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The arrests can come after.

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I came up with a new twist. There are also rumors that McCarthy will be dethroned. So, make Trump speaker. Then when kamala resigns and is anointed senator, and biden tries to nominate Gavin, he doesn't get the votes and Trump becomes vp. It won't take long for biden to leave. Kek! and then Trump is Presidente.

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There's a push to get McCarthy ousted as speaker. Kamala resigns, McCarthy is ousted, Trump is made speaker, House doesn't approve vp Gavin, Speaker becomes vp, biden is put out to pasture, Trump is president. Kek!

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I guess the rumor of last week of kamala resigning as vp and replacing Feinstein and Gavin Newsom coming in as vp and then biden... who knows, dies, steps down doesn't run and Gavin is the new resident. Weird that that rumor came and now she's dead.

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If the allegations were true, he would not be attacked. The libs/deep state/dems love paedophiles. There would be no push to ban from youtube (which they did) from rumble (which they refused) or twitter (which they refused). What's the expression? 'When you're taking flak, you know you are over the target.'

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This is for those with physical ailments that can benefit for it. Giving them their life back. It's all good.

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I imagine that is from those library books and not text messages between obie and sinclair. No need for a strap on. kek.

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Any time this unelected regime's lips are moving, they are lying.

"if one believes the headlines, in August the US added 187K jobs, and the number of employed workers rose by 222K. However, taking a closer look at the adjustments applied to the actual data, and its composition, we find not only that the unadjusted increase was just 20K jobs, or the worst August since the global financial crisis, but that in August, the number of well-paid, full-time workers actually dropped by 85K, offset by a 32K rise in part-time workers.

Adding to the striking July moves, we get a 670K drop in full-time workers in the past months, offset by a 1,004K jump in part-time workers. No wonder then that multiple-jobholders are just shy of all time highs, who have discovered that to keep up with the economic miracle that is "Brandonomics" they need to work (far) more than just one job."

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I guess the answer is Matt being on Elon's Council means he has his ear. I imagine they both agree it should but want the public more involved in asking/demanding it. Another form of the 'great awakening' I guess.

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Very good question. I keep thinking it is to catch them all, but how long and how much more suffering is necessary? There was some mystery about school buses missing from a parking lot that would be enough for all the missing children. I hope this is true. If the fires were started on purpose with the military involved, perhaps the military intelligence (esp. Space Force) has the evidence but needs to be in power (i.e. Trump) to show the evidence and bring justice? idk.

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I was interested in getting daylight on the Maui arson and you are talking about something I know nothing about (fraudulent past). The Maui fires may end up proving crimes against humanity, human trafficking, govt. involvement. That is the story I'm interested in.

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I don't see it that way. Maybe I'm wrong. Twitter/X may be still in the grips of 'them' somehow with the hiring of that CEO. But from Elon's public battles with the NWO types and Soros and the Potato's regime, I don't think so.

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Gregg Phillips on his cancer cure: “ I was diagnosed with cancer coming up on three years ago. My lead nurse prayed over me while walking out. I downloaded the Bible app and have read and prayed everyday since. I took a bit of an unconventional path. Wandered in the Wilderness for 500 miles in Spain. Came back for drugs, radiation and surgery. Didn’t beat it until I took dog dewormer (active ingredient fenbendazole). I never wavered in my faith. He healed me.”

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NY POS-t had a headline recently that started “Don’t let tainted Trump”…. That is my cue to stop looking at them.

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I saw the bankrupt USA document in this twitter account and saw someone say this isn’t her account. They showed another but neither has the blue checkmark. But I think this one is fake from the @Biz-Shrink name.

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