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Ron Paul is the type of man that I will make sure is a house hold name for my future grandchildren. We are all blessed to live in the same time as him.

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I FINALLY made it through The Real Anthony Fauci. I’ve recommended it to countless people but we’re so dumbed down as a society literally no one else I know has read it.

When I present those same people with facts outlined in the book they look at me incredulously yet put absolutely zero effort into looking into it for themselves. “You can’t believe everything you read” yet they’re quite content to believe anything the mainstream tosses at them - or they feel more content to throw up their arms and remain indifferent. Easier to pretend you don’t know any better than to put skin in the game and invest your time towards developing an informed opinion.

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Do you know that for sure? Or are you generalizing and making assumptions in the same way that you’re accusing others of?

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I’d love to learn more about how you believe the universe, life, and demons, came to be.

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No. Pedantist. As in, one who follows the religion of being pedantic without contributing any value to the topic.

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All my life there were people trying to convince me to believe in God. Oddly, no one bothered to take the time to ask me if I wanted to believe in God. Once I decided that I wanted to believe, behold, there he was. I believe. Bless you fren.

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I don’t care who that is - weed should not be illegal.

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There - “There is a big copper deposit over there.”

Their - “A copper deposit is on their land.”

They’re - “They’re gonna be happy to discover that copper deposit.”

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I think these are from last year. Delta is way old news.

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This looks like it’s from last year.

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God please continue to bless this man and watch over his wife and family.

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