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Here is an article on the subject of “taking the Lord’s name in vain”: https://www.gotquestions.org/Lords-name-vain.html

I see now that your theological and doctrinal understandings differ from mine. For example, tares among the wheat as relating to the final judgment vs. the Tribulation. Even the subject of taking the Lord’s name in vain as relating to our entire discussion.

You and me are obviously on polar opposites regarding the current state of humanity (politically, religiously, and the nature of Satan’s work behind that). We differ as well on our expectations of the good guys vs. the bad guys, the white hats vs. the black hats, Trump/Q/Q+ and the patriots vs. the swamp/the cabal (intimately the devil and what is granted to him until the final judgment). Wherever your beliefs fall within the spectrum of the patriots/Trump/Q etc., you have an expectation of victory that does not comport with the Bible. I’ve done what I can to lay out how and why that is the case as I see it in Scripture and in reality.

Where am I going with this? Well, you seem to have the impulse of taking the lowest road and accusing me of taking the Lord’s name in vain. I am not convinced you truly believe that. You wrongfully accuse me, once again, of “invoking God to win political arguments.” But when I tell you that the victory you expect is not coming, and then I qualify that with God’s revelation of the future time to come (when Satan’s power in the world system of evil is defeated once and for all), that’s not using the Lord’s name in vain. I’m not politically motivated… but the nature of the discussion heavily involves politics and religion as they relate to the coming Tribulation and what God has ordained to happen to the world (including trumpets and bowl judgments).

Either you accuse me in ignorance, or you do it in defiance. But I’m convinced, either way, you do it because I’m obligated to be labeled as a black-piller. That’s not much different than two Christian’s debating sovereign election and free will and then one accusing the other of not being saved.

The underlying problem as I see it is this: You’re being petty because I “defected,” and you think I should be banned because of it. How are you much different than a leftist or a raging Democrat when your belief system is challenged? Like Dems on Twitter, are you wanting me to be banned? When did I wound you? When was I malicious? I want serious and meaningful discourse. If you do not, then just say so.

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  1. The concept of making arguments and engaging in discourse involves reading, understanding, and restating others’ beliefs and then meaningfully responding to that to make a point. That nature of discourse involves these things. I am still not sure if you intentionally misrepresent what I say (by using quotes around comments not said by me or in my reply), or if you’re paraphrasing like what I did with the person 1/person 2 scenario. But what you did is not the same. I didn’t make the statements you “quoted.”

Example: You used quotations in this statement: "Satan only has victories and God only has defeats because Satan rules the world." I did not say this.

What I am saying, however, is God granted Satan authority over the ruling powers of the world to conduct evil that brings us into the Tribulation and the Great Tribulation. That’s the main idea behind Satan being the “god of this world”: sauce: https://www.gotquestions.org/Satan-god-world.html

You might have a foundational theological differing viewpoint of evil, who conducts it, and how it operates in the world (especially the governing institutions and authorities). For clarity help me understand: how does Christ’s victory at the cross and at the end of the age (what I’m referring to in my entire argument) somehow mean “God only has defeats”? You should want to justify this and answer for this. Otherwise, why are you engaging in discourse with me? What’s the purpose of intentionally misquoting and misrepresenting me? Are you even aware you’re doing it or do you actually believe I made the comment inside your “quotes”?

  1. Again, proclaiming the judgment of God falling on the nations is not taking the name of the Lord in vain. Nations are capable of experiencing blessing, grace, mercy, and judgment at the same time. The difference, however, is that as we move into the Tribulation and Great Tribulation, judgment gets worse and worse as evil gets more powerful. God allowing that to happen is part of, essential to, God’s acts of judgment upon us.

If you honestly believe that the U.S. and the nations of the world are currently not experiencing judgment from God for rejecting Him (considering the moral state of each nation and the evil they conduct from the top down), then how do you account for the increasing evil and depravity of every nation as we near the so-called precipice, including the Tribulation and GT?

  1. The reason the question of point #2 above is relevant is this: your response to my post/comment is that tares grow among the wheat. Once again, that is not related to my comment. The reason: tares are unbelievers and wheat are believers. Tares attend church with the wheat. The day of final judgment reveals them, yes…. But… this is not related to my belief/statements/comments on Satan purposing evil in the world, God judging the nations and allowing Satan to operate evil. I will explain:

The judgments leading into the Tribulation, during the Tribulation are not the same as the day of final judgment when all stand before God (believers and unbelievers, and get judged according to their unbelief and evil deeds, and those according to righteousness as believers). These are different concepts of judgment and different periods in time.

  1. Your statement: “Bad people are running amok. Good people are stopping them to the best of their ability.

The bad people had the advantage for centuries, if not millennia. And they still have much advantage. But with the advent of modern technology, the good guys devised a plan to fight back.”

This is evidence of what I’m saying regarding Satan having authority to rule evil and run the world accordingly. Modern technology does not equate to moral progression or increase or even conquering evil. Let me explain:

Because of: 1) internet; 2) social media forums/outlets; 3) news media/outlets; 4) weapon technology; 5) increase of non-biblical ideologies; 6) increase of morally corrupt behavior; 6) crypto currency and more… (including anonymity in emails/communications)… the nations of the world, the leaders of the nations of the world, the citizens of the nations of the world, the media, the military powers, and all the sexual predators and organizations/cartels for drugs and trafficking of human are all interconnected now and can (and do) conduct their evil business on a faster and global scale, especially with the anonymity of currency and other things. Pornography is the best example I can think of immediately.

Now, I’ll grant you that there are good people at all levels who fight against that evil and corruption with the same usage of technology, but the corruption far, far, far outweighs any and all efforts to eliminate it. And it all comes back to the concept of bringing us into the Tribulation. And the precipice we/you speak of as relating to the 2nd great awakening, Q, the white hats, the side of good, the military, etc. does not end with conquering satan, restoring America (and to what exactly? A solely Christian nation void of evil and sin and idolatry? It never was…)… it only moves us closer to the Tribulation, not restoration.

  1. The Mods can distinguish between my speech and behavior, conduct and that of banned accounts for flagrant evil and division. The act of me awakening to the reality of the incoming Tribulation and no longer adhering to Devolution (any of the multitude of variations and theories therein or thereabout) is not a justifiable reason that I should desire to not come here, or even be banned. I’m not harming and I’m not conducting malice. As stated above, these topics are worth discussion and for the sake of discourse and the truth, I’m choosing to engage you on the subjects.

The conundrum or paradox of hoping in saving the country and freeing the world of the cabal is (sorry to say it) a false hope that drives it’s adherents more insane and in more despair as they long for the freedom that only occurs at the very end of the age (even after the final day of judgment mentioned above). Our hope is in Christ, not man… at every level.

  1. I am still not convinced that the Twitter suppression disclosure will result in what you think it will (possibly a global awakening and the final act that restores America and defeating the cabal?) or something similar?) or at least as I perceive it since you did say “the good guys devised a plan to fight back.” Okay, but the logical conclusion? The purpose in fighting back? The objective? End goal? Would that get you banned, as you alluded to? Or did you mean you want to curse and be violent and repulsive but you choose not because you would be banned? I’ll explain more at the end of my comment…

Anyway, the Hunter Biden laptop contents are global (thanks to modern technology) and have been for a few years now. The contents of the corruption far outweighs the Twitter suppression and I’ll explain why I believe that:

A) virtually everyone around the globe, world, sphere (sorry, to any flat-earthers) know about the laptop from hell. Even the MSM (or much of it) finally relented to the authenticity of the content (but with much prolonged backpedaling, I’ll grant that too).

B) The nature of the content and corruption is worse than the suppression of the story of the content (regardless of an election), even on a global media outlet such as Twitter. It already made the rounds since then.

What is my point? My point is this: an awakening already happened with the release of the laptop from hell… and what happened? Nothing. What more would a lesser awakening like the Twitter disclosure cause to the effect of finally taking down the cabal? The SCOTUS, DOJ, FBI, justice systems from the top down, and governments are ruled by evil (Satan). The only thing an awakening would cause is WWIII with abuse of military and nuclear power (January 6 was a microcosm of what is to come).

  1. I’m not saying “everything is meaningless” (again you put quotations around a comment I did not make… please indicate you are paraphrasing and stop using quotation marks as if I said those things.. once again… that’s different from my person1/person2 example in my last post/reply if that’s what you are trying to do).

God told us what is to come in His Word. We know how to live in this life (in the world not of the world). Anyone in position of power with nuclear access, anyone in the military, whether they are Christian or not, whether they know what is to come or not, is not acting unrighteously by fighting against evil. Am not saying that (in case you might believe that I’m saying that). It is noble. But… ultimate victory is not coming until Christ does away with it after the final judgment at the end of the age. That doesn’t make us lost and without hope (but nor does it mean we take down the cabal).. that brings us closer to Christ and causes us to rely on Him more since we are without the ability to conquer Satan and “take down the cabal.”

Persecution and suffering refine us and strengthen our faith. The apostles who were martyred knew that intimately.

Anyway… The precipice you speak of is not comparable to what is coming in the Tribulation, should you find yourself in the earth at that time or live long enough to see its arrival.

Please try and capture the main point of each point I make if you’re going to engage with me. Ask for clarity if you’re unsure so that you’ll know how to respond to it. I’ve asked you for clarity in this comment so I can better know what you mean, i.e, your beliefs as relating to you potentially getting banned. The reason I pose the question and ask for clarity is this: the nature of the belief(s) in question directly relates to Q, Trump, devolution, military etc. So, do you mean your beliefs on those subjects would get you banned? How would they break the rules? This is what I mean. Does that make sense?

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Not sure about gambit, but getting in the way of Trump and the tax fraud story breaking, maybe… but when the swamp owns the MSM and those articles make their way to all media forums, it’s hard to get more exposure or draw attention away from Trump and onto the Biden corruption. It seems most people around the world who know are not really affected beyond “FJB” comments and political debates. People are already tuned out because rampant unhindered corruption from the top down is reality. They’re used to it. Even if they’re angry enough, war and rebellion just escalates international war.

By all observations, it’s been “raining” for a long time. Yes, Trump has been more vocal and public about associating with Q and anons in the recent rallies (and with cool music), but how does Kari Lake or Twitter suppression equate to a storm? Or victory?

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F) You need to start to making & justifying your arguments against my arguments and laying out what you believe if you intend to participate in this discussion in a meaningful way. Stop acting like a wounded animal, get over your emotions, and make an actual argument.

For example:

Person 1: God is judging the world. Satan is the dominating evil power behind the SCOTUS, DOJ, FBI, global elections and, consequently, immoral ideologies are destroying society and humanity. Nobody is going to destroy Satan but Christ in the end. Sauce: https://www.gotquestions.org/one-world-government.html

Person 2: No, you’re a black piller. You’re taking God’s name in vain. You’re just avoided everything and you don’t know my beliefs because I don’t share them.

Person 1: Okay, explain your beliefs and arguments that justify you disagreeing with me.

Do you see why trying to have a meaningful discussion with you is losing my interest. I would not stay this long or keep replying if the topics didn’t matter but they do. If you don’t care enough to state your beliefs, then why attack and disagree with anyone to begin with????

G) Using biblical phrases like “out of context,” and “taking the lord’s name in vain” is not a meaningful response to anything I said. If I had cursed by using the Lord’s name, intentionally rejected Him, blasphemed, or attributed something evil to Him, then, yea, that would be taking His name in vain. You’re obviously biblically illiterate outside of likely having faith in Christ and His life, death, and resurrection, but you chose to act this way and falsely accuse me of something that has not occurred (taking God’s name in vain).

H) If you think my conclusion that God is judging all the nations of the world and that Satan will not be conquered by human beings (but only by Christ at the cross, spiritually, and then at the end of the age in the last judgment in the temporal/physical sense of eliminating evil and the works of Satan in the world) is faulty, then make your counter argument and be concise. Otherwise, I’m losing interest in what you have to say… Not because you think I’m a black-piller, but because you’re not capable of keeping up with the arguments (and you don’t understand the things you say regarding the Word of God).

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Feel free to respond to each paragraph:

A) My arguments against Trump, Q, and the military stand. They are incapable of defeating the swamp because the swamp is run by Satan. God has ordained Satan to hold the world captive to sin and religious deception. The Dems are paving the path. If you disagree, then explain why not. If you happen to think the time of Tribulation does not involve Satan’s religious deception and the judgment of God, and that I’m incorrect, you are welcome to argue your beliefs. But these are my beliefs and they are in the book of Revelation. Christianity and conservatism does not win this. The time of Tribulation is coming and nobody will stop it. Defeating the cabal, the swamp, Satan himself, would mean the time of Tribulation would not occur and God would have no reason to judge the world. But it’s coming.

B) The judgment of God falling on the U.S. and the nations is not an example of using His name in vain. It is an observation that aligns with Scripture. All are being judged for rejecting God. This is how we approach the Tribulation.

C) Enlighten me on your beliefs and theories then. Most people who post here mention their personal beliefs and opinions. That’s the point of having a forum. All arguments I make are based on no human entity being able to defeat the swamp/cabal/Satan. If that happened in Scripture, there would be a basis for believing in it, regardless if you agree with other anons here and their theories (or at least the two most popular beliefs—Trump 2024 or Devolution—put forth here).

D) I am a black piller. I am everything you choose to label me. That will not stop the swamp from accomplishing its goals. Like I said before, the SCOTUS, DOJ, FBI, CIA, the entire justice system from the top down to the state and local level are under the control and power of Satan. Rigged elections will not be resolved and fixed. Arrests are not coming. Not even in January when the House officially moves on their promised investigations into Hunter and Joe and company. Do you agree? Disagree? Or are you going to rely on “you don’t know what I believe because I never stated them”?

E) Let’s not forget the nothing 🍔 Elon Musk reveal of Biden-corruption-suppression on Twitter via Matt Taibbi that will result in nothing. The more corruption patriots uncover, the more energized they feel that “something is going to happen… because look! It got exposed, and now the world is awakened, and enough people are angry so something has to happen..” all the while Trump’s tax fraud failed to be swept under the rug by the Twitter reveal, and it still made all the headlines.

But I’m sure none of these subjects or topics have anything to do with your beliefs because people here are not allowed to know what you think, or you have no idea what to think about them, right? (which would be the most honest thing on here).

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The purpose of the statement, “One came to save souls, and that is Christ” was twofold: 1) no human being is coming to save humanity or the world (from Satan) but one came to save lost sinners; 2) the One who came to save souls—Christ—will return in judgment. Until that time, the judgment upon the nations will continue. The world events prove that is true. With one comment, I can refer to the Scripture, proclaim what is coming, draw your attention to current world events, and completely null and void the bizarre and unrealistic theories being perpetuated by people on the right (across the entire spectrum from non-Q-Trump-2024 to Devolution).

We are a nation who abandoned God, no matter how many Christians rebel and persist we are a nation who acknowledges, loves, or pledges allegiance to God. Consequently, God abandoned our nation, and the evidence is our deepening iniquity from the top levels of government and authority, down. Additionally, the increased depravity both is and calls down more judgment upon us (Romans 1:24-31).

You’re not going to “win” this argument. There is no “win.” There is only truth, because even your perception of winning is not based in truth. Deny it or accept it, but it will not change the truth nor what is coming. You truly cannot stop what is coming, no matter how noble or moral or righteous it may be or is to want to conquer Satan and that which he does in this world (and what is yet to come). Keep pressing in on the notion that arresting or indicting Trump will be the “last straw” catalyst for the military to save the nation and the world, but it’s not realistic and it’s not biblical. You do not need to be a Bible scholar to understand this.

I’m willing to be flexible on the idea that a conservative or Republican could take office (but that assumes 2016,2020,2018,2020 and 2022 are resolved and fixed) but like I said before, even when Trump took office in 2016, the swamp was not defeated… it only grew stronger, lashed out harder, and fought harder to prepare more for the long term.

I tell you, raging against this and labeling it is dooming and black pilling will not make your theories come true. It will not change what is happening. If it gives you a false sense of security, hope, or victory, okay… but it will not heal your wounds or give you any real hope. Hope is in Christ alone, not Trump, not Scavino, not Patel, not Flynn, not Lake, not Lindell or the U.S. military, or anyone you “need” to label as White Hats to keep the dream alive.

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Of course you can try. I never said it was not noble. But you are already defeated. The real problem is not accepting reality. Judgment is final.

You can say, “out of context” 10,000 times if you want to, but until you offer proof or an exegetical rebuttal to a statement, the phrase “out of context” doesn’t mean anything. Which statement was out of context? Take the next 12 hours to go back over the statements if you need. You seem to be repeating common phrases heard in arguments or debates in Christian conversations about Scripture, but you likely do not understand what you’re saying in your attempt to “make an argument.”

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In terms of victory, Satan is ordained temporary victory. Everything going on now merely sets the stage for that prolonged period of captivity and suffering he inflicts politically and religiously. Rigged elections are merely the beginning.

Additionally, another Republican would merely strengthen the swamp just as it did with Trump in office. The swamp lashes out harder publicly and blatantly against threats and opposition… but always strengthens behind the scenes and in the dark. It has for decades. Trump returning for another term would/will prove that just as it did from 2016-2020.

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I can see that. That’s interesting. The Bible also warns of false Christs in the last days. Politically, I can see that blending.

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Expected? I understand the concept of cyber and information war, but Scripture promises literal war. That is yet to come. Everything the Dems do now brings us closer to that. You’re incapable of handling what you know to be true. You are doing everything you can to spin every failure into a perceived future victory that does not comport with reality and Scripture. My soul rests in the peace and contentment of Christ. Telling the truth about our judgment and how what you see going on perpetuates, increases, and adds up to the culminating judgment of the Great Tribulation is something I will never cease to proclaim.

It makes no difference what label or phrase you call it (dooming, doubting, black pilling, shilling, or anything else), the truth about our nation, humanity, and the future cannot be avoided or prevented. No amount of deltas, comms, and theories will thwart or stifle what is already happening. It will come to fruition. More than anything unbelievers need to repent and believe in Christ for salvation. Nobody is coming to save our nation or humanity from God’s judgment. One came to save souls, and that is Christ. Upon His return, He will come in judgment. NCSWIC.

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What is the meaning of “DeSantis is the 2nd coming of Christ”?

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Downdoot it, relabel it, debate it, argue against it until you have nothing left. Do as you please. None of this stops. God will not be thwarted.

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What I said is true. Label it anything you want, but that does not prevent conservatives/patriots from losing on the necessary fronts. God’s judgment is not going to stop and there is nothing you or Q or Trump or the military can do to reverse it. It makes no difference to me how you label the truth, because you will never affect it.

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So, 10% of humanity will save America and humanity? it’s no surprise that a fraction of people who want to die in battle would rather have people beside them who also want to die.. that’s how it works. People who have families have every right and reason to serve and be with their families. Their families are their duties. That is biblical. Nobody is kissing their loved ones goodbyes or cleaning their rifles to go off to civil war and conquer the United States Government.

Furthermore, if only the “10%” of people in the world have the “duty,” then wth does it matter to you that the rest protect and provide for their families since it’s not their duty, according to you, to die with you? You exist as a contradiction even in your fantasy/warped view of reality. You are warped.

The swamp will never be conquered. Arrests are not coming. Military is meaningless, because it, like the SCOTUS, DOJ, FBI, CIA, belongs to hell and is ruled by Satan. You will not have an opportunity to fight in the scenario you’ve created in your fantasy.

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Exactly, I know… “nah, you don’t feel victorious”…and the reason you’re not feeling victorious is because the swamp controls the elections. Kari Lake, while fierce and relentless, has lost the war for AZ. Nobody is coming to save America and humanity.

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How’s it going in AZ? Feeling victorious yet?

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It took more than 2 decades of this to finally wake me up. Nothing anyone posts or exposes means anything meaningful to the righteous desired outcomes and expectations we all hoped for. The promise of accountability is a sedative. Upon every successful and evil deed the swamp accomplishes, the worn out phrases rings out: “We’ve got them right where we want them! We forced them to do this, and they took the bait!” And just like every other promise and threat made against the swamp to save our country and the world, it slips right into the memory 🕳️

At the end of the day, the SCOTUS, the DOJ, the FBI, and every other agency of Satan will do everything to further his agenda. I would entertain the idea we had a temporary peace and mercy by Trump taking office, but overall the swamp became worse, especially behind the scenes.

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“The convictions on all 17 counts come weeks after the company’s owner, Republican former President Donald Trump, declared his candidacy for the White House in the 2024 election.”

I really hate the number 17 now.

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If they were arrested, God’s judgment on the world would not be complete. They are supposed to be free and powerful so they can continue doing what they’ve been created and ordained for: the end times judgment coming to the world.

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The plan does not belong to the White Hats. The plan belongs to Satan. Every policy and rigged election is for the implementation of the great reset which is the catalyst for Satan’s political and religious system the world will be enslaved to.

Every single thing the Democrats do and every policy passed is essential to God’s judgment upon the entire world and nothing will stop it. There is no salvation coming for humanity until the 2nd coming of Christ. No amount of Twitter disclosures, Julian Assange accounts, Kash Patel children’s books, or slogans is going to stop God from judging the entire world for rejecting Him. The purpose for the Democrats’, the swamp’s success and victory is for the accomplishing of what God has promised to the world.

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