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I wonder if he realizes the Russians know his name, what he looks like and where he lives in Canada?

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Soros got involved in Ukraine in the 90’s. After 30 years, average monthly wage around $300 US? Rich resource country with hard working people. What happened?


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Trump says Chyna…. Shpylchyna, in the Ukraine…possible connection.

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I call bull $hit. He could have substantiated with a picture or at least posted a picture of a friend in a suit next to an Uber driver.

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May God bless you. Recently I lost my dad due to failing kidneys. My dad ended up in the hospital due to a fall but the hospital covid protocols did him in. He was in a bed for 3 weeks and not walked for that duration. He had weak kidneys, which gave out at the end. No activity and lying in a bed did him in. I’m so upset. I hope you pull through and see the evil taken down.

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Maybe the Q Post was referring to this?

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Of course Ukrainian’s are not Nazis. There is an element in Ukraine and Putin mentions, “denazify.” The articles show this element. Watch the Amazing Polly video and the links on https://alethonews.com/2019/10/12/anti-corruption-is-the-new-corruption/

Careful making accusations such as “You’re comparing them to Neo nazis and khazars. This is how Genocide happens. You’re blowing this way out of proportion”

What is your intent?

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I would take him at his word. He is fed up with NATO weapons and trainers freely flowing into Ukraine. Putin says he plans to de-Nazify and de-militarize Ukraine. Bam.
Denis Rancourt

Feb 24 Replying to @denisrancourt For reference imagine Russia aiding in a coup to install an anti-USA gov in Mexico, then continuously sending in trainers and weapons, in addition to installing "defensive" mid-range missile in Cuba and Venezuela... get the picture?

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