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Ultimate Fighting just reached a whole new level of dirty.

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VDH is often a depressing read, but only because he effectively documents the depraved state of our nation.

Reality is a red pill, but without help from above (and soon), the Left is too quickly dragging our country and our world into hell for natural slow awakening to make a real difference.

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Those are some b-a-a-a-a-a-d men. 🐑😲

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Ok then. 🤪🤣🤣🤣

To anyone sane, please recognize here how both greed and desperation dangerously lead people to taking complete leave of their capability for rational judgement.

To everyone else, good luck taking down the Synagogue of Satan by dumping your wealth into ridiculous internet tokens. 👍

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Whaaaat? You mean some worthless virtual token, deemed “stable” by some fraudulent “math”, wasn’t a good “investment”?!? No way!

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The whole problem is, it’s not “investing.”

And even gambling would be preferable to this.

This crypto crap is the world’s biggest scam, baiting the easy prey that is the huge mass of people who want money-for-nothing, don’t know history, and ignore logic.

The money (the real-asset product of people’s labor and creation) that got plowed into this scheme didn’t just evaporate. It was “reappropriated”.

This is the laughably-predictable end to every last uncollateralized “cryptocurrency”.

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OP, unless I missed this amongst all the wild-eyed theories about “deep fakes” and “robotoids”, I have one question to the folks who believe this horrific Resident we think we are seeing is not actually Joe Biden:

Even if it were possible, even if it were true, what would actually be the purpose of faking a Joe Biden? 🤔

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I’ve long loved the humor of the “Bidan” double theories (and the related almost-everyone-is-a-double! theories), but truly, these are pushed for the same transparent reason, from the same playbook, as that clownish “flat-earth” BS - cheap and easy discrediting and polluting of sources of inconvenient truth.

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So, project much? 😂🤣

And you can’t respond to clear arguments because, uh, “buzzwords”? 🤨

Just terrible, man.

But whatever - every absurd asset in history bubble has popped, sending the asset down to roughly its intrinsic value (in this case, precisely zero) and rendering itself a cautionary tale, painful to the bag-holding fools in the moment, and laughably incomprehensible in distant hindsight… every absurd asset bubble, except this one? Fella, that’s what they all say.

Just don’t blame it on “them” when the most obvious, and most hyped, asset bubble in history does exactly what they all do.

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Do you even know what the value of equity is based on? (hint: it can be clearly articulated in one sentence)

Or what happens when asset prices get too far from their underlying value? (hint: it happens every. single. time.)

Neither is a secret. Being ignorant of these, and plowing your hard-earned assets into money-for-nothing schemes… is just insane.

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That’s plainly all it is.

It’s almost like people have never heard of, much less comprehended, the serial mass psychology phenomenon of asset bubbles where assets can be bid up so insanely far beyond the intrinsic value of the underlying asset by new money seeking the incredible money-for-nothing gains that early entrants (who directly benefit from every new dollar that pours in) so publicly tout.

They almost all start in times of prosperity where cheap money is chasing limited assets, and they ALL end the same way. And, to put it mildly, it’s not a soft landing.

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