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Well, the first thing she ought to do is stop going to the doctor - they're just going to make matters worse.

Aside from that, I would encourage her to check out some of the suggestions in this post-vaccine treatment protocol published by Front Line:


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They are, and it's happening to real documents and real institutions as well. It's the Great Reset in progress - a haphazard cleanup job before ushering in the "next stage of civilization." It's important that we continue exposing them and pray that the military will eventually act in a favorable manner.

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Ah, more evidence that the church is the greatest threat to Christianity. It's a good thing God wins in the end.

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We might as well assume they aren't working together, because the alternative is a truly hopeless scenario. People need a force like Q in their corner if the Great Awakening is to have any chance of beating out the Great Reset. That's just the way of things.

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I'm sorry for your loss. Poor girl. I hope her soul is with God and free of any further suffering.

She died of terminal cancer that we all know they have the cure for.

They absolutely have the cure - one has to imagine that the Lord will hold them accountable for the deaths of so many innocents. It's beyond redemption.

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Because the destruction of American businesses was the objective all along.

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I think, most likely, the federal agents you describe don't see the people they torture as human. The question is, were they simply deceived into this belief or is there some truth to the idea that we are not like them? I'm undecided.

It is entirely possible that our enemies are fundamentally different from us and salvation is not on the table for them. If you are born of evil, rather than corrupted over time, then what hope is there for you?

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Somewhat surprising from a company that tries to push so much vegan crap and has close ties with Amazon.

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Yes, she's pretty incoherent in recent times. Her handlers did a number on her psyche. She's at least sane enough to recognize how badly she had been abused, which is more than you can say about most celebrities. I wish her well.

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This seems like a big deal, why am I just now hearing about this? Is it an overstatement of some kind?

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Have you tried a non-Chromium based browser? Firefox maybe?

It's surprising to hear that Brave is eating 15% CPU at minimum - mine reports between 0.0-0.2% CPU usage on idle. 15% seems like too much, unless your hardware is really old or perhaps Brave just isn't optimized well for Linux.

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I upvoted your post for visibility but I'm not able to replicate the CPU issue.

I'm running the stable branch of Brave on Windows 11 with only a single GA tab open - Task Manager is reporting between 0.0-0.5% CPU usage. I've even disabled Brave Shields.

Granted, I haven't tried leaving the site open for an hour. Does your CPU spike right away, or does it take a while for the problem to occur?

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Pretty great follow-up too:

Um... what? This tweet is disturbing.

Okay. Be disturbed. We're going to dismantle and eliminate the FBI.


At the end of the day, they're just words, but they're definitely the right words.

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Heche has been in a coma since the accident, her agent claimed.

Uhhh, I don't know about that.

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That's correct - try to have patience with people who think democrats are morons, though. The left is very good at feigning stupidity. They relish in the idea that we misunderstand their psychology.

I thought leftists were imbeciles for most of my life, but the more you see and learn, the more it should become apparent that we're not dealing with a stupidity crisis. We're dealing with an evil crisis. It's unfortunate that many decent people don't understand this, but with enough patience I think they will come around.

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My gut reaction to 87k hires is "money laundering." I don't know the logistics here but strange business practices can almost always be traced back to money laundering.

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Uh oh, did something get stuck in the money printer?

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To be fair, I think something's always up with the IRS. I imagine it's hard to run a tight ship when you're basically the largest mafia organization in history and everybody knows it.

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It's very disturbing how these "news hosts" can accurately describe how Trump and Trump supporters will react to the raid, without stopping to consider that the raid itself was wildly illegal.

This kind of behavior shows that they know the difference between right and wrong, but they don't care - it shows that they are evil, NOT stupid.

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Fair point - disqus might be to blame here. As far as I can tell, I wasn't provided a reason for the ban. When I try to leave another comment, I get this message:

"We are unable to post your comment because you have been banned by The Gateway Pundit."

Along with a link to this page: https://help.disqus.com/en/articles/1717253-who-deleted-removed-my-comment-or-blocked-my-account

The page claims that "your account has been banned on a single site by a site moderator. If you are only banned on one site, try [contacting] the site moderator for more information about why you were blocked."

So unless disqus is massaging the truth, it sounds like Gateway Pundit is at fault.

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I agree. I actually found their reporting to be fairly evenhanded. They come across as one of the good sources of information, at least on first glance. 🤷

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I'm glad to see folks in the comments pointing out the obvious MK-Ultra flags here. Maybe people are waking up after all.

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