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The only remaining question is; did they do this with intent to kill and maim, or did they do this without regard for the dangers?

Either should be capital crimes... but we deserve to know which, and history has a responsibility to tell the truth.

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I just finished it.

Im fucking shell shocked.

The whole Covid /pandemic / vaxine.... its all as bad as our worst conspiracy theories.

We have been right about EVERYTHING.

Some of the doctors were actually crying.

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THANK YOU super-tech guy.

Your service to the community is outstanding.

I am going to risk being banned on here for posting this about once per hour for the foreseeable future.

This video is THAT important for all of us to see.

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This is a fucking NUKE to the mainstream / deep-state narrative.

finally something i can risk my personal reputation on by force feeding it to the covid-cultists in my family and friend circle,

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I thought about that, but I was afraid to use [deport] for fear it would make it look like a complaint.

I figured out how to send a group message to a dedicated MOD space though. and linked this thread to a request.

Dunno if it got stickied, but it should... hell as a burried comment its sitting on 85 likes right now.

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Woodworking for dummies and bird hunting for dummies were both remarkable useful as well.

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Oh, I agree with your sentiments completely.

There is NO market of any kind left on this planet that isnt corrupt and controlled. NONE... they are ALL fixed.

But at the end of the day no matter what happens to fiat or blockchain or credit.... ill still be holding in my hand both the oldest form of money in history, and enough ammo to defend it.

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it is really encouraging to know that there are others out there.... in here.... who GET IT.

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This is probably the most important post of this entire year so far... how do we all request it get stickied?

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I personally know 3 people who are running for elected offices. One school board, one city clerk and one city council, The City council candidate is in a 30,000 pop town, and he is running unopposed in the primary in a very red district. Hes ONE HELL OF A DISRUPTER, long haired, blunt, and completey non-politically correct... so if he gets in, all kind of shit is going to hit the fan.

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this could not be more inaccurate.

I have a BS BIO. That means in every class above 200 level I had to accurately explain the scientific method until it was ingrained in my brain... it boils down to this;

"There are no final answers in science. There is only the next question."

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Like the old TV commercial for ... I think... shampoo;

"and they tell two friends, and they tell two friends..."

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Most of what you posted was not new to me, your assumption was correct. I did gather a few new names.

But the reason I carried it forward is because its not always just about us seasoned 'conspiracy' knowers who woke up long ago. There are a LOT of fresh eyes, freshly awake readers on here who dont have the background all put together yet. We cant forget them.

We will not red pill people here... if they werent red pilled they wouldnt be here ... feds excepted. What we should be doing here is educating and informing the already awake who are still trying to uncover the puzzle pieces.

keep the basics flowing, brother.

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as I said in another thread, there is no physical lock that can not be picked, and there is no electronic lock that cant be hacked. Bet on that.

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They only have control until they dont.

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its not taht I dont believe you. But I cant just believe whoever told you this automatically.

I wont easily assign your earned authenticity to secondary or tertiary sources.

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Sauce this shit, yo.

Its totally useless without sauce,

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I put on my wizard's hat and cape, and I cast RAINBOW!!!

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Every physical lock can be picked, and every electronic lock can be hacked. If you think Crypto is 'unhackable' you're a fool.

Ill hold physical precious metals and protect them with heavy metals.

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Yes we accept that the thumbs up meant lives, but that is more a construct or OUR current use of the hand signal, not theirs.

Actually in the time of the coliseum games, the signal meant just the opposite.

Thumbs up meant 'send his soul to the gods above'. and thumbs down meant 'leave his soul here on earth'.


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Brother, That wasnt aimed at you. it was aimed at some of the commenters here.

I like your work. AND you sourced it.

Keep it coming, my man.

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