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this is what i've been thinking from the start: They need a cover story so they can run for the hills and burn all the evidence.

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because if they don't back down they're paving the way for mandatory jabs, and none of us will EVER willingly take that fekkin shot. So there is nowhere else to go from here. It's drop the jabs or the military can just do what thou wilt.

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I have never forgotten that little nugget... one of my perpetual hopium supplies.

Except I do think there was one thing he overlooked:

HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO CUT/PASTE THAT SENTENCE INTO OTHER SHIT. I wish he would have worded everything so that it lined up nice and neat on the page so I can MEME THE SHIT OUT OF IT.

But Mr President if you are reading this, I still love you with the strength of a thousand suns.

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some people aren't really partiers, they don't get why people go out and party. They don't get what its like to be cool or even want to be cool. What it's like to get swept up in that, and then feeling like you need to 'get ahead'.

Which is good! It means they've been following the Lord like they're supposed to, and they have other things to fulfill them, or different personalities and different strengths and things that make them cool people.

But they aren't seeing the full picture. If you go out and party your ass off and it is FUN AF to you, then you want to do it again. But you discover quickly that you want to party more than your body can handle. If you drink ten beers one night and get wild, the next day your body needs to recover from it. You can't just go back out immediately and party again, you have to rest.

Well, all addicts will do things like watch their diets, get into supplements and superfoods, sleep well and exercise, etc. And it's to GET AHEAD, so that they can then go back out and party some more.

Hollywood is just one big continual party. Politics, power interactions, romance, business, everything happens at a party. If you aren't there, you are missing something. So if you get bit by the devil, you just keep racing and racing to catch up, to stay ahead, to party the most, to be the strongest and the coolest and have the most connections and the most power.

So these hollywood people who have the devil disease, they will eat right, they will hire a trainer, they will get plastic surgery, they will get botox with friggin lazers, they will do anything they have to do, and if that includes baby blood, so be it. That's their thinking. So these same people who are drinking baby blood are ALSO doing drugs, getting aids, puking after eating, seeing plastic surgeons, they are doing ALLLLL that shit. All of it. As much as they can get their hands on. You have to stay in the race, baby.

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Elizabeth Bathory was 16th century, and she actually did it for real.

Then all these stories start forming, and create lore. Lore gets used for plotlines in modern stories.

The reason Elizabeth was bathing in and drinking virgin blood was because she was doing what a lot of royals used to do... ingesting blood of commoners to treat genetic blood disorders that come from severe inbreeding.

This is the origination of all the lore about blood drinkers and people using blood for anti-aging. Because royals did it all the time ever since they discovered that ingesting healthy blood was a treatment for their illnesses. The public could never know this, as their reigns always based their legitimacy on having the blessing of God behind it. How could someone chosen by God to rule a nation be a blood drinker who cant walk in daylight due to porphyria? It would destabilize their power in catastrophic ways.

This is a thousands year old globotrash secret.

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another good example of what youre talking about is Ol' Ballsack, or Maria Abromavic. Maria is unnaturally old for her looks, but she aint no JLo, so you can see how young blood works there, or with ballsack, same thing he's just not as decrepit as he would be without it, but it doesn't make him look like he's reversing time or anything. The Pedostas. It looks like without any other strategies, just the blood components alone, it just sort of makes them look healthier for their age, without taking years off.

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again, the adreno component of what they do is to get you HIGH. Not anti-aging. That comes from the plasma or whatever and how much adrenaline is in it has nothing whatsoever to do with anti-aging. It's just a thing they like to do.

And terrorizing children is something done for multiple purposes, for example MK cannot happen without torture. Scaring the crap out of children MAY be so the blood gets you high, or it MAY be part of MK conditioning, or it MAY be because these people are completely evil and whacked out of their minds with sadistic lunacy. Each instance of child torture may have a different purpose in mind.

Putting side by sides together in a meme that makes it sound like it's a foregone conclusion that what causes the withering is adreno, is inaccurate and low energy memeage.

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It gets you high, and is symbolically/religiously important to them. It's a pedocrat luxury drug that is more likely for ceremonies, initiations, and recreation.

But without baby blood, they shrivel like old moldy prunes. Because that does actually have a lot of anti-aging properties to it. In the yahoo news articles about "young blood transfusions", they make it sound like some college freshman edgester schmuck is selling their plasma by the ounce. But the reality is FAR more sinister. The overlords aren't taking tiny consentual sips of blood from twentysomethings. They're stealing it by the liters from unconsenting children and infants, who have no ssn's and who nobody will miss, who are discarded after use like a fucking juice box.

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Man, it's nice to hear someone else say it too.


>(clinks covfefe mug)

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Well when i was MOAB redpilled, I turned to the Lord because I hated Hilldawg so much it was starting to affect my health. I wanted to put that hatred outside of myself instead of letting it turn inward with all that nasty coritsol.

I still would say that some of them I do hate, basically. But those people I hate aren't normies. They're high-ranking pedocrats, treasonists, baby eaters, that kind of thing. I don't hate any normies. I just feel angry on their behalf, and dismayed that they can't see what's really going on yet.

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I've noticed the globohomo really has a LOT of sports figures who suddenly became citizen journalists when GEOTUS hit the scene. Funny how all these people who used to live and breathe sports, suddenly became passionate about politics.

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I am so effin sick of this going around. It's not the adreno that provides anti-aging. It's the baby blood transfusions that provide the anti aging.

We have no effing proof whatsoever that that bitch started looking like a hag because of an adreno habit she crushed. Why can't we make redpill bait that is at least verifiable when a normie goes to look it up.

All we'd have to do to is change it from "adreno" to "baby blood" and instantly it becomes a way more powerful meme, IMO.

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You have a woman's username, my lord!!!

I'll wager that username has never been sliced clean off by a falling sail, and swept into the sea before your very eyes.

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thank you so much, this is great sauce.

yesss I was alive for Ryan White, and now in retrospect, doesn't that just have fake news written allllll over it.

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I think every country on that list makes sense except




WTF are they doing donating massive amts to her? Why have I not heard about connections popping up between Hillbag and those countries? I guess bosnia maybe because of all that shit when Billdawg was president. So maybe its one of those NK-style clown countries. But Nigeria? Argentina?


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If Flynn is Hannibal, then who is Murdock. And more importantly... who is BA.

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>Get it?


Thank you! I don't know what I think of this theory yet -- I have to think about it and let the idea settle in my brain and see if I can think of anything that's not consistent with that hypothesis.

I wasn't that old at the time aids came out, but I do remember some of how it all went down.

I remember there was a brief time where families, kids, heteros were "getting it from blood transfusions", but BEFORE azt was being used... right? But there was no footage of kids or wives wasting away from it. The only footage of people wasting away from it were gay people, for quite some time.

This is the main part I have to think about and look into: Was there ever any real stories backed up by footage of healthy living people wasting away from aids BEFORE azt was introduced as a Tx. I don't think there was... but I'm not one who's quick to jump on a theory.

This is very very interdasting. Thanks for the excellent breakdown. <3

spezzing: OMG I just realized.... "MAGIC JOHNSON" get it. Get it?!?! Ohhh this could totally be some evil bullshit engineered by psychopaths.

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IKR, came here to say -- what's up w dr drew! how could he betray me by being so retarded.

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DEFCON 1: <---- (You are here)






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oh of course, silly me. It's about trying to not have to take care of the people you are in business to care for.

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