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Were they on the up and up?

Or did they also have nefarious Wayfair-type activities under the radar?

Of course, the economy is in trouble.

However, most of the visible businesses that are having huge financial problems also appear to have a link to human trafficking.

Are assets getting seized?

People about to get indicted?

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Would be better to have the correct rainbow on the right.

Purple is at the top. Red at the bottom.

The one of the flags is the opposite of God's promise.

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That's excellent.

Everyone understands that the squeaky wheel is the one out of four.

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Here's my opinion. You don't have to believe it.

First, God can never be defeated because there is nothing outside God.

God is not a person. Not a man with a white beard. Those are lesser deities.

God is greater than anything we can imagine. We are human -- too puny to fully grasp God.

Second, Israel is not the patch of land in the Middle East that the Rothschilds bought.

We are Israel.

When we come together as a nation, we don't have to be in one physical place.

We do need to be in one spiritual space.

We're going to be like Amazon Ring. As we awaken and allow ourselves to merge with God (that part that we can grasp), the flame grows and radiates to everyone.

That creates a sacred space that opens the door for us to see Christ.

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Real Raw News reads like fan fiction.

It's enjoyable if you read it as that. Great for the hopium.

But I don't believe a word of it.

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Excellent post.

Thank you so much. I will be doing quite a bit of reading this weekend.

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I'm way in the minority.

I still think Jeff Sessions may have been playing the Deep State.

But...all speculation.

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Pfizer says yes.

There's a study protocol on their site somewhere. I've linked it before.

Search for exposure -- basically, they think you can spread it two to three degrees.

So, if you get jabbed in the investigation, and have a meeting (contact) with say, a man, who then tells you his wife is pregnant, you have to tell the Pfizer investigator within 24 hours.

They think it could possibly affect the baby.

It's bad.

Really, really bad.

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He has no upper lip and no philtrum.

It makes him look like an amphibian.

Did his mother drink while she was pregnant? Not trying to be mean -- I have enjoyed many of his books. I'm just wondering how he ended up with two unfortunate features.

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Ha, ha -- die Letzte Generation.

The Last (or final) generation.

Well, dingbats, if you keep gluing yourselves to runways you will be Darwining yourselves.

Lord, please have mercy on them, for they are stupid and know not what they do.

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Who says we aren't using it?

I'm seeing ripples that look like MASSIVE behind the scenes shakeups.

Even the media is beginning to report on things previously censored.

From where I stand, we're almost at the top of a very long roller coaster.

Kind of scary.

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Whoopie Goldberg disagrees.

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I hope one day he will give us a first hand account on how he broke free.

It wouldn't surprise me if it was a process of two steps forward, one step back.

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He's trolling them like the master of trolls, Trump.

Remember when Trump tweeted " good morning," and the cabal slaves lost their minds?

Over "good morning?"

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I think they should head off to Mars.

Maybe Elon, self-proclaimed Imperator of Mars, will allow them to lick the sole of his boot.

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Ascension is simple.

Ignore the new age garbage. Listen to what Christ had to say.

Your body is a temple.

The Kingdom of Heaven is among you (or within).

In other words, focus on Christ and on dwelling in Bliss in his Kingdom. Now.

When enough people do it, our vibration is raised -- that just means we radiate holiness and happiness instead of anger, sadness, bitterness -- and we connect to Him.

We can help build the Kingdom of Heaven upon the earth.

That is ALL it means

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