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I subscribe to his YouTube Channel. Great art and a lot of POTUS!


Under each video he has a link to order prints. General website:


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Topping off the many who censored, ignored, and hid this disgusting information, the FBI has been in possession of the laptop since 2019.

Apparently, the political bias and/or hatred of Trump, by certain depraved activists within the FBI, justified covering up evidence of the sexual abuse of a child... for years.

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We pay for every dime of his salary and benefits, including his fancy plane.

The new House should pass a bill denying all budget requests for any agency or department:

-- until all outstanding responses to letters, request for documents, etc., to members of Congress have been received.

-- if requested documents were submitted with extensive redactions, resulting in useless documents.

Further, substantial monetary penalties (reductions to their budgets) should be imposed for each event where a department or agency did not respond to requested information within 30 days.

Their happy asses would kick into high gear, and all the non-responsive games would end--guaranteed.

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Paul Pelosi is a big, tall guy; he could have overcome an "intruder" with only a HAMMER.


There's nothing that Nancy is not aware of; she would have known of her husband's "lifestyle" and okayed it as long as it was kept secret and didn't embarrass her.

They got into an argument and Pelosi told him to leave; he refused so Pelosi called 911.

He told his "friend" they had to make it look like a real "fight" and he would be compensated later.

The friend hit him a tad too hard with the hammer... (OOPS!)... but he will still be compensated later...

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He did say he had been more affected by it than anyone.

If he had dwelled on stolen elections, the ONLY take-away reported by the MSM, social media, never Trumpers, etc., would be that Trump's announcement was just a continuation of the "Big Lie."

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Remember when the DNC sent close to 100 lawyers to fight/monitor the Arizona audit of 2020? What did the RNC do? Nothing!

What did the RNC do when there was plenty of evidence of voter fraud in 2020 election? Nothing (other than say there wasn't...).

The RNC has taken in a LOT of money because of President Trump. They also solicit donations using his name, as well as other Trump family names, making it appear the requests are coming from a Trump... but they aren't.

The RNC received a huge amount of money after the 2020 election, supposedly on behalf of President Trump; people mistakenly assumed their donations would be used to fight the voter fraud... Nope... again, the RNC did nothing!

The RNC could make a half-ass attempt to redeem themselves, and prove they actually represent these candidates, as well as legal voting in this country, by demanding (and funding) full forensic audits in Arizona; the other states where the R's were winning, until enough votes were suspiciously found for the D's to win; and/or any states where evidence of potential fraud has been reported.

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The "hate" for President Trump originated in the DC Swamp.

Pure Jealousy

-- Trump came down that golden escalator; proceeded to take down 16 experienced political competitors; and made it straight to the presidency... without a single day of political experience.

-- He created MAGA and has millions of supporters; and there is no equivalent in history to the following he has and the crowds he draws... even when not in office.

-- He was a millionaire prior to being elected to office, as opposed to becoming a millionaire as a benefit of an elected office.


-- He doesn't play by their rules.

-- They do not believe he "earned" his position as president; he is not considered their equal; and therefore, he is not worthy of membership in their "club."

-- Not only has he survived everything thrown at him, but he has also become stronger with every arrow.

-- Unlike every other president and member of congress, from both political parties, he is the only one who didn't kiss Nancy Pelosi's ass... not even once.


-- He is feared because he is fearless.

-- He cannot be controlled.

-- He is a HUGE threat to their power.

-- Most of them have something to hide.

-- They don't know what he will do; and they don't know when; however, they do know that if he isn't taken down, he will expose them all.

The Hate

-- All the above resulted in a terminal case of HATE, also known as TDS, among the DC politicians; and rapidly infected their allies-- the 3-letter agencies, the media & social media, Big Tech, Hollywood, and so on.

-- They all conspired to create a nasty and negative Trump image, which was used to infect the public with their hate.

-- This has become a continual mission of creating and maintaining hate for President Trump. Their goal is to destroy him and MAGA
; that is the only chance for the survival of the corrupt and evil.

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You are correct. Conway was not anti-Trump while Kellyanne was running Trump's campaign (this likely accounts for the donation). After the election, he was even offered a high position in President Trump's DOJ.

However, Conway didn't take the job, and there was no plausible explanation other than (as you said) he was jealous and couldn't handle Kellyanne's fame. Instead, he turned on a dime; helped start the Lincoln group; and achieved his own "fame" by continually attacking Trump.

Kellyanne said in recent interview that she considered his lack of support and public humiliation a complete betrayal of her, as well as their marriage vows.

Btw, they are currently separated.

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Even dumb criminals are smart enough not to crawl through a broken window when naked...

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"You work for us..." The operative statement... dismissed or ignored by most as soon as they enter the SWAMP of Washington, DC.

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People outside of border states, and especially bleeding-heart Liberals, are about to have a wake-up call regarding all those "innocent" ILLEGAL Aliens.

The stats below cover a 10-year period (Texas, only), ending in June 2021, so it's doubtful that many of Biden's new friends would have been counted yet. All of those surprises are still out there...

The report by the famous Texas Rangers shows that over 344,000 criminal aliens were booked into local Texas jails between June 1, 2011, and June 30, 2021, of which over 235,000 were classified as illegal aliens. The criminal offenses with which they were charged included:

• 1,245 homicides

• 66,924 assaults

• 17,456 burglaries

• 72,835 drug charges

• 980 kidnappings

• 33,335 thefts

• 4,155 robberies

• 7,076 sexual assaults

• 8,332 sexual offenses

• 49,408 obstructing police charges

• 8,317 weapons charges>

These figures are low; the article also explains why these figures represent the minimum number of crimes associated with criminal illegal aliens. Because Texas is counting as illegal aliens only those who previously had an encounter with the Department of Homeland Security that resulted in their fingerprints being entered into the DHS IDENT database.


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Following the top of the nose up to the eyebrows, it veers to the left (his right), and looks the same in both pics.

Drawing a line between the top of his right earlobe to the corner of the eye, it's about the same angle in both pics.

His chin is uneven, with a slight upward angle to the right (his left), and it appears he almost had a cleft chin, but instead, the skin tissue juts outward. I've noticed this before in comparisons of his photos.

The biggest difference is in the eyes. I think I read here (or somewhere) that he's had cosmetic surgery?? A friend of mine once had surgery to correct hooded eyelids. Her doc took out too much skin, and it affected the natural crease of her lids. Her eyes looked almost exactly like his (in the current photo).

It's difficult to make an exact comparison as there are differences in the lighting, the direction he's facing, and the quality of the cameras/photos. And of course, he's older.

IMO, that's the Pedo in both photos.

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You did a great job analyzing the debate, as well as Herschel Walker himself.

Most of the negative publicity is due to Herschel's two worst sins: Being a supporter (and friend) of President Trump, and a black Republican.

I can't recall where I read this--maybe from a live chat or comments posted to a video... but someone from Georgia said that Hershel has a massive number of solid supporters who do not follow politics and certainly wouldn't be responding to pollsters.

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From a different source, here's a little sugar for a dime...

"The symposium will include two panels, addressing issues including vaccine costs, equity, misinformation and stakeholder concerns about public health."


"equity" ... "misinformation"... and I wonder who those concerned "stakeholders" might be??

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Well, color me suspicious...

(1) I can't imagine Biden doing anything that would result in "wreaking havoc" on China.

(2) I don't believe Biden has the authority to take away citizenship except for specific circumstances (treason, joining a foreign military, declaring allegiance to another country, or related acts...).

Doing nothing more than being a foreign worker; yet Hunter and the rest of the Biden crime family are totally on the take by China...

I wonder if there is more to this story (to be hidden for years).

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@Pristine, I understand your point, but where does it stop?? I had prepared a response to a previous post, but will post it here since the topic is similar (the support of DACA).

(Responding to earlier post by S_N_A_K_E)

"Trump offered residency to 1.2m for the wall that got built and is being built."

--Trump had to make a deal to even get the wall started; Dems & Rinos were blocking it.

--The border wall did not get finished and is not being built by the government.

--Biden stopped the construction of the border wall, costing taxpayers billions for the cancelled contracts.

--He recently allowed building to start for some wall sections in Arizona… only to try and save Mark Kelly's ass in his Senate run. If Kelly loses, I predict the building will stop.

--Biden does not want a border wall; he only wants a wall around his home and the borders of a few select countries… all at US taxpayer expense—FACT.

"600k DACA = No other crimes"

--There have been many crimes committed by DACA immigrants, including murder & rape. Without looking it up, I don't know the stats on arrests vs. convictions.

-- Regardless, had they not been here illegally, that crime number would be ZERO.

(As for crime, I won't take up your thread with detailed crime info; I may create a new post. However, for perspective, an article from the Heritage Foundation stated, “There are 1,245 Texans who would likely still be alive today if we were securing our border and vigorously enforcing our immigration laws.” (This only reflects a 10-year reporting period, and only Texas, ending in June-2021).

"Brought as Children"

--Okay, the blame belongs to their parents, who chose to come here illegally.

--This does not justify forcing US taxpayers to support them.

"Paid $600 a year extra to the government"

--Extra to what?? Over 80% of illegals here are being supported by taxpayers.

"Some entered legally"

--Only if they came through the legal entrances and were granted asylum; not crossing the border illegally.

--If they "legitimately" came here legally, this convo does not apply.

"Speak English"

--I'm sure many have learned English.

--This does justify allowing Illegals to remain in the US,

--This does not offset the cost to taxpayers, who must provide bilingual teachers for ALL illegal students who don't speak English... and btw, Biden's new friends are coming here from 150+ countries.

"Banned for life automatically will not deter the 100k/month that don't even qualify."

--Stopping all incentives and enforcing all laws will result in deterrence.

Illegal immigration has gotten out of control, to a point of catastrophic, due to spineless and/or corrupt politicians (on both sides), who have treated it like a hot potato over the past 50+ years.

This must stop; not only is it unsustainable, but it is also an atrocious and unfair burden forced on Americans, especially taxpayers.

Again, Pristine and S_N_A_K_E, I get what you're saying. And perhaps there could be very stringent, individual exceptions (but only to this past situation and not going forward as policy).

There should not be a sweeping allowance of all DACA.

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The point is to stop all incentives or "rewards" for illegally entering the US. There are legal ways to apply for asylum, green cards, work visas, and US citizenship. No one is against legal immigration.

People entering illegally have already committed crimes--violating both state and federal laws. Without significant consequences, this will continue.

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Adding to your list: The following should apply to every person, regardless of age, who enters the US illegally:

-- Deportation; no exceptions (there are legal entry places for those seeking asylum)

-- No limitations on deportations, regardless of how long they've been in the US.

-- Round 'em up and send them back; use all resources available, including militias.

-- No auto-citizenship for their kids born here; Congress must "fix" the high jacking and misinterpretation of the 14th Amendment.

-- No taxpayer benefits... ZERO.

-- Enforce current laws and increase punishment for violations.

-- Finish the wall, beginning NOW.

Think this is too expensive and/or will take too long??

--The taxpayers have spent multi-trillions of dollars on ILLEGALS, even before Biden opened the border.

-- Over 80% of the +/- 30 million ILLEGALS already living here receive government assistance (i.e., forced taxpayer support).

--This doesn't account for CRIME, which is massive, costly, and horrific.

The problem of ILLEGAL Immigration will never end until ALL incentives are removed, and ALL laws are enforced.

The safety, security, and rights of Americans must come FIRST.

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Oh, that's good... 😆🤣😆

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I'm sure she also feels the same “duty to warn” the public about Biden being a pedophile and a sociopath, with the cognitive capacity of a 3rd grader.

We'll be waiting for your upcoming posts on her articles, interviews, and related book...

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