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Hey #catsfive (just pinging you here because I don’t know where the mod mail is on the mobile site🤷‍♂️), regarding this post:


If you have mods hiding good-faith, positively-received posts simply because their own comments were very poorly received… that’s not a moderator with this site’s, and it’s purpose’s, best interest in mind. And I’d have to think that’s concerning, and corrosive. 🫤


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Thanks, @ThinQ.

Hey @catsfive, if you have mods hiding good-faith, positively-received posts simply because their own comments were very poorly received… that’s not a mod with this site’s, and it’s purpose’s, best interest in mind. And I’d have to think that’s concerning, and corrosive. 🫤

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Forever Rely On God.

Only He can make it “biblical”.

And I strongly believe He will.

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Oh, I linked to this one above. And if anyone hasn’t seen that video, it’s a must-watch before anything else.

And the fake-MAGA professional instigator is John Sullivan.

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Updooted, though I’ll quibble. I think the demons have been (cravenly, intentionally) able to create an army of NPC robots through the principle that once you can get people to mouth absolute insane things, such as “men can get pregnant”, or “saying ‘all lives matter’ is racist”, or “wanting to keep sexual deviants and groomers out of classrooms is hateful”, you can get them to rabidly believe anything. “COVID is so dangerous that we need to shut down the country and shred the constitution!”, “no evidence of election fraud!”, “Vaccines are safe and effective!”, “George Floyd is a murdered, martyred saint and a hero!”, “Jussie and Bubba proved that America is racist and ‘homophobic’!”, “if you don’t wear a mask, you are killing grandmas”, “beef is causing the world to burn up, and electric cars are ‘green’!” Utter insanity, but once you’ve been successfully programmed, critical though, evidence, and rationality and simply not accessible.

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Nov. 2022 unquestionably was a “red tsunami” of unprecedented proportions, stolen by the unrestrained orgy of coordinated Democrat election fraud, and enabled by the totalitarian Deep State-obedient media.

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And even more egregiously, the demons have been cheating black Americans, and destroying black America, in the name of black Americans for decades.

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Sometime’s the simplest memes are the best.

This is absolutely 👌.

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Oh, calm down with your pathos projection. Again, ”gettin’ healthy” is plainly not what this gratuitous featuring of an insanely-obese spandex bag in a “sports drink” ad is all about. This is just transparent escalation of the lying Leftist Lizzo-fication of “health”.

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What are all those references to “unvaccinated”? Because dollars-to-d-dimers that this kid was a veritable Pfizer pincushion.

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Sorry, no dice. How have you missed the relentless, pervasive, false and destructive “fat is fit” narrative by the usual suspects? That’s plainly what this is.

And they’re not just going with “an extra few pounds”, but whole hog “gigantic cellulite-dimpled gunt”, as the sick little demons pushing this stuff sadistically get off on shoving the most disgusting and depraved sht right in our, and our children’s, faces.

Hey, if anyone has a few or a ton of pounds to lose, great, awesome! You’re in fine company. But that’s patently not what this ad is promoting.

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And hundreds of Russian bombs will likely rain down on their heads. Just don’t subject us to any weepy scenes of flag-draped corpse-men (🖕Obammy) for any Americans fighting alongside actual Nazis.

by Raritan
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Whatever happens, I very much appreciate how the Brunsons are speaking truth and spitting 🔥.


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The voiceover of what, to many sounded like Hunter Biden talking about a plea-deal, bizarrely being dubbed over a “White House” press conference early in the “Biden administration”.

This is the second time I have mentioned this in a week but have neglected to provide a link since it wasn’t immediately findable on my phone. So if anyone has a link for this easily available at hand, 👍.

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You know what was memory holed, from almost Day 1? The undisputed, detailed footage (mostly recorded by a MAGA-costumed Antifa scumbag on the MSM payroll who entered the Capitol but was never even slightly bothered with being persecuted until the ends of the earth by bloodthirsty Deep State fed prosecutors) showing exactly what happened with the Ashli Babbit “shooting”. (hint: false-flag-as-fck)


Despite the insane, obscene Democrat 1/6 grandstanding projection continuing to this day, this footage, and this well-done video analysis, were quickly banned from ANY news broadcasts, opinion discussions (not even any alternative conservative media will acknowledge this footage or the inescapable conclusion), and pretty much every video-sharing site outside of this one BitChute instance.

This, to me, is the single most impactful red-pill video I can ever show anybody - not only are people stunned to find out that everything they have heard from EVERYBODY about that incident is a obvious and total lie, but they are equally stunned at the degree to which any mention of the existence of this clear, compelling, and highly-relevant footage was almost TOTALLY suppressed.

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It was Feinstein’s driver, not Boxer’s, who was a known ching-chong spook. Although maybe/probably Boxer’s was, too. 🤷‍♂️

And yet Feinstein still, to this day, corrupt and compromised as hell, as well as dementia-riddled, haunts the halls of Congress.

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In the same way that people are fascinated by train wrecks.

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