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This is true of all patriotic people around the world now. The DS is an international scourge, and this anger is now bubbling over anywhere where free people live.

The current approach to immigration is broken, and the subject matter is being used as yet another battering ram.

Everyone everywhere should have a stable and resilient society to live in. Allowing illegals undermines this, as does allowing legal migrants who are not cultural fits to stay.

Immigration is a privilege for those who are deserving, not a right for everyone.

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One cannot offer what-if's and yeah-but's as a defense of shitty policies and poor execution. We all know that. Lefties think that their brand of "compassion" is a sacred cow that can't be assaulted.

These people are stupid.

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The trans 'thing' has already made itself completely irrelevant.

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Trying to create incentives because no one wants to serve in a lame-ass woke army right now.

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Look! Smiling, happy diversity hires! 🤢🤮

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What did they think was going to happen? Seems like a taste of their own medician scares the shit out of them, and it damn well should.

People are pissed off, Lefties. You have earned every bit of what is coming your way.

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Of course they did. The Grey Lady is no lady. Prostitute for lefties everywhere. Yuck. 😬

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Repesentatives should always have their comments on so they know what their constituents think. Constituents should be mindful that they can be blocked and deleted if their comments aren't productive.

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Well, yeah... And you deserve it, traitor.

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I'd be interested to see this. I'd also be interested to see what Hamas has been hiding in those tunnels under schools and hospitals and civilian's homes. 👀

It's a little rich that Russia is asking, but that's a separate thing.

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