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I plan to wrap myself in aluminum foil, but that doesn’t make me a conspiracy theorist.

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It’s always good to listen to all views on a topic. Thank you for posting. But I do not think Gaetz is a pedo.

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I know so many hospitals doing this now and have been doing it in the past they made people wear masks during flu season whatever that means.

Employees are being abused by these hospital systems.

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When will America restart making their own medications for its citizens? Why do we depend on countries that hate us to produce basic needs?

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Ashland you’re a good boy. Just wanted to tell you.

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I believe Trump on at 3:30pm eastern time

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Someone is coordinating all this. All these people are not coming on their own.

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They gave him 40 million dollars. What a bunch of dopes at Boston University.

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Is Trump speaking in California today? Or did I miss it?

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Honestly I think he came very close to all 50 states back in 2020.

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Ok I have to ask if we know the plan how come the black hats are not using the same information?

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Ask them: So who was smarter during the holocaust? The Jewish people that left early or the ones that stayed in Germany till the end? Who predicted what was coming correctly? The people who could see the evil coming or the ones with their heads in the sand?

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Wow that going to be a great redpill for some people.

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We are not a democracy, we are a constitutional republic.

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Guys I know that Dianne Feinstein died today, but I’m wondering if she will still run for another term.

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