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We've been awake by ourselves for so long that we forget that there must be others around us who must also awaken. This is a great take. Thank you for putting it into perspective.

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Uninterrupted segment:

'Naïve’ to think Russia will lose war, says Dr Jordan Peterson


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This article from The Saker paints a good picture of what it means militarily:


Military reservists will be sent into training over the next several months to then be sent to the front lines, to both strengthen the line and to shorten it. This is also a sign that it will be a long-haul operation that carries into the next year.

It is also preparation for the next phase in the operation to take down the deep state in Ukraine.

This article also talks about the latest developments in the context of Trump and Q:


We are approaching the precipice.

PS: another site to keep an eye on is https://bigserge.substack.com/, whose assessment of the military situation, though forthcoming, will likely be excellent.

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Link to Chat Line:

09/16/2022: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XXrrNXn-crw

09/16/2022: https://t.me/s/SOVEREIGNCOLLECTIVE/803

Chat Compilations referenced:

[68] Chat Line Compilation for "GEORGEnews livestream chat, 01/17/2022, GEORGE NEWS 10:45PM ET" Livestream Censorship Check. There are more of us than there are of them.


[79][Space Force Part A] Chat Line Compilation for "Just A Russian 'UFO' Documentary. GEORGE NEWS, 02/11/2022", "YOUTUBE TV: LIVECHAT, by GEORGE NEWS 02/14/2022 (NEW TIME)" and "GEORGE NEWS, 02/14/2022". Antarctica, Operation Dominic Nuclear Tests 1962 and 'View From Space' [Weight and Sea]


Compilation Index:

Volume 1: https://greatawakening.win/p/12hl5CQ7Im/chat-line-compilation-index-to-d/c/

Volume 2: https://greatawakening.win/p/140c4ldmeF/chat-line-compilation-index-volu/c/

SOVEREIGN's Gnews Live Chats Archive



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There's... no other news about this at all on other on-the-ball news channels, not even from RT or on Telegram on Intel Slava Z.

And it gets bundled with a ton of other anti-Putin stories including some relationship issues.

I consider this story extremely suspect.

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Congratulations and God bless you two!

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u/Tewdryg There is no reason for the Ukrainians to destroy their own power plants, because their mostly electrified trains are integral to their logistics. As a result of the blackouts, the Ukrainian military trains stopped dead, where they became sitting ducks for Russian missiles.

Dima on YT gives more detail here in this video.

Ukraine.Military Summary And Analysis Of Strikes Against Critical Infrastructure Facilities 12.09.22


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The Pentagon on Sept 11, 2001. We Will Never Forget.

From GeorgeChat:

"If you imagine a circle around the ‘orange flame’ portion of this image, and imagine an entry point roughly that size or smaller… and then you compare that to the size of the windows and everything else you see in the image; including the light pole to the left (keeping in mind that the actual collapse of the building wall to the right of the entry point was controlled and done later) it kinda makes you question a thing or two.

"Ps This is the Pentagon Building on 9/11"

GEORGE NEWS Unlisted FBI footage (Videos uploaded by FBI but unlisted)


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Trey Smith Youtube Channel (God in a Nutshell):


Nephilim: TRUE STORY of Satan, Fallen Angels, Giants, Aliens, Hybrids, Elongated Skulls & Nephilim


Book of Enoch: REAL STORY of Fallen Angels, Devils & Man (NEPHILIM, ANCIENT ALIENS, NOAHS FLOOD


[Apocryphile1970] The Book of Enoch - Entire Book, R. H. Charles Version (Synchronized Text)


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The Q clock will just continue. It's a 60-day continuous spiral calendar that expands as necessary once you reach the last date shown.

If you look up Q clocks from previous posts and all the way to its first discovery in 2017, you will see that it was much smaller in size. Since it includes 5 years' worth of days, it has ballooned to a massive size, and yet it is still growing.

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A quick search says that it's probably tensioned concrete with internal steel cabling, but they can also be aluminium, fibreglass, carbon fibre or plastic.

Note that this plane was likely only moving at taxi speed, and aside from bending at the base, the pole appears undamaged.

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A Kite Plane Must Hit Steel

This documentary contains a segment on aluminium vs steel at about 43:00, but the whole documentary is worth a good watch.



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Russian aesthetics in the post-Soviet era tend to be a lot more colourful and retro that what we might find here in the West, without a care for the politics and other meanings behind it, so I'm not all that worried.

There, rainbow means colourful and not alphabet soup.

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Ah the good ol' days. I also remember site owner Michael Nystrom closed it and moved the site to Popular Liberty, which then shut down altogether after Donald Trump announced his presidential run, thus competiting against Rand Paul.

The archive to Popular Liberty is now mostly inaccessible, but you can still find the archive to the archive of the Daily Paul complete with articles, comments and gifs.

Peace . Gold . LOVE | Daily Paul (Archive for January 7, 2007 to April 11, 2015)


I'm very curious about the rumors that Ron Paul "was approached by some billionaire as well as high ranking military officials to help him with his campaign". I vaguely remember hearing something like that but of course Q wasn't posting and we didn't know the extent of the operations at play, so I didn't really pay that much attention to the rumors.

Now I wonder just what role RP has actually been playing here. Remember how both runs were unsuccessful at the primaries, and how his ultimate goal seemed to be more focused on spreading the message? Perhaps he laid the groundwork for people to wake up to voter fraud, other redpills and the Great Awakening, and to set the stage for Trump to run.

Daily Paul Represent! :D

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Do you recall his 2008 presidential campaign? There was a super popular online forum dedicated to him, as well as news sharing (similar to gaw and thedonald). There were “credible rumors” that RP was approached by some billionaire as well as high ranking military officials to help him with his campaign.

Daily Paul?

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