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Six friends (different times) with covid so bad they felt the need to go to the hospital... I was able to reach five with the truth about the “protocol”. Three were already in the hospital at the time but fought to get off the protocol to go home... they did and survived. Two others decided against going into the hospital and survived. The last, that I didn’t know was sick, went into the hospital and died the day after he went in leaving behind 4 children and his wife. Hospitals are currently an enemy of the people. It’s our duty in this war to warn our loved ones... but don’t be like that guy on a corner holding a Jesus Saves sign. That’s all good but is hardly effective. Be ready with truthful videos and links to send the spouses or whomever, where they can at least have the information to decide for themselves. People simply don’t know. But it’s a life threatening ignorance. I really don’t care what people think of me. I don’t want my friends to die. If I have a chance to tell them, I won’t hesitate.

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It's sad that we live in a world where hospitals are financially incentivized to kill people. It's equally sad that so many normies don't realize this.

Your friends were lucky to have you as a friend.

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What's really sad is that hospitals have been the enemy of human health for a long, long, long time, and so many don't realize this.

All of us are lucky to be alive despite the best efforts of hospitals and Big Pharma (the Rockefellers et al).

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Agreed and I do share both God and the truth about this Plandemic

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Can you share your source regarding the protocol in the hospitals?

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If you have the podbean app, look up "red pill news" and see the recent interview with Dr. Zelenko. He goes over this and much more.

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thank you.

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Here's the official protocol provided by the NIH.


Notice the sections on supplements vitamin C, vitamin D and zinc, which combined with a zinc ionophore such as hydroxychloroquine, quercetin, or ivermectin seem to do wonders for patients even with multiple comorbidities.

There is insufficient evidence to recommend either for or against the use of vitamin D for the prevention or treatment of COVID-19.

The government can't recommend those vitamins but has no issues recommending a drug that often causes kidney failure (remdesivir)...

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They are going to try to pin its deaths on Trump most likely. It's already getting mainstream science news about its dangerous effects.


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That will be a hard sell.

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A source close to him and familiar with the matter reports the protocol in the hospitals.

What do you want him to do, dox his friends?

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i hate to hear that one was lost. i don't get it. i really don't. how can hospitals get away with this? they are literally killing people.

Greatheart 2 points ago +3 / -1

I really think the doctors in the hospitals are trying to help people. They are following the rules and are seeing people dying. they are desperate to get people vaxxed because they "see" what is happening to people coming into the hospital with covid. They are assuming they are being told the truth. It does not even occur to them that the protocol is the problem.

When a doctor realizes that the protocol MAY be the problem they are shut down. This way each doctor if they think there is a problem has to overcome the entire system on their own. All the time thinking they may be wrong.

The hospitals admin is not looking to deep into the problem because they don't think there is a problem with what they are doing (following the current rules) The fact that they are being paid extra reinforces that.

95%++ doctors and nurses want their patients to be okay.

The Great Awakening is just that. Waking up to the truth. Until then we are all living under the assumption that the system has been designed to help people to the best of mans ability. That applies to doctors as well.

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I also used to think doctors and nurses were actually trying to heal their patients, even when they “screwed up”, but I no longer believe that. I think doctors and nurses quickly develop a true contempt for their patients almost like people do in any job: cops hate criminals, teachers hate students, freelancers hate clients, waitresses hate customers, politicians hate voters, etc. In any job, the person you are serving becomes the symbol of the hatred and frustration of your job, and even when people start a profession with good intent, the daily grind of securing that paycheck month after month eventually gets to everyone. Why should it be any different for doctors and nurses? These people are not saints; they are the same selfish assholes we all went to high school with.

$48,000 for every patient you murder, plus you will be called a hero for it? I think lots of doctors and nurses see that deal and jump at it. Especially now that the corporate media has trained them to see people with Covid as dirty unwashed vermin scum. Yeah, I think lots of doctors and nurses know exactly what they are doing and are delighting in it.

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I know my family doctor. He really cares about people. He does get overwhelmed. I go out of my way to just take a minute and say hi to doctors and nurses and ask about their lives. I try to take a few seconds and get a human connection. A lot of times that changes everything. I have noticed that when going back to the same Doctor/nurse 6 months to a year later they remember me and are very relaxed. In fact a couple of weeks ago in September had to see the doctor I saw last year. He started off by sitting down and asking how I was doing. Then he went on to tell me a little about his family and what has been happening with them over the past year. Even i was surprised by that.

Doctors are people for sure. There are some bad apples everywhere. My wife was a teacher. She was pretty much the token conservative. Some teachers are great. Even some of the liberal ones. The leftist ones are a different story. There is a system in place. The system sucks but we just need to be careful calling everyone working in the system evil. Some are doing the best they can. Some are only in it for the paycheck. We have to be careful about calling everyone the enemy. There is a real enemy and that enemy is also the enemy of the doctors.... And the teachers. People are people. I think it is important to try to have others see you not as a number but as a decent human being.

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Thank you for your moderate response.

Of course I agree with you and it is easy to paint with a broad brush. There are definitely a handful of good doctors and a handful of good teachers and a handful of good politicians. But with politicians, for example, we have generally known that 90% of them are corrupt, lying scumbags in it for money, power, and their own ego. That’s just been the common trope for politicians for decades. It’s a very mainstream notion.

Yet doctors and teachers have always been admired, even as all of us are used to apathetic doctors who just over-prescribe pharmaceuticals and try to scurry you out the door, and growing up in the education ourselves, how many of us would describe our own teachers as “amazing”? Most people admit they are lucky if they had one or two great teachers who left an impression on them, out of what? Fifty to sixty teachers? Most were just phoning it in, and plenty were straight out abusive and cruel to their students. I think almost all of us have experienced that. So I think what I am describing mostly is people waking up to that reality during the pandemic. We are seeing doctors withhold cures from their patients because corporations told them to, we are seeing nurses twerk like whores in hospital halls, we are seeing teachers refuse to teach in person, or if they are forced to teach, they hold kids down and force masks on their faces before opening up the textbook to show them pornography, and cops - well, we are seeing cops bodyslam old grannies into the ground and mace mothers in the face in front of their children. And I do think these professions need to be shamed for their behavior. And the good ones in those professions now just have to own their reputation because of how the majority are acting, just like good politicians have to be associated with scumbags, or good lawyers have to hear nasty lawyer jokes. The hope is that enough of the good ones in these professions start to call out their co-workers because they are tired of their shitty reputation.

So I acknowledge the good ones but until the good ones become the majority, they are going to continue to be painted with the same brush whether we like it or not because that’s just life. I am also in a profession where most of the people in that profession are hated by the public and instead of whining about it or saying “not me” I just say, “Yeah, it’s a pretty accurate assessment.” I don’t make it about myself and I don’t take offense. I would expect truly good doctors and good teachers and good cops - the few there are - would feel the same way.

Greatheart 3 points ago +3 / -0

We do have a breakdown in society. That breakdown is by design. I completely agree that many just take the easy way out and "go with the flow".

This is why The Great Awakening is the only way

We will never be free until we free ourselves from "the flow"

I just see my little job in this as not so much telling people about the Great Awakening as much as being The Great Awakening.

Going out of my way to treat others the way I would like to be treated. Even when those same others are acting foolish.

The breakdown we have in the world will not be fixed by anyone else. It has to be fixed by each one of us.

The system has done its job into turning us all into numbers. It is up to us to turn everyone we meet into a human being.

At least that is the way I see some of my part in this movement.

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Yes, that is a great message. Thank you.

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At this point the doctor's are complicit. They know exactly what is going on. They favor money and medical license over what is yhe right thing to do.

I call them globohomo phucktard satanic pyschopath pedophiles.

Fuck them all. Well, 99% of them.

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Obvious but red pilling as well.

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"Crazy" is a relative term.

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They told the man who said that the world is round that he was crazy so we'd be in good company.

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a badge of honor, if you will.

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In the land of the mad, the sane one is decried as insane.

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sadly... the msm has rotted the brains of many "loved ones"... that any attempt to save them will be met with contempt! it's no different than saving a drowning victim who is trying to swim down towards an incoming shark... there comes a point where we have to let them be.

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This is the route I’ve decided to take. No longer debate unless the argument is brought to me first. I don’t speak my mind but I do do things like refuse to wear a mask and not getting vaxxed and make my positions known if people asked.

I’ve noticed they’re more receptive if I deliver my thoughts in a calm, cool, and confident manner.

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Everyone still thinks I'm crazy.

They're not not wrong. :D

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Nice Joe walsh

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I soooo agree

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Actually, the way it should read is...The truth is, you have some "crazy conspiracy theory" friends trying harder to save your life than yourself or medical professionals...and understand your government has always tried to kill you!"

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With more knowledge and/or truth then your pill pushing, call in a few weeks if you’re not better doc.

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Yes and they call me insane just to show me how thankful they are.

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Probably going to frame this and put on the wall

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According my family, the C in crazy should be capitalized.