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Maybe they are interviewing to rebuild America! I think we would need a ton of construction workers for the effort.. /s of course

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What is properly? That's whatever YOU think is correct. What about those countries that read "backwards"? What if this anon was never taught what "properly" is? What if this anon was from another country? You are saying you literally cant read something because of the way the sentences are organized? Your comment also distracts from the underlying message, and may discourage someone from posting again.

Food for thought... I love you and know you are a great anon here, seen many of your comments..just want to help.

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The Holy Spirit is talking to many of us. Thank you for sharing your story and for strengthening our resolve here.

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Your mind cant discern the text because of the arrangement of the words? Yikes.

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Marine "crash" and standdown were a marker. Patriots in control

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Someone deleted my chat on the reddit maxwellhill account!


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Im sure he has more than just those that you see

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I'm not seeing the significance of this picture and its relation to Q. Academy jackets really arent significant to me. Anyone care to enlighten me?

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