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Because these aren't Americans but fucking muslims who somehow got their hands on a US passport, probably through chain migration. We don't need those fucks here.

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I can't read the name when zooming in, resolution is too low. Is there a higher resolution pic and an excel spreadsheet with all the names etc?

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He won't sue them because always tries to play nice. This is why he lost. Fucking pathetic.

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I just read this is fake news. Don't get your hopes up.

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Department of Defense Directive 1344.10 prohibits active-duty personnel from engaging in “partisan political activities.”

Funny how that doesn't keep top brass from criticizing MAGA folks in their ranks or Trump, thereby engaging in political partisan activities. Fuck them. Their rules no longer need to be followed. I hope that soldier publishes a tell all book.

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So what. The military is expressing political views as well. Fuck the military. I no longer respect them. Respect has to be earned.

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My mother in law's friend's son (49) died 3 weeks after the jab. Stroke. Her brother in law's husband (72) had a stroke as well a month after the jab but still lives.

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They should hire someone who carries the fetus for them. Kim Kardashian did the same. Not optimal, but better than nothing.

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This is so upsetting. This idiot knew they would cheat yet did nothing about it. So disappointed in Trump. If De Santis decides to run in 2024, I will support him, not Trump. Trump just talks. Also, what happened to 'They have to go back'?