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They know the meaning of life

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If that's so, shouldn't some of their "decisions" be open to "constructive criticism" on this forum?

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Basically, the cabal is the hostage taker, the people as a whole are the hostages, and the Q people are the hostage negociators.

The entire "military operation" is supposed to be masterfully driven in a way to avoid casualties as much as possible. Using AI and avoiding civil war were supposedly part of this prowess.

Which is why, I'm having a very hard time understanding how a plandemic that still kills and maims MILLIONS was deemed "necessary" in the name of a "greater strategy".

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It's too long in my opinion.

People are dying in droves, and still being lied to by nearly every institution.

Being naive shouldn't be a FATAL mistake

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Which once again, justifies a difficult question I tried asking months back:

was the sheep-killing plandemic deemed "necessary" for the great awakening by the patriots-in-control?

Shouldn't this be discussed?

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This is the video you're looking for.

Solid science.


Here's another, lesser known, ENTIRELY about the rock-solid science of thermite etc:


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