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Pedo Joe's speech writer has joined the chat.

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No disrespect, but nearly as important and necessary to prepare for are not just suicides but homicides.

Some of these mentally deranged and vax-disabled will blame US.

The unvaxxed who were smarter than them..who warned them. The unrepentant maskless "rebels". The lying liers who falsely perpetuate the "big lie" that DJT was robbed of the election. The lovers of Hitler-Putin who mock the Great Ukraine - falsely calling them Nazis.

They are so delusional, so filled with hate they may try to take some of us out with them. Or seek fame while being raped in prison. To many of them...it would be well worth it.

Prepare for that too frens.

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@q was the first "entity" I followed after (finally) getting into TS.
Trump was 2nd

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Durham: Mr. Elias, are you a pedo / child-raping satanist?

Elias: I plead the 5th.

/s (but could be real...)

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2A - I don't recognize the current (fake) administration or the WHO / UN pedos.

molon labe mf'rs

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