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I just took the screenshot 2 minutes before I uploaded, but you can always check for yourself on http://www.flightradar24.com

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Idk my thoughts went to either drugs or acting insane while detained in the hopes of a lighter sentence.

Dont get me wrong, human traffickers are evil incarnate, but this bitch is either high af or just so stupid she thinks this will work for an insanity plea.

by gamepwn
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Er they also blurred out the Trump flag at 0:47.


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This is something I never understood, if I was an insider like this Swede that knew something I wouldve taken it to every online forum possible with something along the lines of

"I work high up in the DNC, they're planning to release a bio weapon that will encourage lockdowns and mail-in ballots to steal the 2020 election. Itll come from China, and the MSM will make it out to be deadly for everyone. They're going to hide the poison as the cure, the vaccine will be the deadly weapon. Save this and screenshot even if you dont believe me."

I'd post it to wayback machine, screenshots saves etc, everything to try and stop it being memory-holed.

Nobody would be able to refute it like that. It's too absolute a prediction

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Unfortunately not, they're living paycheck to paycheck at the moment since the disastrous financial position joining the EU has put us in.

I even had to pay for my mothers flight so she could go to my grandma's funeral because they couldnt afford it.

I wish it was possible, I've been given contact with a UK guy on Telegram that can do legit passes for about £350 per person but not financially feasible.

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Pretty much, it's a polar shift in what society deems as fringe and what it embraces. I noticed it even before 2016, when the old 4Chan used to be a bunch of militant atheist incels using slurs and sharing CP, to now them being full of masculine Christians who want a family and doxx pedophiles.

You just have to look at anonymous forums (the free speech/unregulated ones, not like reddit) to get an idea of what's not accepted in society.

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I checked for ivermectin earlier this year, our government banned it in 2019 (shocking). Cant get it shipped over either.

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Definitely a Cali transplant

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This is basically it. All the Fauchidiots and vaxwhores generalize everyone who wont take the jab as "trump worshipping Qtards", and say we're all in a cult who follow everything Trump says.

Him doing this, and us not listening - even booing him, cuts that argument off at the knees.

They cant blame Trump for us not getting the jab when his administration made them, and he advocates for them.

They cant say we're indoctrinated into a cult if we're not listening to our "leader".

They fear not being able to peg our refusal on Trump because it will mean that the anti-jab movement is larger than the pro-trump movement (which is already huge).

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Better late than never. The great awakening, cant expected everyone to wake up at the same time.

They've actually managed to think through their cognitive dissonance and critically evaluate the information. Later than we'd like? Sure, but it should still be welcomed.

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On one hand, good riddance. On the other, I wanted her publicly hanged like Mussolini so I could spit on her corpse.

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There was a lot of backlash originally back in March, but since we're a country that relies heavily on tourism most businesses relented during lockdowns and practically begged the government to open the country up again. Now they're all willing to do the bidding of the gov, especially since they risk getting fined if they have any unchecked patrons in their business.

We're a pretty corrupt country unfortunately (got caught giving Chinese and Russians citizenship/passports if they bought properties for over €1M) so I doubt the legal route is viable. We've also got quite an old population, most of whom still drive around in their cars alone with masks on.

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I doubt it. The EU CovScan app was only implemented for "Travel" between member states but said each country can choose whether to include it domestically. Mine did.

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This news isnt as good as we think. I remember earlier this year Soros and Gates were saying that they're making their own Covid tests.

This is probably just to make way for implementing these tests rather than PCR.

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As a Eurofag I was never aware of the story behind the USA's anthem. Shed a tear while watching this.

Praying for all of you pedes across the Atlantic, and I'll be right by your side if need be.

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Currently collecting all the new red-pilled tunes from when the Scamdemic started to create a Patriot Playlist., feel free to reply with some of yours.

What I've found so far is that Rap/Hip-Hop has had a redemption arc from singing about hoes and money to basically becoming the new punk.

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It's them making up for lost time, as well as being frantic and sloppy. You don't go full throttle, all guns blazing if everything is going according to plan.

It's a (for lack of a better phrase) Hail Mary play for them; they aren't getting the numbers they were expecting and people are waking up in droves. They wouldn't be pushing so hard, spending so much, and acting so brazenly after decades of slow & methodical nudges here and there if they didn't feel like they are losing their grip.

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Libtard Twitter has already started with the "PV doing their usual editing and video splicing to spread misinformation" rhetoric.

It's exhausting.

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Also they couldn't really say "after a battle with a short illness" if he was seen healthy a few days ago. That's immediate territory

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