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Take over the local party committees. While we're at it, take over the local school boards, which are all too often tools of the teacher's unions. Local school boards are generally elected at odd times, which results in low turnouts, which the teacher's unions take full advantage of. That's the first step. Then, move on to municipal and county offices and win there. Those are the "farm teams" for state legislatures. Finally, Congress. That way you have people with solid records running at all levels of government.

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National unions need to be illegal. Unions need to be max 5k people. That's big enough for collective bargaining but small enough not to go full corrupt.

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Unions in the private sector should have no limit. Fuck the govt telling me and my buddies what we can do for work!

Unions in the public sector should be illegal.

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I was going to disagree, given the excessive hours my government make doctors work, and have dibs for decades.

But you know what, there is a union. It’s just pathetic and doesn’t insist that current laws, regulations or directives about working hours are actually adhered to.

I used to wonder why, but in retrospect hollowing out your healthcare system, alongside demoralizing and burning out your healthcare staff until they are overworked automatons that don’t critically think any more is a perfect lead up to a scamdemic.

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That's a fair point.

Government abuses do occur. I'm just not sure unions are the best way to handle them. But I'm open to being wrong.

My main point was that people should be allowed to unionize in the private sector and the govt. has no business telling us we can't.

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Unions create income classes. They are covert "Divide and Conquer" schemes. They make it so some people get outrageously high wages while others don't, mostly for no good reasons.

On the other hand, one union I was forced to join prevented me from getting a raise even though I was a highly qualified key person in the company. The reason was that I hadn't been tested for other positions (which were of lesser technology, and I would never be doing)!

Another reason for Unions is to be able to hugely influence the members' national and local votes.

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fuck if the government is going to tell me i cant form a group with my friends who work at "private company". if "private company" doesn't like it they can hire scabs. that's how the free market works.

i wholeheartedly agree with you when it comes to Public sector unions. postal workers, firemen, police, teachers et. al. should NOT be allowed to unionize.

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You and your Million "buddies" need to stick together? I can agree to your point on the private sector. Not convinced the public sector benefits from these huge groups but I'm open to seeing how that would go. I do value unions as a balance to corporate interest.

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My initial stance is that unions have no business in the public sector. It's a recipe for disaster, especially when one starts to factor in political donations.

Other commenter made an interesting argument about curbing employee abuse by government agencies. It does happen.

I just don't think unions are the best way to deal with that problem though.

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Hq political tactics

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Unfortunately, this needed to happen 20 or 30 years ago, so that good people would be in Washington now. I'm afraid that unless there is a major purge of the Washington elite through some kind of treason-type enforcement, it is probably too late.

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They won’t be safe to walk the...something.

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You know, the thing

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Come on, man!

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Oh man theres really nothing as terrifying as a bunch of pissed off moms yelling at you

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Upvoat #17. 😇

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Reminds me of the time I was cleaning out my dads attic and found his porn collection. Really vintage stuff. I forgot how blonde my hair used to be.

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You might want to re-word that freudian slip.

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Nah its not a freudian slip. When you have women with authority (mom, teachers) screaming at you 24/7 everyday of your life growin up, shit happens to your brain

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^^^ Fucking weirdo

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Oedipus, where is thy sting??? :P

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Kind of disturbing since the first part was yelling at your mom😳🤨

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She dont turn me on obviously, there is a reason I said 'other women'

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More like Norman Bates

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Looks like the publiic is waking up to the bullshit [DS] nonsense of pre-checked boxes, fake experts, media lies, and elected officials making secret pacts.

It's why our audit is 100% open. The public is finally getting to see a litmus test for truth.

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it's a war of attrition

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When your forces are made up of pedos that are getting arrested by the hundreds daily, ... Yeah, you got yourself a problem or two.... 😜👍

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Yeah that site lacks any professionalism to take serious.

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Many of their 'temples are on the ropes. BEST time to finish them is when they are weakened. One for the Good People to Win. PEACE to ALL.