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Someone needs to get the prison videos from before the escape. I bet there is more to be learned about the guards.

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Let's wait to see what happens before we rush to judgment. I've seen enough weird stuff to make be cautious about anything I hear.

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It's true. Hurricanes are a part of life here. Thanks for the prayers.

I think Disneyland is getting demolished with or without a hurricane. I love DeSantis.

PS: Not from "climate change." Hurricanes have been happening all my life. Sometimes they are big and sometimes they are little. Down with all the liars.

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My last comment about the hurricane was a bit callous, and I regret that. I don't wish it on anyone. It's getting a little crazy here, now, but I'm used to it. I grew up in Florida, and I've been through a lot of hurricanes.

BTW, I see a lot of tie-in to global warming ("climate change") on weather news. What a lot of bunk. It's a hurricane. They have been happening regularly since I've been alive. New lie, same goal.

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There are so many levels of stupid in this. It makes me wonder if she can stomp out the right answer on any simple math problem with on of her her hooves.

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Report from the wet coast of Florida: It's windy.

And––I kid you not––the frogs are singing loudly outside. It sounds like someone is walking around the house in tight leather pants.

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My son couldn't get Rumble on his device either, but then it came back for us both not too long afterwards. I didn't post because I was distracted with having to do hurricane stuff. No other site seemed to be affected, except for Truth Social, which suddenly went blank. The screen turned black and froze the application, but it went back to normal after I restarted my computer. I find it suspicious that it was just those two sites.

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Ian means "God is gracious." May He be gracious to you and preserve your home.

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I don’t have an opinion on how long that might be, and to me it doesn’t matter. The age of the earth isn’t an issue for me because I know God created it. If the world existed before with different animals, they would have remained in their species no matter how long they were there, which the absence of transitional species in the fossil record confirms was the case. The fact that fossils are ubiquitously found broken apart and thrown together in sedimentary rock confirms that they perished in a cataclysm of massive flooding. It confirms Genesis if the two-flood theory is genuine because the state of the earth in the first verses of Genesis was a world under water. If that is not how it happened, it still confirms Genesis because of the flood of Noah.


The geocentric notion was an extension of the ancient Greek model of Ptolemy, which became the "official" cosmology of the church. In Galileo’s time they were justifying it with scripture because language of the Bible (from the perspective of people on the earth) seemed to make it clear that the sun and the moon went around the earth.

I would like to point out that it is not religion in general that the failing powers meant to destroy. They meant to destroy Christianity in particular, which says much about where the truth of religion may be found. They are proven liars, and liars will attack the truth.


I understand your concerns, and they are valid. Personally, I am quite orthodox in my belief about essential matters––Jesus, the eternal word of God, Jesus being God made flesh to accomplish a final sacrifice for sin, His virgin birth, His effectual blood that cleanses sin, His eternal Father creating the universe through Him, the Holy Spirit being sent to uphold believers and present demonstrations of God’s power, etc. Where I depart from traditional thinking is in areas where doctrine defines and encapsulates scripture, like when people say miracles and gifts of the Spirit aren't happening anymore (because they say so). There is absolutely no scriptural basis for that, and you really have to stretch the word and deform its meaning to make that argument seem logical. Neither do I like the modern interpretations of prophecy with their timelines and charts (“modern” being since the 1800s). I think they have missed it big time, and it’s a perfect example of why your practice of being wary of new things until they are proven provides safety.

Those people are going to be very shocked at how things play out in the next few years. It is my opinion that this was a scheme of the enemy to distract the church from their true mission and put them into a fatalistic escape mentality: “It’s God’s will that evil will triumph, so it is useless to fight it. Might as well hunker down to wait for the rapture.” They don’t think this out loud, of course, but that is the effect. When the rapture finally comes, it will be a celebration, not a rescue. Jesus is coming for a spotless bride who has made herself ready, not for a bride in the hobbled dirty condition we see in large swaths of the church today. The Greek word referring to that event is very specific. It is the word used when the prominent persons from a town go out to meet an approaching dignitary on the road to escort him the rest of the way (“parousia,” not sure of the spelling). It does not mean an evacuation and cannot be construed to mean anything close to that.

I have long been wary of the dominant view of the “end times” because of its origin with a Jesuit priest (Fransisco Ribera, 1537-1591) whose purpose was to destroy the protestant church and take the heat off the pope, whom Protestant leaders were all declaring to be an antichrist. In any case, there is no way Satan can bring in his final antichrist to rule while empowered Christians are still on the earth resisting evil (2 Thess. 2:7, the Holy Spirit in us). What you are seeing is the devil's attempt to jump the timeline to bring it forth early, and it looks the same because the devil only ever had one plan. That plan has been laid out in the dominant evangelical end time prophetic interpretation, which worked very well to put them right to sleep. It was all based on the completely unjustified insertion of about 2000 years into the seventy weeks prophecy in Daniel 9, which is about the advent of the messiah and the subsequent destruction of Jerusalem and nothing else. But they treat their added doctrinal error as if it were on the level of indisputable scripture, which was the first thing that made me suspect there was something fishy about it. My own research confirmed it, and no one can convince me that they’re right.

Concerning the controversy about the first two verses of Genesis, I have come to no conclusions. I just find it interesting and think it’s worth a look. In no way does it affect my faith, and the age of the earth isn’t an issue for me. It might actually turn out to be quite young even if it existed before a renovation. I also agree that the Bible doesn’t teach geocentrism, a flat earth, or anything like that, and I do not believe the solar system was formed in a planetary disc of matter under the influence of gravity. That view is about to be chucked by secular scientists anyway because there are too many problems with the model that strongly indicate is just can’t be true. (Just like the Theory of Evolution, just like the Big Bang Theory, and just like “official” archaeological and historical timelines that are all failing due to new evidence that can’t be denied. The Great Awakening is affecting everything, and every lie we have been told will fall to the wayside.)


I have been praying about the hurricane, and I’ve felt from the beginning there is something different about this one. Normally I would have “prayed it away,” but I had the sense there was purpose in it, and that I should wait upon God to know His will. I have my own ideas about what would be best for God to do in the situation, but I am not His counsellor, and He probably laughs at that. I all but dismissed it when I thought I heard God tell me it was coming to destroy Tampa, and if it does that and then goes right up I-4, it will confirm to me that He is “speaking” to the Democratic stronghold in that corridor. We are not that far away, but no one in our family has any fear (actually absolute peace to the point of boredom). God knows where we are, and He will keep us safe. When I return to share scriptures, you will know that He did. If Ian happens to peter out in the Gulf, I will rejoice in God’s mercy while I put back all the things I took out of the yard.


It occurs to me that it might be best to speak of scriptural things in private messages since much of that discussion would have little to do with the Great Awakening or Q, which is the purpose of this forum. Just a thought.

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It should be telling that Christianity is especially hated and singled out to be attacked. Meanwhile they put up shrines to Moloch and erect a statue of a Hindu god in front of CERN. If Christianity is just another religion, why are they so keen on erasing it from the face of the earth?

We are living Psalm 2. It will not end well for them.

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I can't wait for my 5th unvaccination. Every unvaccination has left me better off than the one before, so I am expecting great things from this one.

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I apologize for my tone. It was reactive and unfair. Not to excuse myself, but it's because I've had unpleasant encounters with other people who only seemed to want to pick apart everything I said. Those exchanges had the character of an attack rather than a discussion, and I was expecting the harsh judgment of an ossified religious mind. I do appreciate you taking the time to make such a thoughtful reply. Thank you for that.

I understand not wanting to trust an unsubstantiated claim. I wouldn't want you to. It seems that you have already looked into it, so I will only say that I didn't mention the possible gap between Genesis 1 & 2 out of any support for Darwinian evolution, which I don't believe in at all.

As far as what theologians have understood throughout time, for hundreds of years theologians believed the entire universe revolved around the earth. This view was based upon their understanding of scripture, which they thought supported the cosmology of Ptolemy. It wasn't until Galileo started looking through a telescope that any of that changed. Agreement does not equal truth. People in charge who agree about a thing can be wrong, and that is likely when they think they must defend what they believe by persecuting dissenters, which they did to Galileo.

As for understanding the scriptures, what we get wrong is not to be conflated with God getting it wrong or being deficient in His power to preserve truth. The scriptures themselves declare that God hides truth, which seems to have the purpose of getting us to make an investment of effort in searching it out. They even says He seals up the revelation of the meaning of prophecy until His own appointed times. (If you want me give you chapters and verses, I will get back to you about that after the hurricane.)

In reference to the edit, I think the fault was mine. It was in what I had inferred.

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None of their evil plans matter. God can take those right out of their hands to give the perpetrators exactly what they don't want, a free Iran no longer enslaved by religious tyrants and not enslaved again by the minions of a color revolution. It isn't hard at all for God to do. All the nations before Him and all their glory and strength are like nothing to Him. He is so much bigger and so much more on our side than most people imagine.

It is not against God's will to pray that all the evil plans for Iran be continually shredded, that evil rulers be cast down, and that responsible people take their place who will care for the Iranian people and have no obligations to anyone but them. Remember, God can turn the plans of His enemies against them so they fall into the very pits they dug for others. This is the time when He is doing that all over the earth, and Iran has not been left out of his calculations.

Nothing can stop what is coming. But it is not coming anymore. It is here now, unfolding before our eyes. The godly participate in that by agreeing with God's will and praying accordingly as humans who have the true authority in the earth to declare what is to be done. His will. His way. No backing up. No giving up. By faith bringing humanity into the future of light and prosperity God has determined and casting down the future of death and misery evil folks meant to create.

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My heart is strangely warmed by the booing of Pelosi. Did she held onto her hideous smile? I can't tell from the video.

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Man, that guy is super dirty.

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This is absolutely great. I've felt just like that a few times. I was actually looking for something big to happen on the 24th, but I've learned to be comfortable with a window. I still think this next week or two is going to be hairy, but if it comes and goes with nothing startling, I'll be fine. My Qarma will not be rumpled all.

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It is plausible without manipulative exegesis or interpretation forced by extra-Biblical sources, and it is plausible from the original meanings of some translated words and phrases, comparing scripture with scripture where the same word or phrase is also used.

Plausible means just that, something that could fit the facts or the evidence, which in this case would arise from the meanings of words and phrases that, like in English, can have a different nuance of meaning depending upon context, or from instances where the meaning is unclear because the context doesn't provide that clarity. Plausible does not mean "true." It means having the appearance of truth or reason. This is not the same thing as a lie, and conflating the two is a mistake. We sift the things that seem true from facts or evidence to find what is actually true.

I will not debate the point in question because I am done doing other people's homework for them. If my statement bothers you, don't take my word for it. Go get your Strong's concordance and your Greek and Hebrew lexicons, then go search for the writings of those who speculate about such things to see if there can be any validity to the argument.

In any case, this is a peripheral issue that does not bring into question the validity of the word of God, and it is not a thing upon which Christians must agree in order to be saved.

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There is a deep connection to Saturn in occult thinking, and the reasons for that have been carefully hidden. The odd thing is that its tilt is approximately the same as the tilts of Earth and Mars, which seems to suggest they are part of the same planetary "family." The solar system is a strange salad of improbabilities, as if its planets were assembled from afar, and we really don't know the true history of it. All we know is the official story future astrophysicists and astronomers are taught in school. But the proposition that it began as a disc of matter condensing under gravity in a smooth uneventful process of millions of years has increasingly been shown to be improbable, even physically impossible. There are myriad scientific papers raising questions about the planetary disc theory, and it's getting too difficult to sweep under the rug. Too many things don't line up to support that perspective, with more appearing all the time, and it won't be long before they will have to adjust the official story or look like fools clinging to a fairytale. Same with the Big Bang. It's going bye bye, too.

This is as much a part of the Great Awakening as the political stuff because humanity's view of the cosmos greatly affects our thinking. Big Bang cosmology presents a hopeless universe of isolation that is random and devoid of meaning, a universe in which death and loss triumphs in the end. That is being replaced by a universe of connectivity and purpose. It is the vision of a universe in which life is not a meaningless random accident, where the flow of energy constantly renews all things. It is a universe in which hope is not the prisoner of despair.

Of interest from a religious perspective is that some Christian scholars believe there is a gap between the first and second verses of Genesis (and, no, their salvation is not in danger for believing that). They propose that the Earth already existed, having already been created, but it got destroyed in a prior flood because Lucifer, who had been put in charge of managing it, rebelled and corrupted everything. Thus, they say, the 6 days of creation were really the renovation of a planet ruined by judgment that was already there. (They are not pulling this out of the air. There is some plausible scriptural support for this idea.)

References to "the purple dawn of creation" are also linked with Saturn worship, and that is interesting because there are both religious and secular sources that point to it, saying the Earth used to be different, having a pastel mauve-colored sky. In particular, some Christian prophets who say they have been shown that time have a consistent testimony about the different color of the sky, and some scientific theorists who refute the Big Bang assert the same thing, having their own theories about how that might have occurred.

Starting with the assumption that this might have some validity, I wonder if the reason Satan is so determined to secure complete control of the planet has to do with recapturing his former position. He might long for those days and resent God for handing authority over the planet to humanity instead. That authority was not given to him, so his only option is to deceive humans into handing it back over to him through rebellion, which started in the Garden of Eden and continues in people who have left the will of God to do good and walk in the truth. This is control that happens through manipulation, and it is indirect and not legitimate. Those who do Satan's will to do evil and live in a fantasy of lies effectively give him control in their sphere of influence, which is why it's so important to him to compromise the leaders of nations.

In any case, I have 100% confidence that God isn't going to let him get away with this because it is not yet time for the end. The devil is trying to make it happen sooner, but that is not allowed, and he will fail––again. They only reason why it looks so much like the "antichrist plan" is because the devil never had any other plan. What is happening from the Book of Revelation is the complete destruction of the last form of Babylon, the modern international form that rides the governments of nations to control them.

Whatever has been hidden is going to be revealed, and we are going to learn that the truth has been kept from us in every venue of human inquiry. History, science, and archeology will all seem to change, but it will really just be that the veil has been torn away.

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The Rapunzel one made me laugh. With the way things are going, I wouldn't be surprised to see them hire Jada Pinkett Smith to play Rapunzel. They could put in a shameless plug for alopecia medicine as she slathers cream on her raggedy scalp while singing an advertising jingle. Or, perhaps Flynn could be her true savior, climbing the tower while holding a jar of alopecia cream. The magical cream could instantly grow Rapunzel's hair so they can both climb down to escape her evil step mother who voted for King Trump in the last royal election.

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A friends mine knew some of them because of his job, and he confirmed it was all a dog-and-pony show. He said they would fight in public, but then they would go out to dinner together. It was years ago when he told me this, but I saw it in action with the Obamacare thing, which the establishment Republicans were actually for. Not a single Republican voted for it, but they didn't have to. The Democrats had the votes, and they could look virtuous and patriotic speaking against it.

The issue with Democrats is that you never get just the one that was voted in. You get Democrats on committees, Democrats forming caucuses, and Democrats appointing minions in the bureaucracy. It's a significant development that they can no longer hide what they truly are. They have become the face of evil in politics, and they will never be able wipe that off like they wiped off their history of support for slavery and racism by appearing virtuous during the civil rights movement. I am not underestimating them to say that. They are failing because the engine of lies they used to deceive people is failing, and that is because people are finally waking up. That is an organic process their political machinery cannot cope with.

Establishment Republicans being with them in their schemes is a big problem that had to be addressed, and it's the reason the Trump faction of the party is working so hard to get honest people to replace them. That is succeeding for the same reason the Democrats are failing. It's true that establishment Republicans have dark secrets (that are all going to be exposed), but regardless of whether it's been part of the show, they never publicly suck their finger in God's eye, and they showed public support for national patriotism. They have that, at the very least, in their favor, and the Trump voters have changed the base to be fiercely protective of traditional values. That's putting enormous pressure on the leadership, and it's only going to grow.

The biggest task regarding Republicans is to make the voters savvy to investigate who candidates really are so they never again vote in someone like Crenshaw. He was a total WEF plant, and the only reason he got in was because of a slick ad campaign that painted him as a patriot. (Soros bucks.) People have got to stop being lazy and voting for the best ad in the Superbowl, and the education and exposure program of the patriots is working well to wake them up to their responsibility. Regardless of Trump's mega-maga-phone, this is all from the bottom up, and the establishment has no way to control that.

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