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....taking citizens calls atm. Funny, he always took them recorded before. I've left messages literally a hundred times. I've been wanting to tell him what i think about "fickle" people and underestimating true Americans commitments to "underdogs". I also wanted to tell him about my disgust with taking an endorsement from an evil Nazi collaborator Soros. I also wanted to tell him he was a coward and can't ever be expected to stand up for anyone since he didn't stand up for Trump against the SDNY DA overreach, and that he shouldn't even get me started on taking boosters. Jeez! Who is this guy? He's certainly no maverick and his apparent disregard for doing his homework on his health is disheartening at best, cowardly and lazy, at worst. Oh well...I'll keep trying.

850-717-9337 then hit 2 for leaving a message. Records rules require they be trascribed and kept for 50 years. Have fun if he allows it to be answered again.