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That alphabet soup just keeps getting longer and longer, doesn't it?

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The Left: "We are supplying weapons to drug cartels and the Ukraine!"

Also the Left: "We don't want American citizens to have Nasty, Evil Guns!"

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Who would ever have guessed? Thank God we have our trustworthy alphabet agencies to tell us these things.

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Glenn007, I was in exactly the same position. I give thanks to Heaven that (A): I don't have to travel to big cities any longer, (B): I won't have to fly TSA-Gestapo airlines any longer, and (C): I won't have to spend time in questionable (but expensive!) hotels ever again.

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So the leftists are arming drug cartels at the same time they want to disarm American citizens,

Da, Comrade, makes perfect sense!

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Must agree. There would have been a time when I'd have cheered this as "disclosure." But now I just assume it's government-serving propaganda.

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Can confirm. I was plnting in the garden today, and the soil is hard as cheap cement.

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So many people on here want to believe that RFK2 is one of us, a MAGA Great White Hope for the democrats.

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"Migrants?" Is that an alternative spelling of "Illegal Aliens?"

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"the State wants their pound of flesh, but that doesn't make it right."

This belongs on a billboard somewhere. Or maybe a thousand bumper stickers.

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We are all painfully aware of the swindle that the demonrats pulled in 2020.

Why is it that so many around here think that DJT isn't aware of it, too? And has plans in place to deal with it?

DJT isn't stupid, nor does he have a short memory.

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Too many ghosts in too many graveyards.

My late mother was once looking over her high school yearbook, and lamenting that so many of the boys on those pages went off to WWII and never came home.

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So do I. NATO was originally formed to block Soviet expansionism. Now it's turned into a tool of NWO expansionism.

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