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Feels like the Mother Of All Twitter Files will dump soon, exposing all hidden communications and plans for Crossfire Hurricane, Russia Hoax Dossier, and The Steal.

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The post questioned who killed the Messiah. The Jews accused Him of blasphemy, the Romans performed the act. Nobody contests His own people rejected Him and had Him put to death.

You are ignorant and blinded by your own racism. Please KY.

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Stop being fucked in the head. The Sanhedrin and their counterparts accused Him, falsely tried Him, had Him arrested by Romans and put to death by Romans.

The Bible records it accurately. You’re not going to gain any victory over God and His Word just for a narrative or a difference of opinion, theory, or anything else.

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The Bible accurately records by multiple witnesses and corroborating accounts of the collaboration of the Sanhedrin, their respective counterparts, and the Romans in the arrest and execution of Jesus.

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More than enough evidence for Hunter to be in prison or in a ⚰️ or a meat grinder or a wood chipper or…

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It aligns with what Derek Johnson said in a very recent interview:

Sauce: https://rumble.com/v4tiyou-derek-johnson-huge-intel-may-6-new-us-military-movements.html (I don’t recall the timestamp, but likely about halfway to the last 45 minute mark is where he mentions Trump EO and deputized military personnel).

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You are an unAmerican and unpatriotic cuckold. Venting by satisfying your need for division is the reason you do not belong.

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Damn right. They refuse to see it that way, pitting one side against the other and that is their purpose. They whore themselves for Islam in equal measure of “baby dick blood.”

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Maybe, but RFK Jr support is really low. I just don’t see him having relevance in the debate. There is only Trump.

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😂 khazarians? nah, we’re just not going to side with cucked college students and Islam here

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