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Well it totally destroyed their "chosen" status. Jesus set all of us free. They don't like that because they want to be the elite in this world.

Then, they killed Jesus

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Liberal idiot. What an idiotic move. Say goodbye to your fagery. Libs destroy everything they touch, including their own businesses.

Do the math. Fags and dfags make up less than 1% of the population. What demographic are you targeting for a successful bakery business? You want that 1% or do you want the 99%? You're gunna spark controversy with something this dividing and siding with the 1%?

Dumbass management, stupid libtard.

She'll be with her drag fags soon, jobless and begging for govt handouts. The libtard way.

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Everything you said is accurate. I lived there for 2 years about a decade ago.

It was strange getting on the subway with advertisements of before/after pics from plastic surgeons everywhere.

Koreans should be proud of some aspects of how fast they recovered from the war. Work hard and are smart. But very materialistic and vain to the point where it's pretty annoying.

The funniest are the ones that got that eye surgery, and their surgeon definitely fucked up. Lookin like a fish with HUGE eyes.

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You're right. I still love my family, but it is hard to ignore the fact that I was screaming at the rooftops, showing them data, studies, the trials on mammals and how that ended up. Nothing but snarky remarks, "you're not a scientist or doctor", and rolling their eyes every time i have something to say.

Eyes to see. Ears to hear. I guess they had neither of these, but this has been going on for 3 years. EVEN NOW, when the truth about it is all coming out, they still have the audacity to act this way.

It has created some bad feelings about them as people and as my family members. If any of them came to me with stark warnings and worry, I would fucking listen and look at what they have. I would consider it. It's just unreal.

But I guess a lot of this is my ego being hurt. The ego is the ultimate path to destruction, I'm well aware of it. I have to humble myself and get over the way I was treated. I do not want to be stuck in some victim mentality, that is the libtard way to lose.

Anyways, Im certain you understand the frustration. Appreciate you bringing me back to earth.

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I think we're all lonely to some degree.

I think much of it is God showing us that all we have in the end is him. Family, friends, etc will all betray us at some point. People are not the answer to our problems.

I believe it is spiritual bankruptcy and living for this world that has destroyed our country and even some of our lives. I think God is telling us to come back to the basics and rely on him.

What an interesting yet lonely time to be alive. Not sure why God chose me/us to see through the BS, but I guess there's a plan that I yet understand from him.

Have a wonderful night.

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Thank you, friend. Much wisdom in that response. Will keep asking questions because the question "Why?" is why we're all here.

Trying to find truth in this age of deception is difficult. It's minefield.

God bless you.

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Where does it say Cardano is a part of the WEF? In the document you provided, it is merely information on their scalability and information to tell the difference in these cryptocurrencies.

Thanks for your viewpoint. Informative. Always want to learn from others.

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Kpop and Korean culture are victims of the inversion from the satanists.

If you look at the dudes, they all wear real makeup and act like girls. It's strange and it's the style in Korea.

The blending of genders.

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The problem with XRP is that it is pretty centralized. I hear it is the cabal's coin. A real stable coin is needed for sure.

Can you give me some examples of why we should trust xrp? I trust Cardano way more because it is made specifically for decentralization. But that's just me.

Would love to hear your viewpoint on this. Either way, holding XRP seems like a good move. Thx.

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Have you seen the Euphrates river drying up rapidly? Check out what Revelations says about this.

Fallen angel released from the Euphrates, killing 1/3 of the population. I have to think this is happening right now.

Praise the Lord. Please come soon. I want out of this nightmare satanic planet.

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Yup. I think it is rooted in Satanic principles. Inversion.

Bad is good. Girl can be boy. God is terrible. etc. Molech is basically a dual gendered demon. I think it all boils down to evil.

These libtards are so narcissistic, low info, low IQ- The worst is them influencing children. Most rational adults agree this is absolutely insane. Unfortunately, we have libtards who scream the loudest.

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Can't find the article, but I believe ALL banks are at the chopping block.

The article described the Bank of America has a 75% chance of going bankrupt. This is the moment crypto, gold, silver, real assets have been waiting for.

Unfortunately, the this is a $56 Trillion bubble. Only 1 trillion is needed to be reinvested in real assets for hyperinflation to begin. And I'm pretty sure that's definitely going to happen.

Whatever happens, we all know the #1 rule to the Great Awakening. Never accept the CBDC.

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The fact that you had to say "actual female who does menstruate"... This really is a damn clown world.

For women, do these trannies piss you off?

I just laugh at them. Narcissists like this fear one thing. Shame. Just gotta laugh at them and not take them seriously. We gotta make that the standard of how treat these perverted pedos.

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The FED absolutely failed in its mandate. Abolish those faggots and let's get to real backed currency.

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It's really a no brainer. And people who say she has no experience... Trump didn't either and became the best President in our lifetime.

We need fresh, new people who have the values of this country. Not any of these swamp creatures making millions or having sketchy ties to cartel/ cabal.

And surely Trump can train her. They will murder the field in the election, the question is can we fix the fucking election system in time?

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Since you've been in the Marines, what are your thoughts on the Military now? This cant be how the whole military is...

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This is a humiliation ritual. The same was during covid with fat nurses dancing and laughing while they poisoned the shit out of people with remdesivir.

This has an intention. Humiliation.

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Might be a joke from white hats to keep making these faggots shit their pants, over and over again.

Bill got fat and gross. This is a result of stress and shitting his pants ever since the Epstein info came to light.

I for one, like the shitting in the pants over and over again. Keep making them shit their pants.

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