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I can't roll for shit to be honest with you, only thing in the house

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Thanks for the advice, will note it for next time i go this low

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It's not strange. They need to check the hull before continuing as it would have undergone damage. Wouldnt be shocked to find a team of divers checking it for the next week.

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Patrick Bryne, promoted by Lin Wood at first to me as someone to follow owns a portrait of the Chinese Communist leader Mao Zedong in his home.

See 1:18 in this video https://youtu.be/CU4hwxm-w7E?t=78

He has also built a name for himself by his new book selling on amazon "The Deep Rig" about the election steal and clearly profited big off of this. Is he a psyop/LARP.

Furthermore when I went to question him on this through his telegram comments the response I received was a ban from admins.


Spread the word and pressure him further for an answer.

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Holy shit. This is mega autistic.

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This is why im confused. We all wanted discovery but she is fighting for dismissal. Watch the people downvote this for being a totally valid discussion point.

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Earlier the link worked. It showed a helicopter with its call-sign shown flying over the ocean and drawing a radiation sign like the symbol linked: https://www.dreamstime.com/illustration/radiation-symbol.html

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I find the timing odd too with Ghislaine Maxwel's story being suppressed yesterday.

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One I find interesting is 626 where it states: [-4][-5] .... FAKE>REAL. I interpret this as CGI Joe as that occurred bang on this countdown on the T-4 / T-5

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