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That’s fucking brilliant. Let Baker stay. Announce files will be released at a certain time. Have him attempt to cover up and even be in contact with co-conspirators. Fire him. Release everything else - it brings even more validation to the files themselves. Fire more traitors.

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Bingo. Investigations prevent other knowledge from leaking. Secret sessions, closed doors, drag it out for years.

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Why do some of these posts look completely off on mobile? This post (above the comments) looks zoomed in.

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Omg. So excited. My bets:

  1. New political party
  2. Trump brands both Democrats and Republicans as the Uniparty
  3. Whistleblower interviews
  4. Lawsuit discovery documents from all his ongoing and completed lawsuits. Potentially 11/15 could be an expiration date of gag orders?!?!
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This is infuriating.

“Be careful who you follow” — Q

Truer now more than ever. A false reality has been meticulously constructed for us, friends. We have to see past it. We have no one that we can trust. Everything is fake or designed to accomplish the opposite. Satan is everywhere. Trust in God only, He will reveal all soon.

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That’s the point. Many people feel this way. But now many more eyes are opened to the abnormalities.

I’m sure many new republican voters are questioning how a party leading us to doom is still doing so well.

Trust in the Lord, my friend. It will happen, people need to be Shown the truth.

The next few years will be hard. It will be worse than before. With the strategic oil reserves at almost zero, gas prices will skyrocket and now the dems will have to solve it. Should be fun to watch.

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Yep they gave me a sharpie as well. Bled through to other side. But the picture they show you of how to fill in the ballot also has a picture of someone with a sharpie.

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Crazy tripcode

1772 - What happened this year? (Gaspee in US, Bloodless revolution in Sweden?)


55 - 5:5

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Message is good…. For now

Watch out for the message to change to discredit us later. This is ripe for a bait and switch.

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It’s been a long road fren. From 4chan to 8chan to 8kun and all the crazy twists and turns along the way.

I’ll never forget the feeling.

It’s been longer than 5 years. Q was preceded by some other patriots during the election - remember FBIanon? Remember all the Podesta email drops from Wikileaks and Julian Assange ? The good old days of /r/TheDonald.

Been almost 7 years actually.

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Yes. My God it’s annoying

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Ready for a lot of things. But not ready for a financial collapse. Still have things in fiat currency and stocks.

Got food, shelter, and cash in hand though. Hope that’s enough.

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Guys, we are not thinking asymmetrical warfare.

Ukraine also has the means, motive, and opportunity by using us as a proxy to destroy Russia.


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Colin Kahl… CK… 3.11 ——> 11.3 first marker?

From the article:

Colin Kahl, the undersecretary of defense for policy, last week instructed the military commands that engage in psychological operations online to provide a full accounting of their activities by next month after the White House and some federal agencies expressed mounting concerns

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And the Guardian article referencing D5. Can’t make this shit up https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2022/sep/08/operation-unicorn-plans-if-queen-dies-scotland

The coffin is likely to be flown back to London, where it will be taken to Buckingham Palace before the big ceremonial procession in the capital planned for “D+5” (D-day plus five days) of the 10-day funeral plans, which will involve the Queen lying in state.

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Next week starts with Sep 11 (Sunday) and ends with 9/17

Ominous for sure.

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