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I thought it had to do with the mosquitos that contained (or carried?) pesticides meant to stop the bugs from fully forming so they couldn't reproduce.

And that somehow it did the same to pregnant women. Their babies couldn't fully develop.

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There's also evergreen content -- articles that don't get stale. For example, an article on how to grow roses.

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Ashkenazi Jews ARE a race and it's important to respect that.

They had a genetic bottleneck a long time ago, so now every AJ is cousin to every other AJ.

There are illnesses that affect them statistically more.

For example, look up the DNST3 gene and variations thereof. Only if you acknowledge this can you perhaps provide genetic counseling -- or eventually gene editing? -- to assist the affected population.

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They try to cover for it with the people saying they WON'T work but that doesn't make sense.

How would they have enough income to survive long-term?

I think it's more than 500,000.

My guess is at least 2 million.

And how many more disabled by it?

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Keep these in mind for false flag info.

It's not hard to target an individual who is taking antipsychotic meds. You can get his address and send subliminal messages to him.

Everyone will think he has schizophrenia -- maybe he does.

Or maybe he is hearing voices because you beamed them at him.

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How about B12 shots?

I get them occasionally.

And take lots of B vitamins.

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This makes sense.

That means that while some businesses will go under, not all will.

And with T's executive order, assets from the guilty will be seized. So Bill Gates of Hell won't be able to keep all the stuff he bought.

Nor will Blackrock and the rest.

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I get it.

She's not shaming white people.

She's going after the racist white LEFTISTS.

Not regular people.

And she uses identity politics to get votes from people who care most about identity.

She's speaking their language.

Will be interesting to see what transpires.

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That's because they are not the left.

They are the authoritarian right.

Another thing they've been lying about.

People who want to be left alone to rule themselves are the left.

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Interesting numbers.

They are sending SOS to Moloch.

Guess what, baddies?

Moloch's dead.

All the dead baby souls in the world can't resurrect him.

Jesus is on the way.

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Oh, I did a haiku a while back. It's about the Bidens. Let's see if I can remember it.

Trash. Trash. Trash. Trash. Trash.

Trash. Trash. Trash. Trash. Trash. Trash. Trash.

Trash. Trash. TRASH. TRASH. TRASH!!!

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Can we replace swans with heads of politicians?

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Borat took place in Kazakhstan, right?

That's the place they have picked out for the capital of hell on earth.

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Probably the equivalent of Christmas tree lights somehow connected to the satellites.

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