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you got a mask exemption?

I tried to get one but my doctor said I'd need to be a death's door before she could give me an exemption. Fuck that quack. Then again, I'm in cali, where doctors are threatened to lose their license if they grant mask exemptions... so they don't.

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Let me put it this way: would you like a nice tall glass of breast milk?


How about if it was ice cold? Still no?

Then why is it ok to drink breast milk that came from a cow? That milk is for a growing calf, not a person. It is full of hormones, saturated fats, anti-bodies, plus whatever crap they add it before selling to the masses.

No other mammals on earth drink milk past childhood. Are we not mammals? Isn't it an evolutionary trait that we are repulsed by breast milk as adults?

Then why are we not repulsed by milk from a cow udders? I'll tell you why: brainwashing.

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It doesn't make any sense that legislation can get passed without being read.

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Watch out, that pinky ring is gonna pop.

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cats5 is jealous of catturd's success

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You can't just rewrite the Constitution.

Especially not in the shadows behind closed doors!

This is a shit post.

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Trigger warning: Relativity is a myth. There is no speed limit.

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Back in 2016, I read Vaccine A by Gary Matsumoto.

That's when I first learned that vaccine science had turned into complete quackery. I haven't taken a vaccine since.

Spoiler: in the book, he proved that the adjuvent in the anthrax vaccine caused Gulf War Syndrome.

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When I learned, back before COVID hit, that many, if not most vaccines, contain full DNA human genome from the MRC-5 cell line but with over 500 cancer genes inserted and/or modified.


Edited to add: the above research was done in Italy, which might explain why they were initially targeted by the COVID propaganda.

by catssix
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Here's the link, for those that don't want to sit through another video...


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The last few sentences make a good prediction of what the dims are going to do next:

My guess is that this is going to cause the White House and the dems to respond with what will be the start of the digital bill of rights

They will compare yelling fire in a movie theater with spreading misinformation on social platforms (even tho the media has been doing it since newspapers)

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if you don't mind sharing, how much and how often do you take Ivermectin?

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