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It’s unclear what ascension refers to. If you consider Q’s patterns from previous posts, ascension is something we are supposed to look into. It’s a clue for us to follow. And apparently it has something to do with DNA.

Following similar logic, using Q’s answer follows question formatting, Q is stating in this post that someone is adding DNA sequences to our genome in order to “repress mankind”. I have no idea who that is. Big pharma? Ascension?

It also seems like Q is not merely talking about Covid vaccines, although it could be simply that. However the idea that “mankind has been repressed” and “we will be repressed no more” is a statement that implies that this has been going on for a long time. Longer then simply a few years.

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How are we doing? How are things going?

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Yes this is a good guess. It does seem to make sense and answer all parts of the post. I’m that case,Q is telling us to have children and to protect our children.

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This may mean no more datefagging for me...

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If your reading this board, you are already a skeptic of the highest degree. No need to worry about that.

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I reached the state of piece after Biden took office in 2021. I’ve been peacefully enjoying the show ever sense. Don’t get caught up in the day to day moves and countermoves. Love your life, take care of those around you, keep God in your heart, and enjoy the show!

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Good catch, don’t know why i didn’t see it earlier. Definite comms. Also verification of true Q.

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Printing is in caps because I searched for it in order to highlight that line. Endless printing in this context refers to money printing, which is the key to these posts.

The ID 000000 indicates that Q was posting from an anonymous browser like TOR which cannot be traced as easily. Q Has been doing this frequently since leaving the White House, likely in order to remain anonymous and avoid detection.

Q has barely posted anything since the 2020 election. It appears as though he has now ‘officially’ ‘publicly’ returned.

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It would just be for show. A staged fight. Like the WWE. And yea maybe a disinformation play against the msm.

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If deSantis makes a move then we know, FOR SURE, he is snake. But right now I don’t believe it I think it’s all bullshit. But trump clearly is taking it seriously so there’s that.

As for the announcement, I’m not getting my hopes up. But I like what you are saying. As always, we will see.

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We were always hoping for a miracle. Even before 2016 there was no good way out for us. We had already been enslaved beyond redemption. The only difference today compared to before 2016 is now we are aware of it. But we still need the miracle. There is no other way. There never was any other way. The only alternatives are eternal enslavement or revolution. But if you read Q and understand what happened and why, you would know that Q is real, there is a plan, and it’s being played out. Take heart and take care of the loved ones around you. We will shelter this storm.

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News flash: we were way beyond the final stages of a communist takeover 10 years ago we just didn’t know it yet. There was never any way out of this save for a miracle or total war.

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I still think that enough eyes are not opened. We need 2 more years of disaster after another stolen election for people to really understand.

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