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" London Mayor Khan Says Trump Is Homophobic, Racist, and Sexist."

And, like all deranged Trump-hating leftie fanatics, Shiek Khan can't come up with a single example to validate his ravings.

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"...specially Americans, think Africa has only black people."

And Americans in particular have been brainwashed into believing that South Africa was a Black Paradise, populated by a peaceful, thriving Black society -- until hordes of voraciously brutal White conquerors arrived, mercilessly slaughtered the natives, and stole the land for themselves.

The truth is very different.

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"Though he is far more mum on the steps he plans on taking on how to achieve that."

As well he should be. You don't announce your battle plans to your enemy.

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That's the catch. Of course this is illegal. But until someone sues and takes the case to a higher court ($$$), it won't be invalidated. They are making it too expensive for anyone to fight back.

It's a more subtle form of [DS] lawfare.

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"America, brace for a Trump victory in November..."

"Brace for?" Implying, I gather, that a Trump victory will be somethng terrible and traumatic.

The propaganda is widespread and subtle.

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They are already peppering YouTube with fake "Trump" ads that appear at first glance to be pro-MAGA but are really propaganda to convince Pennsylvania's unwary that mail-in ballots are "safe and secure."

They even have a psyop website, skipthelinepa.vote. Don't fall for it. You have been warned!

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