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Aw you missed the opportunity for the 2 days ahwad of shcedule q drop thats supposed to signify we are really close. I remember it exists for sure.

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Isnt the shutdown gonna happen? Dont the drops say this and dont we need it to happen?

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Because the bad stuff hasnt come out yet.

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The f35is built with the lowest bidder like anything else . It doesnt suprise me at all a .50 would have the power to down a hovering single engine f35 where everything has to be happening perfectly every second. In fact i would say that when they are hovering they are especially vulnerable to things like this. They havent been in a war, it would not suprise me if we found these things to be incredibly weak and probably the ones thay can hover, when not creating lift with the wings, would be not allowed to do it anymore after taking one bullet of any kind. The f35 joint strike fighter program probably should never have happened honestly.

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Because 51 intelligence officals saying hunter bidens labtop was russian disinfo. carreer gov buerocrats will happily lie to preserve the steal in any way shape or form. So many people have nothing to lose and the rest have pride involved and wont admit they were wrong.

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I wonder how underhanded all this was back then. I was young then but damn near everyone was asleep thrn

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Like double crossed? Or they arent in jail at all? Or they are made up people? Not sure about that tho

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