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You challenge his world view. As it starts to crumble, these people will either have to change their belief system or they will go insane.

Your comment didn't do it all by itself. The interaction merely illustrated how pervasive the red pills are becoming for this person.

The "Wake up sheeple" comment probably shows the Cabal has interjected a coping mechanism into their mindset, to try to forestall the inevitable breakdown.

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The gold fringe indicated maritime jurisdiction, which was ruled by the British Crown. A deep dive into jurisdictions can be seen here:


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At least the guy should have had combat boots and an AR-15.

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It should be heartwarming! Why do you need someone else to draw close to God? Are they going to get you to Heaven?

Jesus said, "Take up your cross and follow me." Matthew 16:24-26. You have to work out your own worth, on your own, to be able to reach Jesus.

These churches, like governments, provide weak points where the Cabal can instill their own corruption and control - the leaders.

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It says "Quality Unit 2002". Basically, if we had good attendance at events for the whole troop, we get the award.

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I'm an Eagle, too. His rank badge on his uniform in the picture is Life Scout, one below Eagle.

I laughed at the "Q" highlight. I had three of those patches on my uniform for three consecutive years our troop earned the award.

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I sent the IRS a letter back in May. I wrote:

This letter is to inform you and to state that I revoke my election to pay federal income taxes as of 2011. I made the mistake that I needed to do so. Having determined that I was never actually a volunteer Warrant Officer in the Merchant Marine Service and clearing the confusion about what a Withholding Agent was and now knowing that I am not a Withholding Agent and never had signed previous 1040 and other federal tax forms, I now revoke my election to pay any income taxes from the above date and going forward.

Never heard anything back from them.

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IKR? Whenever I look through the movie list to see what I want to watch, I think about what actors/actresses are in it or what the ideological bent of it is. My Hollywood fix is forever corrupted.

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Hah we ought to put it out that a scientific study has shown the Omicron variant causes brain activity that results in political party affiliation changes.

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Ah, now I understand. I thought everyone had all their Christmas lights up early for next year, but it is really just because Christmas isn't over until the 6th.

"362 days until Christmas and people got their lights up already!"

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They don't. But we do. We use the Law to take pieces off the board, like in a chess game.

The Law of War was written SPECIFICALLY for this time. It is what we will be able to use to claim victory fair and square.

Why is that important? Karma. We don't want bad things to flip back at us because we were not justified in our actions.

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Okay, I absolutely am on board with this. I've seen four date-fagging things to indicate to me that January 7th is the day the military acts.

  1. Q post on Dec 8th: Done in 30.

  2. Talk back in late Nov that everything would be done by Christmas.

  3. Julian vs Gregorian Calendar. Christmas on the Julian calendar falls on January 7th on the Gregorian calendar.

  4. A post by Whiplash347:

[Forwarded from ConservativeJblQck1776 (Jblock0929)] [ Photo ] So I just realized from Jan 6 when Trump is supposed to speak to January 19th is 13 days. Coincidence??? 3day event 10 days of darkness🤔🤔🤔 January 19th??🤔🤔💥🍿🍿

And January 7th is the 1 year requirement for the Military to wait before they act.

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Every since then, I've gotten replacement tubs for free. For 9 years now. Never paid for one since that first one.

Free section on Craigslist in big cities. Every weekend there's 7 to 9 up for grabs. People buy a home and don't want the tub.

Now I'm rich, I don't mind giving my secret away.

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I wanted a hot tub for the longest time. Worked at a grocery store, one day I brought home one of those pallet size cardboard watermelon tubs and put it on my back porch, lined it with plastic, filled it up and climbed in. I imagined it being hot and soothing. Next weekend, a guy walked in the store in front of me and posted a for sale sign for $300 for his used hot tub on the bulletin board.

I drove home that evening with that tub.

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