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Max is a big bitcoiner and he and his gf (wife?) moved to El Salvador from London (where he moved to from the USA). I personally don't like him that much. He said he will get Trump booed off the stage at the Bitcoin Convention in Nashville. So snarky

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Trump got Max Keiser all incensed on X. He says he is going to take him down at the Nashville Convention (Max speaks before Trump).

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In my state, they send you a mail-in ballot now and the only way you can vote in-person on election day is to notify them. So they put one more block in the way. You cannot be lazy. I always vote at my precinct on election day and I bring my mail-in voting form just in case. In my state you can also go online to see if you voted (that's all that they will tell you). You need your SS number. I always check. I also check that if any of my deceased relatives have voted online (I have their SS Numbers). You need to vote (especially in-person) on election day and do these checks. You cannot be lazy. They (the black hats so to speak) are depending on that.

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The neocon war team. Boy were we saved.

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They can't ignore what alternative media is putting out on X.

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