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I just purchased his book, think I'll start reading it today.

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I'm about to that point now. Facebook can go to hell!

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Could be Kevin Corke


he did make this odd post on his truth social account on july 5th and hasn't posted since.

Hi friends, time for my social media summer break! The plan is to see you all in September (although Iโ€™ll probably stop by for big news days). Meantime, have a great #summer and go do the very best you can!


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Can you see it? Am I going crazy just want to make sure I'm not the only one. This guy won't leave me alone about it.

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I believe it was extra terrestrials. Don't be scared. Keep documenting what you can. I have had a few encounters myself.

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ALIENS. I have had encounters as well. everyone thought I was crazy when I started talking about them. We are not alone, fren.

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