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I wish to stay anonymous for the time being, as you might understand that my current work has put my life in serious jeopardy.

I am a self employed private investigator specializing in digital data investigations. My team has forensic auditors, data analysts, and in-field investigators. We were contracted by a group of individuals to investigate the 2020 election, specifically election-related data anomalies. The contract has us posting this message to this board.

In our current investigation, our in-field investigators have interviewed dozens of people who have had direct knowledge of the election. These people include election server IT specialists, election officials, and five governors. We have also interviewed people who have, in return for anonymity, described illegal activities they partook to destroy or alter ballots and election materials.

We have travelled tens of thousands of miles across the entire country by vehicle, have sworn testimony from multiple government officials, and video/pictured evidence from those who were paid to hurt the election. We were told things as private investigators versus government officials because those we have interviewed are in fear for their lives every moment of every day.

To summarize what we have collected;

We have crowd-collected proof detailing how the election was rigged, how votes were altered/destroyed/stolen, international actions taken by foreign governments in collaboration with multiple U.S. Agencies and elected officials, and have just recently discovered the murder of three people who had publicly disclosed their desire to step forward with election proof. We also have audio and video proof of current White House cabinet and elected officials stating their knowledge and premeditation of their actions during the election.

Our information is stored on multiple drives, copies held by selected teammates in the firm, and held in cloud-based independent servers.

As per the contract we signed, dated Jan 24th, 2021, we are to make public the following action.

Starting April 10th, no later than April 20th, this information will be public. It will be posted here, and among every outlet possible.

The White House has until April 4th to come clean. The DOJ has until 12:00 noon tomorrow to come clean.

The information we have will undoubtedly ignite civil war in the country. Considering there exists no credible authority to take this information to, our choices are limited. Unless those involved come clean by the dates posted above, we will have no choice.

To Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.