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Im surprised the shills and doomers didn't downdoot you. Stay cozy.

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Holy hell, that's an exact 4-yr delta. Dude!

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God bless Dave. I listen to him every day except Sat of course.

Most times i don't hear anything i didn't already know, but the way he connects the dots... pure Dave.

Dave, if you lurk here, i greatly respect your work brother. TYVM

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Just bought a brand new American Flag just for this purpose.

While I normally fly the Flag, I don't during the winter due to very high winds. Anyway, I needed a new one. On its way!

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TYVM. I have DRS'd them. Will have to check further.

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Have been evey payday for over a decade. Its one way to be disobedient. (can't use my cash for fractional reserve loans).

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Careful the trolls, faggots and shills will attack you for pointing out the obvious. Over the target.

God bless.

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Management: You have been identified as a blue/pink haired faggot and/or pedo.

Your non-services and twisted opinions are no longer needed.


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Adding HIV into the genetic sequence, damaging the immune system.

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