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Brian Cates on TS is all over this. He states 33m "Yes, for some reason reporter John Solomon, who is protected according Q, along with Sara Carter and a few others, has seen fit to update this story from last year."

and later states that Durham is not finished (in his opinion).

I'm starting to think John Solomon was instructed to post this again by the Q team. I don't know why. Maybe I'm crazy.

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· 2m I have only TWO predictions on Durham I've been publicly saying for 8 months now:

  1. He's not finished


  1. He's not writing a final report.

We'll see what happens.

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I'm not blaming the OP. I saw the article earlier and couldn't figure it out. It was an article from today.

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I can't figure out what is new in this article. They mention "In a bombshell court filing late Monday night, Durham for the first time suggested Hillary Clinton's campaign..." , but what date? They show a court filing from 4/4/2022 which was a monday. So this is old news?

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How did they know it was a woman? I thought there was no way to know that anymore.

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Maybe it's illegals with no insurance? idk. Are abortions a big part of a hospital that delivers babies? I thought most was in planned parenthood (more like planned murderhood). I'm really ignorant about this though. Maybe the hospitals make a lot from abortion? Or maybe a woke administration is trying to say that. Not sure.

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I have that too. I blocked one op but got two new ones posting the same crap. I guess some cia types still work at twitter trying to divide and conquer.

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lol. Yep. I grew up in a worse part of nyc than both of them! The police labeled it the OK Corral because there was a shooting every day.

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Yes, and there are a lot more of us than there are of them.

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Not a stupid question. It is a stupid charge. Not worthy of any attention. Except it's Trump.

Not to mention, Trump says he didn't have anything to do with horseface, Cohen said he never told Trump about the payment, and horseface said she made it up and the courts made horseface pay Trump $300K over a lost defamation suit.

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What is significant about 3/22? I did see, while searching.. March 22 is National Water Day and International Water Day

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I believe based on Q, Trump is protected/insulated. I'm just trying to figure if this will unleash Durham and the sealed indictments. Or will it lead to other revelations like..

(Stormy horseface possible ties to NXIVM cult) https://frankreport.com/2019/03/11/ben-szemkus-names-catherine-and-india-oxenberg-roger-stone-frank-parlato-elliot-spitzer-and-ashley-dupree-at-nxivm-party-along-with-stormy-daniels-anthony-wiener-allison-mack-raniere-bronfmans/

or this story about Bragg and a female accuser about something that cause $500K to be pulled by a leftist group? https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10490077/Color-Change-pulled-500-000-funding-DA-Alvin-Braggs-campaign-allegation.html

or maybe just the senate investigation into this political hatchet job.

No matter what, it gets Trump even more votes and other MAGA candidates too. Hopefully, many will be indicted before the 2024 election so they can't do the same stolen election crap again.

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Yes! I forgot all about that. Chuck Callesto @ChuckCallesto · Mar 18 JUST In: Nicole Tsai drops BOMBSHELL accusations — The FBI were the only people inside Miles Guo’s apartment when fire broke out..

So... of course, who is investigating the fire? The FBI of course. kek!

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