in for 3 years and NOW you want to do something about it. Timing is important
  4. Flee to the Mountains was written in Mathew

So how does it play out and why. The UN sits on our soil in New York, that is part of the Beast and has to go. It's a must do, and works out if you think about it. David Wilkerson once prophesied about 1,000 fires all over NY and even into Connecticut, New Jersey and other areas. This will happen and is good for the USA. The cities are way past corrupt. These people keep enabling the BEAST to exist. Think of all the votes you see in a state then watch 1 city control the entire state. Those people are DONE FRIENDS!!!!

The USA military can not kill American citizens, but you know who can, illegals can kill American citizens. The same cities that made you accept these illegal people now will suffer at the hands of illegals. Guess who the USA military can kill, illegals destroying our country, do you start to see a picture here, is the painting starting to take shape for you. It ain't pretty but it's going to work, TRUST THE PLAN.

What if I told you this was all in the Bible in Revelation, sure it's a riddle but one you can figure out.

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You would think that is weird, but the REAL WEIRD part is WHY IS GOOGLE LISTING THESE RESULTS, when NONE of them are on any of those pages. Neither is inside the HTML of those pages. When you look at the ones that appear and are very strange why are these pages listed when the results aren't their.

Google doesn't do that!!!!!!!!!!

Also when you go down to where it does appear(other than references from Q drops) like the Gematria Calculator, that page reads like drops with that number letter sequence 4920a 293883 zaj1 0020192

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Most folks can't get past the NOSE ON THEIR FACE. The Movie was concocted with the help of by Vince McMahon, most folks never got this. The WWE is a perfect example of a show where BOTH SIDES are controlled by 1 person. Donald Trumps Opposition is the OPPOSITION HE CHOSE. Anyone who can't see this is just naïve. He was on the TV wrestling match and hired Vince McMahon's wife(Linda Marie McMahon) for small business zar. Do you think that was just a coincidence? There was not a better writer for ideas than Vince McMahon, (You're watching a movie)

They been prepping DJT for awhile for this role. Name 1 Billionaire doing Commercials, TV shows, Wrestling appearances and learning to basically act. Never mind 40th Wall St building, Did you ever know a lot of USA enemies Attorneys were in that building, and there is a pipe line for Trading companies there to trade on Wall St. that goes straight to the trading floor building. Perhaps some basic ideas are in order here. Jeffery Epstein's own Law firm rents a office in that building. Imagine now Q(NSA Security who monitors security at NSA) puts a box in a closet and starts tracking it all....WE HAVE IT ALL

Is everyone an actor.....NO. That is the brilliance of it. This allows the bad people to be seen even more, DeSantis is out and all EYES ON HALEY. Whom can't even be eligible to run due to Citizenship issues. The worst one Trump keeps beside him, Vivek Ramaswamy. There are only 2 kinds of people around DJT those he trusts with his life, and his worst enemies. He controls the uni-party on his side, don't you get it.

If you haven't figured out the Game Plan for the Illegals in NY and other major cities yet you're asleep at the Wheel. It's not for everyone, they are sent their for a PURPOSE. Bible tells you all about it once you figure it out. Those cities will be on fire, mark it down.

It's just a puzzle and all the pieces are there for you.

Try this scripture, DJT is doing this EXACTLY Revelation 18:6  Reward her even as she rewarded you, and double unto her double according to her works: in the cup which she hath filled fill to her double. 

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Well you asked so I will give it to you. A 3 minute search with Google tying the dots together. First you go to their website and look around, so I find this https://www.htfhaiti.org/Hearts_Together_for_Haiti/news_article.html Well this guy looks like a Pedo in 2 seconds and is a reported of all places CANADA, PEDO capitol of the world. So I click below that picture where it says "Read More: Source" Take me here https://windsorstar.com/news/windsor-man-on-a-mission-to-supply-haitian-orphans-with-computers

where I learn he is a Retired Windsor Star reporter Don Lajoie. Well lets search images on Google for "reporter Don Lajoie" Which in turn leads me a photo of him with the FOUNDER https://windsorstar.com/opinion/lajoie-remembering-humanitarian-frank-chauvin

Which if you scroll down the page to the 4th image you find this image



Remember that only took me 3 minutes

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Why 12x4=48 smiley faces. Drop 48 https://qalerts.pub/?n=48 Date will be Tuesday, March 12, 2024 Also staggered 6 rows then 3 rows https://qalerts.pub/?n=63

Wanna get weird. Drop 63 has "Alice & Wonderland" notice it ISN'T Alice IN Wonderland above that is a number 4920-a 293883 zAj-1 0020192. If you search Google for that number**it brings up THIS** First thing out of the gate is the National Institutes of Health (.gov) website with a article called The syndrome of Alice in Wonderland

Who wants a rabbit hole...look at all the results on Google with that number

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