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This would be consistent with the “sum of all fears” movie that Q references.

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when does a mockingbird sing? Apparently when gas prices are on the rise!

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See this post. Trip code Q is real. No trip code is fake. Everyone who knows about these sorts of things seem to agree, including those on the 8kun board.

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excellent post. Thanks for clarifying everything.

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Yes I noticed this too. Doesn’t seem to happen with other posts so I think this indicates that the post time stamps are faked. Definitely seems like a shill operation now looking at it. REAL Q returns so panic ensues and they try to create a fake Q. Time will tell who is right but for now, as always, discernment is your best friend.

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There was only a few seconds between the post and trumps post. You couldn’t have known if it happened in real time even if you were watching.

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Which app tracks truth social posts to the second?

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Yes this is true it’s been rigged for a long time. It’s just now it’s done out in the open.

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Yes quite right. Civil war was not the best term. But in the end it would probably become a civil war.

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Sorry but I believe you are slightly misguided here. Let me inform you as to the reality of our situation as I see it.

There are two premises that you must absolutely understand to truly comprehend our situation:

  1. Elections are no longer legitimate.
  2. Our government, businesses, and institutions are extremely corrupt.

If you understand these two premises then you understand that we have extremely limited options in regaining control of our country through any standard means, if any actually exist.

It all depends on how rigged the elections are and how corrupt the government is. If we are beyond the point of no return in terms of these things, meaning that there is no legitimate way in which we can simply elect/vote our way out of this situation, then we are in a massive pickle with only 2 good ways out.

The 1st way out, the way that has been used throughout human history, is civil war. This is not a favorable option. It’s a last resort. Let the world hope that it does not come to this.

The second way out is through some miracle along the lines of Q’s discussions, military tribunals, war tribunals, militarily returning elections to a free and fair status, judicially correcting the laws to prevent fraud, or some other means of massively disabling and removing our own corrupt government and those who are in league with the corrupt in order to return the power to the people.

As far as I can see these are the two options if things are really as bad as they seem to be.

Hopefully things are not as bad as all that, but if they are then you can understand why we search for an answer beyond normal means. It’s because there is no other answer to be found for our dire situation.

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Most certainly. Many Q posts talk about cutting off funding to the cabal, if not directly then indirectly. For example “Strings cut” can mean that, along with other types of strings.

I don’t think all the money Is tied up in meme stocks however. It’s likely been a multi-pronged attack on all sources of cash flow. For example the “supply chain” problems, the oil problems, etc. where do you think the money for Ukraine is really going?

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Anons are gonna do what anons do. Theres no changing that.

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What do you mean Q is on truth social? Did you find an account on truth that established comms?

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He’s creating a new tripcode. Post with new code then confirm it’s Q using the old code.

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This is a board of unelected people. I think they are nothing more than advisors...

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Let’s regain control of our government first. And I don’t mean GOP winning the house and senate and presidency again.

The rest we can deal with after.

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I don’t know where all these misquotes and misinterpretations of what Kash Patel was saying In This clip are coming from but kash didn’t say anything close to “Q was wrong” or “Q is a larp” or anything like that. Kash is simply pointing out the truth, that it’s hard to win when the whole establishment is corrupt. We need to get good people into the government at all levels. Especially things like attorney general and local officials.

He also said, essentially, that sometimes people misinterpret Q and that breeds conspiracy. Which is true, we have all misinterpreted Q from time to time, it comes with the territory. Nothing shocking there.

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Q sometimes contradicted himself in posts. Q frequently discussed setting traps and using bait. Q also frequently discussed how easy it was to mess with the enemy, and laughed about it. Q discussed using misdirection to bait the enemy into making major mistakes. Much of what Q did was, in fact, to taunt the enemy, make them panic, and make them do exactly what Q ultimately wanted by reverse psychology. Pretend one thing so that you make the enemy do the opposite.

In this case, much of the Q-posts were taunting the enemy about what would happen during the next election. Talking about how they couldnt win even if they cheated, etc etc, with the intent of insuring that they would do everything they could and more to try to steal the election. And it worked. Q knew they would steal the election. Q also likely knew that they would not be stopping it this time, like it was supposedly stopped in 2016.

The only question now is, how do we fix this? It looks like we are going to have to wait until at least after the midterm elections, maybe even all the way through bidets full 4 years. The midterms will give a good indication of what we can expect in the future however.

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In ivankas tweet the bottom of the image is cropped short to exclude the message. Then 6 minutes later someone else posts the full image and the zoomed in version showing the message. Not sure how any of that is possible. Very interesting.

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They also removed his company from some stock groups to try to hurt him financially.

Edit: sauce https://www.nasdaq.com/articles/tesla-removed-from-sp-500-esg-index?amp

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Yea. Mine has been acting weird. I thought it was some kind of sound that humans can’t hear or something. Eastern US.

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