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That being said, don't lose focus on the objectives. We keep going, we keep momentum. Today is a victory, but the work is not done yet. Not until 2020 is fixed, not until the cabal is destroyed.

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I'm ... concerned. Not dooming, just skeptical. I suppose we'll find out in time.

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Trump really didn't push the vaccines, was more a subtle "If you want to" kinda thing, while taking the wind out of the cabal's sails to provide a vaccine first.

I wonder.. if the first rounds of the vaccine were just placebos,... that maybe the boosters 1, 2, 3... 4? may have more nefarious ingredients,...

I dunno, though the Frontline Doctors would. Whether they did or didn't, events unfolded to show the authoritarianism those in our government are willing to use to get us to comply.

They themselves are the virus. Now that we've been exposed to them, allies and patriots are the antibodies, fighting against this horrific contagent.

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If this thinking holds up, the difference is catching the enemy-of-the-people with their pants down in order to trip them up, force their hand, then have countermeasures.

If true, the virus could have been released during Joe Biden's term, much like they wanted to start a nuclear war during Hillary's term if she won, force everyone into lockdown, declare marshall law. The virus would have been more potent, able to kill more people.

If the reaction to COVID with lockdown and mandates had happened while Joe was in office as opposed to Trump, we'd be off alot worse, more people compliant, or imprisoned or dead for refusing to comply.

It's not like Trump or our patriots and allies WANTED this to happen, but part of the events that have unfolded REQUIRED showing the public what is really happening, getting us to pay attention, not just to politicians, but corperations, and activists groups.

Their IS a difference.

Again, the above would be contingent on if my mini theory is true.

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I... just had a wild idea... I might be wrong, but I wanted to voice it anyways.

If Trump, Putin, and Xi are all allies,.. working together to take down the Cabal....

Is it .. possible that Xi had the Coof Coof released... early, as in, not in it's most potent state?

If most people survived off of natural immunity, would have been fine. But,.. it had to be played up, didn't it? In order to expose more about the pharmaceutical companies, Fauci, our government, Trump (either knowningly or pressured) into getting Pfizer and the like to create a (vaccine) before their were even ready to release the actual virus?

Now we see them for what they are, yes? While Putin is also exposing the other Biolabs in Ukraine, perhaps where the real 'virus' is that was still being developed to destroy humanity.

Assuming this line of thinking is correct (again, this could just be nonsense) .. would have been perfect for forcing the cabal's hand earlier than 'they' wanted to while the Allies and Patriots worked behind the scenes?

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Like, signally that the patriots attempted to grab them, but that they escaped and letting other's know that they are/were 'targeted' but are ok/safe (boosted?) and telling other's to (boost) to tell the other's to be on alert or have their own extra security for protection?

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So... if ... Fauci tests positive for Covid,.. right before he's suppose to testify... to isolate...

Are all the Covid Comms signaling to the other's that they are either sheltered, hiding, or on the run from getting caught or captured?

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This was helpful. I had been wondering what it is I could offer or bring to the table. Thank you for sharing.

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Ok... my question is.. HOW THE HELL DID THEY SMUGGLE TUPPERWARES OF COCKROACHES INTO THE COURTHOUSE?! ... Don't you have to go through a checkpoint, get your body scanned and bags checked?

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"present ....information into a compelling way"

Sounds like manipulation to me.

"important story that must be told" -We need to lie.

"...so that it never happens again."

aka We're making this a show try to set an example of what happens to those who question our authority to steal your elections. Submit.

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7 out of 10 Plane 'accidents' intended to murder... this is what one of the q posts was about right?


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And we're only just getting into summer....

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I cannot tell if those who keep calling Juan a 'clown' are genuine or not. I've been listening to Juan when I can whenever he pops up (usually on Nino's channel) and I bought his book as a show of support.

Must like with everyone else, Ward, Parkes, and even Kristin (R.I.P.) I listened, but looked inward for answers, not of what these people say is true, but to affirm what I know is right and wrong and what most aligns to what any of them has said.

I also believe that disinformation is necessary, so if Juan has provided disinfo, I'm more inclined to believe it to be for good reason. I was more taken in with his preaching, which is why I looked inward for what was moral and immoral.

I believe he is a good man, and my trust is in god.

If MSNBC is starting the attack and smear campaign, like they did with Musk, like they've done with Trump, like with anyone attempting to speak out and raise awareness, I have to believe that their is something the MSM doesn't like about this man, and are afraid we are paying attention.

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I follow Nick, just not as of late, been trying to listen to other's in regards to what's going on here and around the country/world. But loved Nick's insight and rants during the Vic Mignonia bullshit.

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I was surprised to hear about it, I haven't actually spoken to my cousin who did transition for over a decade, this was more of a 'heard-through-the-grapevine" kind of thing. I love my family though.

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I could not begin to guess. It's a cousin whose family we haven't been in touch with for a while, happens sometimes where we'll go years without speaking. Not out of any hostility, just life.

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So I powered through the rest of the movie. And what got me was the ending. I'm not going to spoil it for those who haven't seen it, but for those of you who have, you know.

So my conclusion for everything else above,... is that transgenderism attempts to blur the line between the interpersonal relationships that we make with each other as the opposite sexes.

Men can be women, women can be men,.. and anywhere in between, eliminate what it means to define who you are, what it means for actual self discovery, and the connections you make with other people.

If transgenderism exists to say that you will not be happy unless you transform into the thing that you are not, it is providing a solution to a problem for external pressures rather than internal confrontation. It seeks to remove who you are in order to conform and be dependent upon that conformity, otherwise you have no self worth.

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