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Better idea. NEVER go to FUCKING Ottowa.....

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"The people taking the vaxx for whatever reason are not the bad ones. They were lied to but they think they are doing the right thing. A lot of them (not all of them,...I know) did it out of love."

BS. Too stupid to breathe on their own. They did NOT do it out of "love" - they did it out of HATE.

Learn it and Live it. Your friends and relatives have mocked and derided you and they HATE you.

We LOVE them, and tried to help them and warn them. And yes, my mother, father, sister and her family ALL went out and got ALL the JABs they could get. I was NOT allowed to come visit my failing health mother and father because they would not let us in the house because we are intelligent and un-trusting of .gov and did NOT get ANY jabs and would not mask up.

Love them, but - reality check. They are what they are.

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How and Why the Covid Crisis was so Poorly Handled

Seriously?!?!?!?! It was EXECUTED PERFECTLY and completely according to PLAN.

There was NO handling of the made up Covid "Crisis" since there was NO "Covid "Crisis"" - just a Cabal take over of the lower 70% of nimrod society.

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I've always supported and defended Jews all my life. My best friend in my early teens was Jewish. I grew up on the whole - Jews have been persecuted for eons lie.

That's changed significantly over the last decade....

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Left or Right Ukranians? Tasty on the outside, crunchy on the inside!

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Lace ALL mail in ballots with it.....

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Sorry, butt Kalifornications deserve everything that they vote into power for. Fuck Em. And their Liberal Murica Hating progeny too!

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58% of Dupes who Got the Clot Shot......

Correlation is not confirmation. But it's DAYMNED Close!

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Yup. Have a riding buddy who decided to go to FASCIST Canada a month ago. He was TOTALLY offended when I told him that he was tacitly supporting a FASCIST Regime. Fuck Him. He had no idea what I was telling him.

Though in his defense, he was enlisted - and I am an officer..... Bit of a difference there.... "No Offence." - Rodney Dangerfield

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I've created a vaccine for halitosis. Did it in my basement. FDA approval inbound!

I can ferment 100 gallons of it a week, enough for 500,000 shots.

Once FDA approval is received, will be running TV ads for it on every channel - 4 times per hour, every day.

Anyone wanna invest in it with me? We'll make a mint! Just like ShamWow - and Phizer!!!!

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His only reply is, I yield the balance of my time to my opponent. Please let her continue.

Drop the mike, and walk away.

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