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Missouri v. Biden:

“This is a state suing the federal government,”

“It’s not some individual — their rights infringed upon. It’s a state — two states — and a bunch of other folks. And the people who wrote the Great Barrington declaration, their attorneys are involved in it, too.”

THREAD: The Missouri v. Biden case will go down in history as one of the most important civil liberties cases ever tried in a United States court. A ruling was issued recently and I would like to explain this to you. The judge in this case just smacked the government down once again.


The parties have been going back and forth. As we know, the judge has made two exceedingly rare rulings in this case; first, he granted expedited discovery. For details you can read this: https://www.uncoverdc.com/2022/09/06/ruling-today-government-cornered-in-court-on-social-media-censorship/

Then, once discovery started coming in, the Plaintiff attorneys couldn’t believe what they were reading, and petitioned the court for expedited depositions. His order declared that several claims the Plaintiffs had made about social media censorship had already been PROVEN. Unheard of, but true. The claims were PROVEN, and there is an active and wide ranging effort to censor and target Americans based on their THOUGHTS and speech.

If you haven’t yet, please read this: https://www.uncoverdc.com/2022/10/23/bombshell-court-order-outlines-proven-government-big-tech-censorship/

This article details everything in the judges order, and it’s something.

This piece was written before “The Intercept” wrote their piece. The Intercept piece that went viral was based on the discovery in THIS CASE.

So, once the judge ordered expedited discovery, the government shenanigans began.

The government (Defendants in this case) started filing motions to stop people from being deposed, and in other cases to delay it due to circumstances they outline that are inane and ridiculous. I will detail these in this thread, because I feel like a deep dive follow of this case is something everyone needs.

Then, they filed a mandamus in the appellate court to stop the depositions altogether. The Plaintiffs (MO and LA) consented to a SHORT delay in deposition, bringing them to early Dec.

That wasn’t good enough, of course, so the Defendants filed a motion to stay the depositions and outline all of their nonsense reasons why they would be IRREPARABLY harmed by having to expedite their depositions. They also claimed that the appellate court may rule that the parties won’t have to sit for deposition at all, and that some of the material is privileged- all of which the judge had ALREADY addressed.

Judges don’t like that. Today, the judge ruled on their request.

He ruled that their request for a stay was DENIED, which means that no matter what happens in the appellate court, they must sit for these depositions, because as the judge so eloquently writes, the HARM they are causing to Americans far supersedes any of their nonsense excuses. I am about to do a run down on this 7 page order now, so you have the sauce, but that is a summary.

Here is a link to the order so you can read along: https://storage.courtlistener.com/recap/gov.uscourts.lawd.189520/gov.uscourts.lawd.189520.104.0.pdf

Please take the time to read this. It outlines all of the topics at hand where the government is actively working to censor views and facts that counter their approved narratives. Understand that this lawsuit covers every major issue in this country today- not just COVID, but also election integrity and the Biden Laptop story.

They filed their appeal to bar CISA, the Surgeon General and the director of Digital Strategy for the White House from having to testify. Their depositions are scheduled for December.

The judge outlines the four criteria the court will use to decide a stay. Note the last one is the Public Interest. Now he will go on to analyze each of these. This is where it gets good, and where we see just how seriously this judge is taking this case."